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Global Warming “Science” And The Media

Another day, another revelation of fudged numbers in the so-called “settled science” of man-made global warming.  The Guardian has a piece about Phil Jones and what appears to be made-up data about temperatures in China.  You can read it here.

But Andrew Bolt has the bigger story that is strarting to finally emerge. That is how complicit the media – to include the Guardian – have been in promoting the alarmist screed over the years.

The only real things that’s changed now is the media’s willingness to see the fraud and fiddling that was always part of the great global warming scam. To finally see the fraud and fiddling that bloggers have written about for years.

Indeed. Now that there’s blood in the water, they’re interested (well at least the UK media is) in the story and the fraud. But:

For nearly three years, mathematician Douglas Keenan has campaigned to get the University of East Anglia, the University of Albany, the IPCC and the media to accept that a key piece of evidence behind the IPCC’s claims that the world was warming was based on a study that was wrong, if not outright fraudulent. Keenan described not just the tricking up of results to hide the urban heat island effect, but the disgraceful efforts by climate scientists and University of Albany administrators to hush up the scandal.

And, for three years Keenan was ignored by the media which showed very little skepticism when it came to alarmist claims.  Instead, they kept promoting the alarmist agenda until it could no longer be supported and only then, when confronted by factual evidence that couldn’t be waved away, did they finally decide to look into the growing scandal.

But now there’s a great change. There is now a race on to uncover the next big IPCC scandal, and I doubt the great climate change scare can survive. The papers will, of course, take the credit.

Well, they’ll certainly try. But there are years of blog archives which are available to point out where the credit really goes for helping to expose one of the most massive “scientific” frauds ever perpetrated. And it isn’t “the papers”.



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23 Responses to Global Warming “Science” And The Media

  • When can I read about this stuff in an American publication?

  • Well, they are certainly making sure to hedge their bets, even at this late hour.  That article in the Guardian contains at least two admonitions that we not ignore the “overwhelming evidence” of man-made warming, and under the headline is a link to an opinion piece that once again tries to mitigate the damage done by the CRU emails.  The media may be preparing to abandon the bandwagon, but they have not jumped off just yet.
    I think that we are long past the point where the statements about “the overwhelming evidence” became a farce.  More and more, we find that the evidence is faked or falsified or based on unverifiable claims that have little or no supporting evidence.  And it seems to me that a lot of that “overwhelming evidence” was built on a cross-dependent house of cards that is currently collapsing.  How much of that evidence is based on the discredited temperature data?  How much is based on WWF propaganda?  How much is based on ‘clean’ data and a legitimate peer-review?

  • Even the Indian media ..

    The climate change fraud that is now unravelling is unprecedented in its deceit, unmatched in scope—and for the liberal elite, akin to 9 on the Richter scale. Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.
    The entire world was being asked to change the way it lives on the basis of pure hyperbole. Propriety, probity and transparency were routinely sacrificed.

  • I wonder if Erb is going to storm into the comment section of this entry and once again call us all trogledites and Holocaust deniers for continuing to question Global Warming Climate Change and then once again – leave for good?

    We can only hope!

    • I’ve said I won’t be commenting on these Nazi-like stories about how the great and magnificent edifice of climate change is somehow flawed, but darn it I just can’t let you dense righties go on being so deluded. The science is settled, darn it! If you don’t agree to that, you’re inbred and sterile. I decree it.

      But you just go on putting up your “facts” and “evidence” and stuff that contains math. It doesn’t matter. Your children have already learned about the magnificent edifice of climate change, and how it demands that everyone hand over more power to wise leftists to keep the planet from apocolyptic disaster. So it’s going to happen, and our wise comrades colleagues in the media will make sure that your nonsense doesn’t get published to confuse them about it. Oh, some of the wogs in other countries might get confused and print lies about how the theory is falling apart, but the wise leftists in American media know better because they’re so much smarter.

