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“The Green Police?”

Did you happen to catch the Audi commercial during “The Big Game” last night (btw, congrats Saints)?  It is, I suppose, an attempt at humor.  And it’s a good commercial, I guess, because I remember which product it was pushing.   But in reality I found it to be a bit scary.  Why?  Because it foretells something which I would hope is unlikely, but – at least at a state level – I believe couldbe entirely possible in some places.  Don’t forget, California was talking about drive-by thermostat monitoring and restricting car colors that could be sold in the state.   So this isn’t at all beyond the possible at some future date in a state near you:



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16 Responses to “The Green Police?”

  • There was no part of that commercial that didn’t terrify me.  A guy getting arrested for incandescent bulbs?  A guy in his house being nailed for throwing an orange peel into the trash?

    • But the fellow driving an exhaust-belching car gets a pass because it’s a VW TDI diesel.  I call shenanigans, BTW; I was recently driving behind a TDI-powered VW and it poured out as much soot and fumes as any 18-wheeler I see on the road.

      • Yeah, but soot is carbon trapped in solid form.   Diesels are prized by modern environmentalists because of their fuel efficiency and not their effect on air quality.
        The AGW environmentalists have chucked the past environmentalists principles which were tied to health (health scares), endangered species, and habitat.  They are really quite at a odds with each other at times.

  • I’m not sure sure everybody is going to think that this commercial is really eco-friendly.  Audi certainly got people’s attention, but the “green” groups are going to be happy on Monday.  Wait for some group to claim that Audi isn’t serious about environmentalism.
    I thought the hot tub offense was great satire for the Hollywood folks that are so eco-friendly.

    • This was an environmental ass-kissing or the Audi wouldn’t have been shown getting a pass by the Green police.
      Part of the reason for this ass kissing is that luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes have obtained exceptions from the Government from the upcoming CAFE mileage requirements.  Requirements that will put most of us peons in dressed up econoboxes.
      Don’t know if Audi is working on being included that exception or heading off negative press associated with being part of that exception by touting their diesel.  Diesels get high marks from AGW environmentalists these days.

  • Foolish optimist that I am, I thought the commercial was building to some anti-intrusive government message.  So I was even more surprised when I saw the Audi.  The thing that I find so unsettling is that the marketing folks at Audi (and by extension the corporate management) presume that the “Green Police” imagery and message are not offensive to large portions of their target audience.  Obviously, they are not trying to offend someone into buy a car, therefore some floated this add, and someone else gave the green light.  I will be interested to see if this commercial sparks further discussion.

  • That thing  makes me feel queasy even while I am laughing at it. I particulary liked the last bit, where the green police are arresting the criminal police. The revolution eats its own children. 

  • Yeah, it was funny, but I was wondering if they had really thought about what they were showing.  This does seem like more of a shot across the bow of enviro-nuts, though.  They may not have meant it that way, but the message seems to be “don’t cross these fascist jerks, get a clean-running hybrid!

    • don’t cross these fascist jerks, get a clean-running hybrid!
      sort of like saying “lay back and enjoy the rape” eh?

      • Indeed, though I thought the message was more like “buy our car so that you can be exempt from the coming totalitarian state!”  It’s like having a commercial for a cooling drink that shows all the Jews in Hell being soothed by it, or a commercial for pancake mix showing how one black slave gets perks the other slaves don’t get by using it to make tasty pancakes for the white masters.  I find it disturbing.
        It would have been a lot funnier were there not legislation before Congress, rules before the EPA, and a not insignificant group of people cheering these on, to enable this exact evil thing to happen.

        • Luxury cars are exempt from upcoming super strict fuel economy standards.  Perhaps this was simply placing that idea in people’s minds and associating it with Audi.

          • … while ass kissing the environmentalists so that they don’t feel like audi is throwing it in their faces.

  • That commercial would fit California perfectly if the leftists/enviroweenies were to totally have their way here.

  • I can almost see liberal enviromentalists’  heads explode as they try and figure out if they should laugh at this commercial or not.

  • I did fire off an angry email to Audi of America this morning saying that the ad was offensive and hopelessly narcissistic.  The Stasi/Einsatzgruppen like images should surely have been beyond the pale to any company, especially one based in Germany.  If it was an attempt at humor it failed miserably.  If it was intended to drive an environmentally “sensitive” message it failed again.  If it intended to strike fear, anger and utter loathing in the minds of the viewer then “great success”.