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Mission Accomplished?

Ah, what’s to be found in a name?

ABC News has learned that the Obama administration has decided to give the war in Iraq — currently known as Operation Iraqi Freedom — a new name.

The new name: “Operation New Dawn.”

In a February 17, 2010, memo to the Commander of Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the “requested operation name change is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq.”


Gates writes that by changing the name at the same time as the change of mission — the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. combat troops — the US is sending “a strong signal that Operation IRAQI FREEDOM has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission.”

Well actually, a lot. There’s no question the former mission under the umbrella of OIF is considered to have been accomplished if a new name to reflect a “mission change” is being requested. Why? Because orders issued under Operation New Dawn will reflect that basic change of orientation for forces. OIF’s mission guidelines were one thing. New mission guidelines will be issued under the new operational designation.

As Gates notes:

The move, Gates writes, “also presents opportunities to synchronize strategic communication initiatives, reinforce our commitment to honor the Security Agreement, and recognize our evolving relationship with the Government of Iraq.”

Shorter Gates: It’s a new game.

Of course not everyone is happy with the name change:

The move has met with some criticism. In a statement, Brian Wise, executive director of Military Families United said, “You cannot end a war simply by changing its name. Despite the Administration’s efforts to spin realities on the ground, their efforts do not change the situation at hand in Iraq. Operational military decisions should not be made for purposes of public relations, as the Secretary of Defense cites, but should be made in the best interests of our nation, the troops on the ground and their families back home.”

Whatever the reason for the name change, the reality on the ground is we’re leaving per the agreement negotiated by the Bush administration. It makes perfect sense to wrap up the old operation which doesn’t include that mission, and begin the phased withdrawal under a new mission designation.

Frankly I have no problem with it other than this administration, via the VP, trying to claim credit for what was fait accompli when it took office.



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11 Responses to Mission Accomplished?

  • McQFrankly I have no problem with it other than this administration, via the VP, trying to claim credit for what was fait accompli when it took office.

    I agree.  I can see the histories being written now:

    Operation Iraqi Freedom – total failure due to the incompetence of George Bush

    Operation New Dawn – total success due solely to the genius of Barack Obama

    In other news, Oceania is at war with Eastasia.  Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    • The combination of Joe Biden’s comments last week and the rebranding effort does one important thing ..
      Operation Iraqi Freedom comes to an end as a success.
      From here on, “Operation New Dawn” (or Operation Akbar Zeb) belongs to Obama.

  • {chuckle} Thank goodness Obama, with his Christlike visage, was able to salvage something out of the total failure that was Iraq. Of course, I give Bush credit for a few small things, such as listening to wise leftists and co-opting the noble savage resistance in Iraq so that they could have peace. He should have done it a lot earlier, of course. Like the day Baghdad was taken. Yessir, those insurgents would have signed right up, and it was completely unnecessary to kill a bunch of them or allow Al Qaeda in Iraq to demonstrate how brutal they were to the populace – completely unnecessary.

    None of Obama’s brilliant success should divert us from the understanding that the whole Iraq effort was the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history, though. You dense righties ought to grant my foreign policy credentials here, because I have a bunch of them. Including a book. Have I mentioned it? It’s all about foreign policy, and it’s from a well-respected publisher and certainly not a vanity press that solicits sales to obscure social science academics, no sirree.

    Plus, I’ve predicted so many correct outcomes over there. Like Sadr winning over Maliki. My impeccable sources such as Juan Cole fueled my extensive analysis that Sadr was the winner in that contest of wills, and he proved it by retiring to his villa and never being heard from again. And of course, my predictions of increasing violence were spot on, because there were people in Iraq who died all the time. So don’t start up with any bar graphs or stuff about decreasing incidents, just don’t start! I am a trained academic with godlike powers of political science, and I just don’t know why you thick righties feel you have the right to dispute me when I decree this stuff. Especially since I also have training in post-modern multiple truths, so I can just whip up a new truth any time I need one.

    Besides, everyone knows Iran will be the ultimate beneficiary of the whole thing. The Iraqis are just quivering with anticipation to hand their entire society over to their Persian masters, because they’re Shiites, and you know how religion trumps everything with those brown noble savages over there. Certainly, those wogs can’t govern themselves, so they’ll be falling into the sway of Iranian theocrats any day now. Pay no attention to all that stuff about unrest in Iran, which certainly has absolutely nothing to do with having a free Iraq next door. I decree it.