      The answer is for everyone to put aside their differences and come together, for the sake of the world and the nation. And that’s not either mindless pap that doesn’t mean anything! It’s wise advice from someone who is so much smarter and more spiritual than you dense, stubborn, mean, Nazi-like righties can ever be! If your side just did that, put aside your objections to more government action on things like climate and healthcare, and just listened to your betters opponents, you would soon see the light and embrace the need to find common ground, and we could start those government programs right up before it’s too late, though of course to delude you into thinking you made a difference to recognize your point of view, we would go a little slower than we otherwise would towards our earthly leftist utopia.

      But, no, you just keep on seeing politics as blood sport and thinking it’s all about winning. You do, too! Stop laughing! You libertarians are all about winning! You don’t care about anything else, or at least anything I recognize. Yes, I know you prattle about your “principles” but with my post-modern, godlike powers of political science, I’ve evolved far beyond the need for mere principles. It’s all about pragmatism, which means both sides coming together to do what our side wants.

      These things are completely set out in the holy writ of post-modernism, and I just can’t see why you Nazi-like thugs don’t get it. There are multiple truths, and only the left gets to decide which truth is acted upon, because we have wise, emotional intuition, and wonderful intentions. We want everyone to prosper and be free! And the way to do that, we are completely sure, is to use the power of government to make everyone free. Don’t you see?!?

      Why, oh why, won’t you dense righties listen to me? I’ve been right about everything. About Iraq and how the violence there was going to spiral out of control and how Sadr won over Maliki and how Iran was going to be the ultimate victor and end up controlling everything, because those Arabs are just aching to give up their freedom to their Persian masters. Juan Cole said so, and he’s the final authority in these matters.

      And of course, I had to educate you thick righties about how the Swift Boat guys are completely debunked because of something one of my fellow wise leftists wrote on Wikipedia, and all fifty of them are liars, and John Kerry is a stainless knight who should have won over that odious Bush. Not to mention trying to help you understand that markets don’t adjust themselves, there’s no reason to think that they do. And stop throwing up economics theory at me! I do too understand economics! I understand everything that has to do with politics because of my godlike power of political science. So I come here and try to share my wisdom from my concern for your misguided notions, and certainly not because I desperately need someone to lecture to and feel superior to so that my self-image doesn’t melt into a pile of slush.

      Stop saying that! There’s nothing wrong with me! There isn’t, I tell you! Just because I’m threatened by a supposedly smart Republian woman like Palin with full lips and an ample bosom doesn’t mean I am an insecure milquetoast who has to come here to reassure myself!

  • I don’t care who takes credit, really. I just want AGW to be poison to any politician or piece of legislation. If the Jurassic Media assists in this endeavor, then so be it.

    • See, there you go, proving my point about how you dense righties think politics is a blood sport. Oh, sure, I know you THINK you are opposing Obama because of his wise leftist policies and you have deluded yourselves into thinking that libertarianism is actually a serious philosophy. But it can’t be, because it contradicts the holy writ of post-modernism, so we have to search for deeper reasons for your pathologies.

      Especially guns. Your avatar shows that you are probably one of those bitter clingers. But guns are icky – there is a complete consensus about that in the faculty lounge. It’s logical really. War is icky, and no one would dispute that. Guns are used in war, therefore they are icky too.

      The faculty lounge is also in complete consensus about climate change. Namely our consensus is that not only is it occurring, but it also it a sterling opportunity to turn more power over to wise leftists in government. Because of that, the science is settled. Wise leftists all agree, and some of them actually passed introductory calculus for social science majors, admittedly with a C, but still. So we are completely qualified to decide this issue for everyone else, and all your charts and graphs and so-called evidence that has math in it will avail you not. The train has already left the station and you bitter clinging dense righties are not on it, so you’ll be left behind as we create our glorious leftist utopia. And soon enough, after your indoctrinated children have grown up, we’ll get around to taking those guns away too, since they’re just icky.

  • McQ[T]here are years of blog archives which are available to point out where the credit really goes for helping to expose one of the most massive “scientific” frauds ever perpetrated. And it isn’t “the papers”.

    The victor gets to write the history.
    When and if the US branch of MiniTru finally decides to admit that AGW is less than a genuine, real, authentic, honest-to-pete threat to our very existence, rest assured that bloggers will get no credit at all.  Yes, bloggers know.  The people who read blogs know.  But the general public… Nah.

