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So Let’s Say Scott Brown Wins …

I’d say, given all I’ve read and heard pertaining to the polls, that a win by Brown in today’s special Senatorial election in Massachusetts is a pretty solid prediction. But polls have been wrong before. With that said, I think he will pull it off even if only by a point or two.

So what can we expect if that’s the case. 364 days after Barack Obama took office and in what Democrats figured was their seat forever given it had belonged to the “Liberal Lion” of the Senate in deep blue and solidly dependable Massachusetts a Republican wins the seat?

What will be the reaction and what are the implications?

According to Politico, President Obama’s reaction to such a win will be to “fight hard”. Nice words for a pep rally.But if Brown wins, fighting hard will be about all that’s left to Obama as the filibuster proof majority in the Senate will have gone up in smoke. And that, of course puts his entire ambitious agenda, to include the pending health care bill, in jeopardy.

A potential casualty: the health care bill that was to be the crowning achievement of the president’s first year in office.

The health care backdrop has given the White House a strong incentive to strike a defiant posture, at least rhetorically, in response to what would be an undeniable embarrassment for the president and his party.

Anyone who continues to pretend this isn’t an election with far reaching implications and a referendum on the agenda pushed by the President and Congressional Democrats needs to again review the place in which this Republican is leading. Those who would like to put it all on an unattractive candidate need to remember that candidate blew away her closest rival in a Democratic primary by 19 points. This isn’t just about Martha Coakley.

An upset by Republican Scott Brown would be covered in many quarters as a repudiation of Obama, especially after Obama’s last-ditch campaign appearance with Coakley 36 hours before the polls opened.

This is about an electorate that is increasingly uneasy about the path the federal government under the Democrats is taking. This is a reaction to the action of the last 364 days. And the timing couldn’t be any better:

A Massachusetts embarrassment would strongly increase the pressure Obama was already facing to retreat or slow down the “big bang” agenda he laid out a year ago.

That includes cap-and-trade, which Congressional Democrats are backing away from as quickly as they can, and immigration. What this should force, if Democrats can swallow the lesson and heed the consequences of a Brown win, is a shelving of those issues and a concentration on the economy like a “laser beam”.

The possibility that Democrats could avoid a blood bath in November is iffy at the moment but salvageable if they do that. If, however, they get combative and attempt to ram through the present agenda (as it appears they will) while continuing to giving lip service to the economy and job creation (shall we have another “job summit”?), then they’ll suffer the consequences in mid-terms 10 months from now.

Today’s election is a game changer. Even if Brown loses, the message should be clear – back off the spending and expansion of government, concentrate on the economy and do what is necessary to get this country moving again economically, or the voters will put people in who will, even in deep blue Massachusetts.

The polls opened 12 minutes ago – this should be a very interesting day.



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19 Responses to So Let’s Say Scott Brown Wins …

  • Now that she likely won’t win and deriding her won’t hurt her, the party line is that this is all Coakley’s fault.  And she couldn’t possibly to expect to have won with the campaign she ran.
    – via (Democrat Propagandists) NBC’s Today Show.

    • That last line sort of lost its meaning without strikeouts working.  🙁

    • At least they’re being consistent.  That was the same line for the Deeds and Corzine losses last November. 

  • i’m starting to think that coakley will pull this out.  brown overplayed his palin victim card. i must have heard 30 commercials in that vein during my 40 minute commute home yesterday.    there was a long line as pedro hit his polling place shortly before 7,  so it looks like turnout will be strong.   and this tends to favor the machine,  as brown has been referencing it.
    pedro enjoyed the phone calls from both the big dawg and the negroid.  he was disappointed that ghouliani didn’t call.   willard didn’t either.  but nonetheless the nude model gets my vote. not cuz pedro runs that way,  but because he doesn’t trust any of these ninnies.  a vote for brown is a vote for gridlock.  gridlock is good.

    • pedro also thinks that scott brown will make a fine governor.   if he loses today we’ll see him again very soon.   our shorter, heavier version of tiger woods has been a disaster.  and tiger season is open of course.

  • There’s no way they’re going to back off the agenda – they’re arrogant, and we’re ‘ignorant’ and it’s that simple.   “A man hears what he wants to hear” always applies to any party or group, but over the course of time I’ve seen it applies in spades to liberals, and you can bet it applies in spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds to progressives.  They can’t conceive of any right minded people thinking any different than they do, nor can they conceive of the idea that they might be completely wrong. 

    So don’t look for anyone to back off the throttle because they feel they should,  what you should look for is FURTHER outrageous behavior from the Massachuetts legislature to delay Brown on their end, and then even further outrageous behavior in the Senate, both prior to his installation, and afterwards.  I said months ago, we have managed to achieve a perfect Democratic storm in collecting arrogance and idiocy in the Democratic leadership.  Pelosi, Reid and Obama.   Just as history provided a unique period in which men of stature who stood out from the fog of history founded this country, we now have assembled a group of polar opposites to those men.  The only thing that remains to be seen is if the founders built better than the fools could manage to destroy (I like to think they did).

