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Democrats Try To Pre-emptively Define New Republican “Responsibility”

That didn’t take long. After essentially ignoring Senate Republicans for a year (well except when they thought they could pick one or two off to help them make something appear “bi-partisan”), Democrats are now ready to lecture Republicans about their new “responsibility”. In a talking points memo issued to Democratic Senators today, they lay out their argument. The memo is entitled:


We can literally spend the entire post on just the title. Contained in that sentence is the premise they hope they can sell to the Republicans and thereby lessen the impact of losing their supermajority.

But let’s be real – the election of Brown imposes no such obligation or responsibility on minority Republicans in the Senate anymore than it did on the Democrats when they were in the minority there. What the election of Brown does is make it hard for the Democrats to “govern” in the manner they’d prefer (unilaterally), so they’d like to lay this “responsibility” premise on the Republicans while they’re a bit euphoric over the win last night and might readily agree to that role.

Instead it is the role and responsibility of the GOP to do whatever they think is necessary to block bad legislation that unnecessarily increases the size, scope and cost of government. That’s what Brown promised to do and that’s why he’s going to the Senate. If the Democrats prefer to characterize that as “obstruction” then so be it. Time to grow a thick skin for once in your lives.  And a spine wouldn’t hurt either.

During this last year, the Republicans haven’t had the power to “obstruct” anything and the Democrats know it. Now Republicans do. The fact that the Democrats are left sitting in the legislative ruins of their own making is no skin off the GOP’s nose.  They had their chance and they blew it. If the GOP isn’t completely deaf, what they heard last night with the election of Brown was the people don’t want what the Democrats are selling.

So what should happen? The GOP should reject that premise outright and upfront and they should adopt one that is the polar opposite of that which Democrats are trying to push in their talking point memo.

Specifically: The GOP has the responsibility to obstruct/block/say “no” to the Democratic agenda as they have determined that agenda unnecessarily increases the size, scope and cost of government.

So who are you going to listen too, Republicans? The people or the Democrats?

Yup – That’s test question number one and it’s not multiple choice.



20 Responses to Democrats Try To Pre-emptively Define New Republican “Responsibility”

  • The governing responsibility of the Republicans, and their only governing responsibility because they have no power to do anything else, is to obstruct Obama and the Democrats.

    That is as solemn a responsibility as holding Bunker Hill or crossing the Delaware in impossible conditions to take Trenton at dawn.

    Half the country is going to have to march into Washington this year, and there’s no guarantee that even that will get their government back from these horrific criminals. All the Republicans have to do is hold the barricade and hope that the only blood that flows is in the November elections.

    Try to minimize the damage these people in power do, and don’t even pretend to cooperate with them.

    In fact, it’s more solemn than that.

  • When backroom deals and midnight votes and bad-faith negotiations fail, NOW they want to bring the GOP into this.

    If I was the GOP, the memo I’d circulate would have this title:

    “To Barack, Nancy and Harry:  Go F**k Yourselves.”

    The Dems still control all 3 branches right now. Governing is up to them. Maybe they’d like to try it sometime instead of the 3rd-world power grabs they’ve been doing.

  • The lesson, one that neither party’s elite seems able to learn, is that the people will not allow themselves to be defined by the rantings of the enemy, the enemy being Democrats.
    The RNC and GOP elite class may fawn at the feet of the Democrat-run press, and bite its nails at what the Democrats might think of them, but we the people have moved forward without them.
    If we’d relied on the RNC or RNSC, the Brown effort would’ve failed early on.

  • – Bill Whittle: Journalism: The Most Trusted Scam In America (See just what a c&nt Matthews is and what a POS Chronkite was).

  • Funny I dont remember the dems feeling that way in 2005.

  • I think that the Democrats (for the most part) realize that they had a rare opportunity, and that the opportunity is almost gone.  Their hope had been to ram through as much of their agenda as possible before the mid-terms.  They must have realized that it was going to be a tough road even under ideal conditions (or at least the ones who aren’t so ideologically hardened).  If they could get key pieces of legislation passed before November ’10, they’d have gotten what they wanted (with the likely exception of the political casualties, of course).
    Their best hope may have been to set Cap & Trade aside and put their full weight behind health care reform.  By doing what they did (a half-hearted go at Cap & Trade, which was then shelved for a clumsily-managed attempt at health care reform) they got off to a bad start from which it seems they will not recover.  They took too long and circumstances (to say nothing of the voters) have not been kind to them.
    Then again, by starting off with a bad fiscal policy that was bound to harm the economy, they may have short-circuited their plan before they even got started.  Talk of debt and deficits and job losses is political poison in the best of times, and they couldn’t dress up the numbers pretty enough to sell their plan.  Or to put it another way, you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

    • The fiscal mess, the huge amount of borrowed and printed money that was spent (TARP, “stimulus”, spending bill), the takeover of GM and Chrysler as well as the bailouts scared the bejesus out of people. At that point the game completely changed (see rise of “Teaparty”). The problem is the Dem’s weren’t smart enough to recognize that or nimble enough to adapt. Result? VA, NJ and MA with more to come.