    My guess is that MiniTru will just sort of let this story fade away.  There won’t be any big denouement, no huge collective announcement that it’s all been one big Chicken Little* false alarm.  After all, they are emotionally (as well as financially) vested in the story, and nobody likes to admit when he’s wrong.  Especially when he’s THAT wrong.

    The sad thing is that, if history is any guide, we’ll go through this again in about twenty or thirty more years if not sooner.  Hell, at the rate this winter is going, we’ll be hearing about global cooling and a new ice age before March.


    (*) Except, in this case, Chicken Little was making a fat pile of cash and scoring some nifty prizes off his hysterical warnings.

  • Well, clearly Erbie is wise enough to understand his army was about to totally be overwhelmed on the field, so he proclaimed victory as the deniers swarmed his line, mounted his horse and headed back to the castle, declaring he was done fighting over this issue here and wouldn’t revisit it.
    That brilliant retreat will mean he doesn’t have to acknowledge how wrong he was with his touchy feely version of science.  Ironically, far from hating his children, we actually must like the little tykes, because we were more concerned with saving society from squandering it’s wealth on a huge scam, from which they will benefit, than he was.

  • So there’s helping to promote the fraud and then taking the Mantle of Fearless Journalism to expose the lies (UK media), or helping promote the fraud and then refusing to report that the fraud had been exposed (U.S. media).  Are these my only choices?

  • This is why Rick Moran is worth reading and you aren’t.

  • What was amazing about this story of Jones, Wang and Keenan, was that after all the efforts by Keenan to get the university to handle this, they denied him access to the documents of the inquiry.  As fate would have it, many of the documents that he was denied access to were in the “hacked” CRU files of documents and e-mails.

  • Here’s the simple test:

    Look at the temperature record of the Holocene, the interglacial period that began about ten thousand years ago.

    Nothing happening now is inconsistent with the temperature swings during that period.

    Honest scientists can discourse on the effect that humans have on climate, but the bottom line is that the effect is very hard to find, if it can be found at all.

    Whatever climatic forces lifted the planet out of the last ice age into this interglacial period, wherein all known civilizations have come into existence, have not been substantially effected by the industrial age, and CO2 proves to be a fairly trivial greenhouse gas.

    Global Warming was not the first, nor will it be the last, scare/hoax created in the imaginations of environmentalists, but it has wasted a hell of a lot of people’s time. And a lot of money has been stolen over it.

    Bless Richard Lindzen, the late Michael Crichton, Freeman Dyson, et al. for having the guts to stake their reputations on fighting these rotten people.

  • Why are the majority of atmosphere pollutants produced in the northern hemisphere but the ozone hole is in Antartica? Are the Free Radical pollutants (the ozone killers) somehow carried south by magnetic attraction?

  • I have never seen “the overwhelming evidence” the warmies keep talking about.  If it’s there, why not publish it for all to see?  Wouldn’t it make the skeptics look foolish?  If the stakes are as high as the AGW advocates claim, they should be mailing every citizen a copy of their “proof.”
    Why won’t Al Gore debate the subject?  Or Michael Mann?  or Barack Obama?  or Harry Reid?
    Why are the models all proprietary?  If they were developed under a government contract or with a government grant, the information belongs in the public domain.
    Modelers ignored climate history.  Medieval Warm Period?  A myth!  Little Ice Age?  Never happened!
    When the model predicts heat and draught and we get ice and snow, they built another model.
    The truth is the green house effect was applied to the atmosphere by three 19th century scientists.  The effect they describe is a heat engine.  However, their theory violates Entropy, the second law of thermodynamics – the law that concerns itself with heat engines.   The models made no attempt to account for the heat transfer.
    There are no data on “global temperature.” Rises in temperature occurred only when AGW advocates adjusted their number or stopped collecting temperature in cold places.
    Unfortunately, when they need Professor Reid Bryson, they trot out Scott Erb.

  • Anyone can be deprogrammed of their global warming indoctrination, if they want to be, with this 9 minute, 42 second examination by Bob Carter of the 10,000 year temperature record of the Holocene, the interglacial warm period in which we live and during which all known civilizations have come into existence.

    Context and perspective, above all: