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The Election of Scott Brown: Why did it happen? What are the implications?

Health Care Reform: What are the Democrats options? Will it pass? If so, in what form?

Obama’s 1st Year: What’s the verdict? Buyer’s remorse?

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One Response to BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST)

  • I don’t think anyone has yet to realize what Scott Brown’s election has done to the Demmies. That party has now broken into two wings: the “oh, sh!t, we are finished” wing, and the “Oh, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead driving off the cliff” crowd.
    Wanna see the latter? Want to see what truly delusional nutjobs on the Left look like? Catch this – then catch your breath:
    What it means is….THE CONSERVATIVES/TEABAGGERS ARE NOT A FORCE. We liberals are! Honestly, I wished they had shown up to vote to put Coakley in Ted’s seat, but since they didn’t, the only move the Obama Admin, Harry, and Nancy can do now is go far left and drop the nuclear-option-bomb whenever they can! It’s truly what the people of this country want despite what the wingers are saying.”

    Or, how about this nugget of hilarity:
    America is inching towards becoming a progressive nation, and the old school is terrified.”
    If that doesn’t belong in either a bad comedy routine or in an insane asylum, I don’t know where it belongs.