    • I disagree tonus, the best strategy for the Democrats was to take an incremental approach, actually listen to Republicans and be bi partisan, and triangulate.  If they had done that they would have a score or more wishy washy Republicans in the senate eating out of Obama’s hands and they could then get most everything they wanted.
      But they didn’t, instead the went crazy on the pork and payoffs, tried to ram a disgustingly socialist piece of crap through with no bipartisanship, and ridiculed their opponents.
      For such Hubris they will suffer.

      • The agenda was driven by three of the most ruthlessly partisian hard leftists in the nation – Baracky, Nancy and Harry. There was never any chance of incrementalism. You saw it early on in “I won” and the way they crammed the stimulus down everyone’s throat.

        Now they’re screwed.  They won’t win back enough independents by pulling back, the netroots losers will revolt if they don’t go hard left, and the GOP is going to play for the midterm gains.

        Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of dirtbags.

        Prediction – By end of 2o10 there’s new Dem leadership in house and senate.

      • Socialist piece of crap? That bill? Please kyle, your a dip loser. It is the capitalists that are the problem, the capitalists who are attacking America, the capitalists who are giving the payoffs and pork, the capitalists who want to dissolve America and create a plutocratic dictatorship. Your pathetic kyle. You should be executed for treason for your crimes against America as your beloved Republican party should for selling out America. Just a few swings of a alum bat against your head and myself enjoying watching your convulse and die. Mass election?  Who cares. Out goes trash, in goes trash.

        • Wow!  I guess the leftists have come out of their post-election shock and started trolling.
          But really, leveling threats of violence against people you disagree with.  Can we play a game, guess who’s the fascist.

        • An Alum bat? that would be very soft and chalky.

        • Raeg kitteh haz RAEG!!11!1!

      • I was referring to the “best” strategy in the context of pushing their radical agenda, not in the sense of what was best for the country.  They wanted to push an agenda which was bound to be unpopular, but with large majorities they had the opportunity to ram it through.  Failure was always very likely, as is to be expected when someone tries to force bad legislation onto us.  This was, in essence, a kamikaze effort.
        Payback will come in the loss of a few extra seats in the midterms, and not much else, in my opinion.  For the more radical leftists in safe districts this would have normally been acceptable.  I don’t think that they thought that the effort would backfire this badly, but in the long term they’ll recover.  Imagine, though, if they’d been able to pass the health care reform that they wanted, along with Cap & Trade?  They would happily take the temporary loss of MA and a bloodbath in November, as it would probably not have created enough turnover to allow Republicans to undo the damage.
        I did forget to mention the steps that Bruce did, that hurt the economy even more and scared voters into action (the tea party movement).  I think that aside from the economic damage that it did, it also led to lots of brash and insulting commentary from Democrats and liberals, which simply hardened opposition to the legislative agenda that they were after.  Pundits may dismiss it as a Republican-led campaign that was more bark than bite, but the politicians understand that it is more than that, as their actions attest.
        The founding fathers tried to protect us from just this sort of thing, and they did a very good job.

  • Specifically: The GOP has the responsibility to obstruct/block/say “no” to the Democratic agenda as they have determined that agenda unnecessarily increases the size, scope and cost of government.
    The problem is that the current Republicans don’t have the guts to say this.  And the few that might have the guts would be promptly given the Palin treatment in the media and be allowed to twist in the wind alone.

  • The problem is that the current Republicans don’t have the guts to say this.  And the few that might have the guts would be promptly given the Palin treatment in the media and be allowed to twist in the wind alone.

    They’ve been doing that since the “Health Care Reform” bill grew to large for any Senate Republicans comfort.

  • To “the rage”

    If any republican had said this you would have heard cries of nazism.  You sir are pathetic.
    If folks disagree with your point of view well just make your point of view clearer by pounding them in the head with a bat. 
    Thanks for showing us how tolerant  those on the left are.

    • Funny, RM-
      My first thoughts were: “How stupid to bring a baseball bat to a gunfight.”