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Krugman And I Agree, But Not For The Same Reasons

Paul Krugman has made a vital discovery, captured in the title of one of his recent blog posts. Speaking of President Obama, he says:

He Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For

You’re kidding, right Mr. Krugman? It took a year for this discovery? Heck, some of us have been saying this for 3 years. But enough “I told you so”. Why is Krugman so sure Obama’s not not man? Well not for the reasons you might think. If you’ve been reading Krugman, you know he’s of the opinion that the money Obama and Congress have thrown at the economy wasn’t enough and wasn’t well targeted.  So Krugman wants more spending.

Now, with health care, he is finally disappointed enough to toss Obama under the bus. Like much of the extreme left, he demands the will of the people, demonstrated most recently Tuesday night in Massachusetts, be ignored. He illustrates that by quoting Obama and then reacting:

I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on. We know that we need insurance reform, that the health insurance companies are taking advantage of people. We know that we have to have some form of cost containment because if we don’t, then our budgets are going to blow up and we know that small businesses are going to need help so that they can provide health insurance to their families. Those are the core, some of the core elements of, to this bill. Now I think there’s some things in there that people don’t like and legitimately don’t like.

Says Krugman:

In short, “Run away, run away”!

His advice, as it has been all year, is to double down, ignore the growing unrest, and “do it anyway”. Pass health care as it stands. Don’t give in to the will of the people because – and this is the hidden message among all of this – they’re too stupid to know what is good for them. Like Bill Clinton claims – they’ll love it after it’s passed. And, as every elitist knows, the job of elites is to rule, even if the masses don’t like it.

Krugman presents the perfect example of the transition we’ve seen of government from service to servitude. We’re here to do the will of government now, since it knows best, and not the other way around. Krugman and the extreme left embody the notion of government rule and want to expand it. What they’re discovering is that Obama is simply not the tool they thought he was for the accomplishment of that goal.  And they’re understandably disappointed.

But I have to say, I’m pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama, who seems determined to confirm every doubt I and others ever had about whether he was ready to fight for what his supporters believed in.

This was a laugh out loud moment for me. Per Krugman he had doubts about Obama? Time to reread the gushing propaganda that flowed from the Krugman pen during the campaign season. If there were any doubts about Obama, he kept them under tight control and didn’t share.

Of course, what Krugman and the far left are finally discovering is the difference between a politician and a leader. Barack Obama is not a leader. He’s never been in a position to lead. He has no idea what it takes to lead. And he’s unlikely to figure it out while in the White House. Barack Obama presented himself as a blank slate and let people like Paul Krugman and the rest of those who chose too, write whatever they wanted on that slate. He duped them. He was whatever they wanted him to be, while really being nothing more than a very run of the mill politician who had the political sense to see an opportunity unfold, recognize he was in a unique position to seize it (unpopular president, attractive candidate, historical timing, great orator) and turn it into a win.

That’s been the high point of his presidency. It has been downhill since his inauguration. And a rage driven by his administration’s actions (not those of his predecessor as he loves claim) has built quickly in this country. Because of that anger and the politician’s expected reaction to it, Krugman, et al, see the opportunities they built into this presidency slipping away. Their advice, of course, is to move faster, do whatever is necessary, and, frankly, cheat if they have too – but get this done. But politicians, being what they are, are beginning to waffled and hedge and equivocate.

Of course Krugman doesn’t have to stand for election or answer for the results of his advice and my guess is he would find some way to blame others if it failed, just as he’s now trying to do by disowning Obama. But it is clear he and the extreme left are seeing their vested hopes going by the boards and they’re beginning, finally, to point fingers.

And he’s right – Obama is not the one “we’ve been waiting for”. Politicians rarely are. For those of us who didn’t choose to fit ourselves with blinders and took the time to objectively look at the man’s qualifications, we recognized him for what he is – an empty suit. Certainly a very attractive one, but empty nonetheless. The editor of the Harvard Law Review who never contributed anything to the Review. A failed community organizer. A state and US Senator who never initiated anything of substance and was content to follow the lead of others. Someone who, as we warned, had never “done anything or run anything.”

A reminder is necessary for the of Paul Krugmans of this world: This guy is your creation. You and all those who fell for the oratory and the promise and promoted it without checking out the substance of the man are to blame. So if you’re going to point fingers, find a mirror.

To quote Mr. Obama’s pastor of 20 years, “the chickens are coming home to roost”.



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6 Responses to Krugman And I Agree, But Not For The Same Reasons

  • The radical left is a lot like the radical right– they are convinced that they know what is best for us, and if they need to break the rules and enslave us, well… it’s for our own good, and in due time we’ll love them for it.  Anytime you see one of these idiots talk about pushing through legislation regardless of what the electorate wants (because it’s the “right thing to do“) you know you are dealing with an on-the-edge radical.
    Remember, this is the same Paul Krugman who feels that one of Obama’s mistakes is that he didn’t blame George Bush enough.  He’s either stupid, or clueless.  Or he’s so married to a radical point-of-view, that he sees no issue with making such outrageous and plainly false statements if it helps to get what he wants.

  • Bruce,
    I must say that at the point you wrote this, you can’t have read some of the other reactions from the left-o-sphere, such as Josh Marshall, for example.
    As far as I have observed, the left in majority seems to be in denial that it’s their policies that are the problem.  The American people have looked at the kind of change the Neo-socialist progressives are offering, have correctly identified the cliff that they’re being asked to jump over and are reacting with appropriate fear to what the progressives are trying to ram down our throats. It interests me that Krugman is among the first to pin the blame on Obama.  But even Krugman can’t bring himself to admit the real problem is not the person but the policy.
    Witness; were Obama himself the issue, that little earthquake in Massachusetts night before last would not occurred.
    And your last line, Bruce, is spot on….

    Or he’s so married to a radical point-of-view, that he sees no issue with making such outrageous and plainly false statements if it helps to get what he wants.

    I submit to you that there is a similarity between the oh -so -slick denials of the real cause of the neo-socialist left’s downfall in popularity,  and the denials about the constant failures of socialism itself.  We constantly hear from the devot’e’s of that misbegotten political theory that socialism would work if we just got it right. That the theory itself, is sound and we have to work to bring it to pass. (We even see now some on the left saying that the change was too much too fast, we scared off the American people, that the ideas are still sound, we just have to do it more slowly.  )
    As with most of the neo-socialist progressives, Krugman can’t bring himself to accept that’s the kind of thing we are dealing with here because it discredits his underlying politics..  His trying to pin the tail on the jackass in the White House strikes me as giving himself cover for his line about  socialism will work so long as we get the right people.   He’s now willing to sacrifice Obama for the larger goal of socialism.
    In his way, he’s not only conceding defeat on the battle, but he’s giving us a warning; the war itself has not been won.

  • Their salty tears of despair taste like the sweetest nectar!

  • hahahahaha

  • “A reminder is necessary for the of Paul Krugmans of this world: This guy is your creation. You and all those who fell for the oratory and the promise and promoted it without checking out the substance of the man are to blame. ”

    Why is  a reminder nescessary for something they already know?