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Obama’s Doubletalk

The irony not to mention the hypocrisy contained in this clip (from Feb 13) can make one seriously wonder if the man who has proposed 10 years of huge deficit budgets that would put us in an unimaginable debt hole thinks he’s fooling anyone with this.  It is simply breathtaking in its temerity and arrogance:



10 Responses to Obama’s Doubletalk

  • The man is a living and breathing “Janus

    • {chuckle} You dense righties still don’t understand the advanced post-modern concept of multiple truths. LOL.

      Obama is a pragmatic moderate wise leftist, who thinks like me, so I can explain this stuff to you. See, Obama understands that truth is context-sensitive, and subservient to the greater pragmatic aims of running society. What matters is that his intentions are good, and of course it doesn’t hurt that he has the blood of the noble savage in him, which puts him closer to being in touch with the wonderful intuition that is needed to see what’s best for society. That’s where that Christlike visage comes from, I think.

      So he never lies or is inconsistent, because such concepts are not a part of his Lightworker status. We, his comrades in wise leftist thought, can always come up with a reason why he is not being contradictory, but is just feeling his way ever closer to the earthly leftist utopia we would have had long ago, if we all just sat down together and put aside our partisan differences and worked things out. Which means you dense righties going along with pretty much everything we want, except that we’ll throw a few token symbolic gestures in for you, and then ignore them in a few months.

      But it certainly does not mean that mean and vicious people like Sara Palin get a seat at the table. Why, she’s so corrupt that according to a source I don’t have a link for and isn’t either a conspirazoid leftist site, she got free kitchen redecorations, which proves right there how corrupt she is and how she ought to be indicted. I mean, kitchen redecorations! Don’t you see how that fits in with her vulgar full lips and ample bosom to build an image of wholesomeness to seduce other dense righties into giving her power? Of course, she throws in those naughty librarian glasses to give the faux image of being intellectual, but then she winks at men as if to say, “Hey, stud, I’d take these glasses off and show you some real naughtiness if we could be alone somewhere.” I can just hear the husky voice she would use.

      But I’m not obsessed with her or intimidated by here! No, sir! Just put that out of your mind! I’m just so, so disappointed that our politics can’t include more women like Nancy Pelosi. That way, it can all be about politics and sitting down together to hash things out, and nothing the least bit suggestive would ever enter anyone’s mind because that’s the kind of person Nancy is, totally professional. Though I admit I have a hard time reading her facial expressions sometimes, because she looks surprised at everything anyone says. I’m not sure why that is.

      Where was I? Oh, yes, explaining to you about how Obama is totally consistent all the time. Why, he has arranged for a big success in Iraq, which of course is something that Bush could never do, though I give Bush credit for a few little things like taking leftist advice and coopting the noble savage resistance over there. And helping them put up a facade of a government that will allow us to withdraw without embarrassment, since it’s obviously not possible for those wogs to ever really build a stable government. And you guys just shut up about how I kept crowing that the violence there was going to increase any moment, and it never did. I wasn’t either hoping it would just to make Bush look bad! I wasn’t! And don’t bring up the Sadr and Maliki thing either! I’m a real political expert with study at all kinds of advanced places, and that makes me totally an authority on foreign affairs. So just don’t start up about all the things I got wrong, and how my percentage of correct predictions on foreign affairs is impossible to calculate because of the divide by zero problem. I’m an expert, I tell you! And my predictions were not wrong! They were just different multiple truths! I decree it! {eyes rolling} {chuckle} LOL.

  • That’s not Doubletalk, that’s Doublethink.

    Orwell called it “controlled insanity.”

  • Funny thing,  Remember that two of the biggest memes of the left against G W was that he was “arrogant” and profligate?
    Just goes to show that Democrats are masters of projection.