  • The Democrats will back-off of the radical agenda but the Progressives (Obama,Pelosi and company) will push even harder. They are ideologues. They don’t care about anything other then forcing their agenda on others.
    Will the Dems push Pelosi out as leader? I don’t know but enough of them should be able to start not following her commands from on high that it moderates the radical agenda.

  • One of topic question.
    They started calling themselves Liberal until they ruined that brand name then switched to Progressive. Now that that brand name is becoming toxic what will be the new improved name next time?

  • The Dems are locked into a strategy that includes “It’s the Economy, Stupid” mentality and other aspects that can be viewed as rational only from “inside the beltway” of DC. 

    1.  They are convinced the economy will recover on it’s own, as all recessions have recovered in the past 40 years, at around the 18 month mark and their only nervousness is that point has come and gone.  And when that happens all will be forgiven.

    2.  They have been lulled into a false sense of security by reading their own propoganda regarding the effectiveness of the Porkulous Bill.

    3.  They have also been convinced, by Bill Clinton and other Dem stalwarts, that history shows that the failure of acievement, ala the ’93 health care failure, was the cause of previous midterm failures, ala ’94.  Pass ObamaCare and the resultant surge in the polls, regardless of the economy, will cover their collective asses.  Failure to pass the bill will be the ultimate condemnation because they will have wasted all this time.

    4.  They cannot believe that the general population will look back to the Republicans.  They firmly believe that “Blaming Bush” will still be a winning strategy, ala the Republican “wave the bloody flag” after the Civil War for the past sins of their opposition.  They cannot believe that any of the current economic situation can be placed at their feet.

    5.  They firmly believe the “Tea Parties” are nothing but an orchestrated Right Wing protest.  How can there be a right wing grassroots movement.  It goes against everything they believe.  They are the “Party of the People!”    They further know that Grassroots movements are BS – because all of the previous ones that supposedly came from the left (Anti-war movement, etc) were in fact orchestrated.  There cannot be a grassroots movement that they did not generate and one that comes from the right just cannot be!

  • I think that, unless Coakley wins by a large margin, this will do severe damage to health care reform legislation.  A narrow victory in an election that was expected to be a formality may be enough to reverse some of the votes in favor of the legislation.  It took considerable effort and arm-twisting to get to this point, and Ben Nelson has seen his popularity disappear after his Yes vote.  I think that a number of congress members will see this as the opportunity they need to try and salvage their own poll numbers by burying the legislation.
    If Coakley somehow manages to win big, I think it sucks the air out of any attempt at killing health care reform.  If she wins a close race or Brown defeats her, I think that health care reform will die.  Not without a fight, of course.  But I think it will be as good as finished under those circumstances, even with Coakley providing the 60th vote.

  • Obama should secretly be delighted if Brown wins. Once the filibuster is restored, Obama’s career-ending agenda grounds to a halt, and he’ll be able to blame partisianship. He’ll get his 2nd term if he doesn’t double down on stupid and have them ram healthcare through.

  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer said yesterday:
    Brown Win Tuesday Causes Huge Stock Rally As Investors Celebrate ‘Pelosi Politburo Emasculation’
    Take a look at the stock market.  It’s already begun.
    They see Brown winning (and Obama losing) which is good for business.

  • Even with Brown winning the dems know that they count on  Clueless Collins or Stupid Snowe to vote with them.

  • Scott Brown is a kitchen sink thrown in the path of an onrushing freight train.

    Obama is at full presidential steroids now. (Call the metaphor police, go ahead.)  He could care less about elections and what Americans think. He has never had any interest in America or Americans. His sole interest is power.

    If you looked at his real story before he became president, you could anticipate what he has become. But the key to that taking shape, I think, was when after his election he chose the malignant Rahm Emanuel as his White House chief of staff. That was a signal to me that this was going to be a criminal regime from the first day.

  • ” With that said, I think he will pull it off even if only by a point or two.”
    I generally agree although I think the national D machine will be working overtime to “find” as many votes as possible starting tomorrow.  If the margin is a percent or three expect a similar final outcome to Oregon and Minnesota last go-around.
    That said, even now enough centrist Dems in the House are seeing the flashing blue lights behind them (it’s Constable Citizen) and are probably not so interested in seeing their Congressional careers ended so early.  HCR is already as good as dead.  Ditto Cap-n’-Trade.

  • Yes Bruce, there is a God.

  • Here’s little splash of water  on people’s faces which I’m starting to see as necessary.
    Scott Brown will do in a pinch to defeat the HC bill.  But, he’s barely a Republican by even today’s Republican’s standards in many ways such as having supported Mass’s own mandatory Health care and first voting (but later regretting) a regional cap and trade system.
    I wouldn’t call Brown a RINO in the sense that he’s honest about his positions and at first blush seems to come about them as honestly as a politician can.
    But the buzz around Brown will be used to validate the wishy washy chase the Democrat RINOs.

    • [meant to add]
      The worse thing is that Brown could end up allowing passage of some toned down versions of Obama’s policies.
      But I’ll take what I can get at this point.