    Anyway, I’m happy Obama was able to pull us out of this, and of course I’m thrilled that the Bush regime is over (finally!). None of that changes the fact that war is just icky, and most of the soldiers come back as psychological basket cases from the stress. Certainly if I had served a term, that’s what would happen to me. Good thing there’s no draft any more. {chuckle} LOL

    • No draft, yes.  They’d have made you cut your hair, not sure if they could fix the nose though.
      I’ve always found your precognitive abilities to be substantial, but I am nevertheless amazed that you foresaw the way that the Arabs would finally acknowledge their Persian masters by allowing themselves to be manipulated and controlled by Tehran.  Amazing they would do that to defeat the aims of George W. Bush.  Do you perhaps have a prediction for us that details the likely hood that the Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs will soon follow a similar path?

      • The first thing to understand about the whole Palestinian situation is that the Palestinians are noble brown savages who have been abused by western civilization, and the Israelis are only slightly different from the American militaristic neocons who made up the Bush regime, which is over (finally!). Therefore the holy writ of post-modernism decrees that the Palestinians are in the right almost all the time and the Israelis are thugs.

        The Israelis proved their thuggish, Bushlike tendencies by erecting a fence to keep out the struggling noble Palestinians. Their feeble excuse was that it “cut down on violence” but they’re really just afraid that the noble Palestinians will use their solid family-oriented tribalism to gradually grow in numbers and take over Israeli society. As if it wouldn’t be a good thing if that were to happen. I personally think the Israelis would then be forced to confront their own savageness and they would be better for it.

        As for predictions, the violence is probably going to flare up there any time now. I know that’s a bold prediction, but I stand by it. I also predict that if the Israelis try to mitigate the violence, they’ll just make things worse. They ought to just suck it up and take it in penance for the atrocities they’ve committed in the past against the Palestinians and other noble savage Arabs.

        They probably won’t do that because they’re too heavily influenced by Cheney-like neocons, and if they don’t Iran will be the ultimate beneficiary, as they are in just about everything that happens in the Middle East. The Iranians are already supporting those other noble savages in Hezbollah, and they’re just ready for everything to fall apart so they can swoop right in from a thousand miles away and take everything over. Stop laughing! It’s true! The Iranians are clever! Look at how they out-maneveured that genius Jimmy Carter! If they can get the better of that sainted leader, they can defeat anyone.

        To prevent that, the Israelis ought to just tear down the fence, and trust the Palestinians to exercise good judgment and co-exist with them. After all, as I’ve said before, terrorism just isn’t that big a threat. But no, they insist on a formal declaration on Israel’s so-called right to exist, as if they were not the oppressors here. I just don’t understand why they can’t embrace wise leftist pacifism and see how much better the world would be without those icky wars they fight every so often.

        • Sorry I left off my usual lame attempts to look hip and youthful, so let me include them: {chuckle} LOL! But don’t ever forget that I’m a serious professor, even if I do try to keep up with the hep cats on the Internet.

          I was in a hurry because of grading papers. I got in several late ones on the assignment to compare and contrast Obama’s Christlike visage with Sarah Palin’s vulgar full lips and ample bosom. They’re graded now, all except the one who said he liked Palin’s bosom. I’m trying to decide whether to report him for academic impropriety.

  • I concur that the name needed to be changed. Maybe it’s just me but New Dawn sounds a little too much like something the Imperial Japanese Navy would have used.
    I’d be curious to see what was on the original list. Because you know how these things are done, everyone and his dog probably had a suggestion. To complicate things, any name would have to be translated into Arabic to make sure it wasn’t a double entendre or violated some Iraqi religious taboo or custom.
    My vote would have been OPERATION STAND DOWN or alternatively REFORTUS.

    • Do you suppose the patches for Operation New Dawn will feature something that resembles THIS…..perhaps done in Iraqi colors?  A little less emphasis on the US thematic?  Maybe a yellow sun rising over a green field with God is Great across the foreground.  What’s important is that we get that “O” image in there, get them thinking about the messiah thing.   Perhaps the word “Hope” in Arabic?
      Operation Obama Messiah?  Operation Mmm Mmm Mmm?
      you know, what are the chances?  heh……

    • “I’d be curious to see what was on the original list”

      Well you’re in luck, I happen to have some insider connections who gave me that info:

      Operation Obama Iz Dreamy
      Operation It’s Bush’s Fault
      Operation Murtha (w/ redeployment to Okinawa option included)
      Operation Appease Code Pink
      Operation Don’t Mess With Sherriff Joe

  • Now they have to write a whole bunch of bills to adjust veterans’ benefits that apply to OIF veterans.