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Screw Bi-Partisanship: King Harry Reid Edition

Bi-partisanship has become the new battle cry of the left, at least for PR purposes.  They no longer have the power to pass anything without at least one Republican vote in the Senate.  So instead of purposely excluding Republicans as they have for a year (and blaming their own failings on GOP “obstructionism”) they now have to make a show of calling for bi-partisanship and hope they’ll be able to pick off at least one hapless GOP Senator.  If they don’t, then they can again blame the Republicans for “obstruction” instead of their failure to find a suitable compromise necessary to pass the legislation in question.

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Pluto) did the GOP a favor, although I’m sure Republicans don’t realize it yet. He shot down a “jobs bill” that was the result of bi-partisan work by Democratic Senator Max Baucus and Republican Senator Charles Grassley.

Cost? Over $100 billion. Contents – Pension bailouts, handouts for chicken farmers in Arkansas, an extension of the anti-terror Patriot Act, and a number of other little goodies. Had that bill passed, Republicans would have again earned the derision of the public for “not getting it”. It would be seen as “business as usual” despite the expressed anger of the public over such handouts, bailouts and deficit spending.

Reid instead has decided to unilaterally rewrite the bill to include only 4 things:

* A new tax credit for hiring workers
* Extra money for highway projects
* Small Business tax breaks
* Build America Bonds

The price tag? A reported $15 billion dollars. The reaction from most of the left and the Paul Krugman’s of the world is going to be brutal. Of course the Blanche Lincoln “reelect me” aid to Arkansas chicken farmers, the Chuckie Schumer Pension Bailout along with all the other goodies that made up the remaining $85 billion in the original bill aren’t going away. They’ll be considered in different legislation. That’s to say, no one in the Senate seems to have listened to a thing the polls or public have been hammering them about for months. It is indeed business as usual.

Let’s be clear here, though. Harry Reid want’s a “clean bill” on this not because he’s changing his ways, not because that’s what the American people want and not because he’s a smart politician.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is rewriting a jobs bill after Democrats complained of too many concessions to Republicans.

Yeah, that’s right – King Harry just saved the Republicans from themselves (at least for the moment). You see, there was just too much of that bi-partisanship stuff.



8 Responses to Screw Bi-Partisanship: King Harry Reid Edition

  • McQKing Harry just saved the Republicans from themselves.

    This feat will go down in legend along with Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables, Alexander taming Bucephalus, John Henry beating the steam engine, and Tim Flannery getting an almost-empty bottle of Stoly away from Ted Kennedy at closing time on St. Patrick’s Day ’04.

  • Thanks Harry !

  • AP headline was actually “Senate Dems ax bipartisan jobs bill
    Someone is getting fired at AP. That should read “Heartless GOP forces  Senate Dems to ax bipartisan jobs bill”

  • Buried in a Politico story today on the growing friction between the House Democrats and the White House is an intriguing bit of news from an unnamed insider: House Democrats are beginning to wonder if the White House is intentionally throwing them under the bus:

    One Democratic official … (said) some Democratic House members actually believe that the White House “wouldn’t mind having a foil, and that foil is a Republican (House) majority — that would serve their political purposes going into 2012.”
    These House Democrats say privately that veterans of Bill Clinton’s administration working in Obama’s White House may think having a Republican majority in Congress will help Obama win re-election, as it did Clinton in 1996. House Democrats know that Obama will do whatever it takes to win re-election, whether or not it helps members keep their seats this year.

  • But on the left-left bipartisanship is the new sneer for why Obama can’t get anything done. See the DKos comments <a href=””>Cantor Mocks Dem “Powerlessness.” How Will Dems Respond?</a>

    The solution, according to the author, is procedural. The Dems need to use reconciliation and reform the filibuster. Never mind that the real problem is that voters oppose Obama’s agenda by large margins and this is why Congreess folks are so spooked at supporting Fearless Leader’s brilliant plans to transform America.

    The left is getting very unhappy with Obama.

  • Seems strange that Reid actually came up with a more conservative version of an unneeded bill than the so called Bi-partisans.  We need to slowly purge the party of all retards like Grassely.
    He is part of the problem and has been for years.