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SOTU Liveblog

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4 Responses to SOTU Liveblog

  • You mean the STFU address right 🙂

  • Barring something extrodrinary, he’s finished.  One of the more tone-deaf major speeches in a long time. Definitely not one to be put into the Queen’s Ipod.

    Oh, and Altio is now going to be public enemy #1.

  • I gave up after 20 minutes.  Any speech where the speaker is interrupted every 30 seconds or so for applause is just impossible for me to sit through.  It was more of the same anyway, with Obama making a campaign speech.  We inherited this, it’s not my fault, here is what I intend to get done.  Apparently, someone handed him his acceptance speech from the primary victory instead of the one for the SOTU address.