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Quote of the day – Nancy Pelosi edition

How desperate is this bit of pretzel logic?

“But let me say this,” Pelosi continues, “The bill can be bipartisan, even though the votes might not be bipartisan, because they [Republicans] have made their imprint on this.”

By George, Queen Nancy will make this bill bipartisan even if she has to redefine bipartisan.

Does that now make the GOP the party of “yes” since they supposedly imprinted themselves on that “bipartisan” bill?


Who’s confused?



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11 Responses to Quote of the day – Nancy Pelosi edition

  • I dare her to tell us just WHERE the GOP’s “imprint” is on the house bill

  • The Holy Writ of Post-Modernism allows her to redefine “bipartisan” amirite?

  • Nancy Pelosi is one of the few people i would likely call stupid right to their face, i have no respect for her whatsoever.

  • Politicians are such a riot.  I wonder how dizzy she gets from all that spinning?

  • Cut her some slack.  I mean, there were Republicans in Washington when the bill was being written.  Voila!  How much more bipartisan can you get?

    / sarc

    It speaks volumes about the dems that they chose this stupid, hateful b*tch to lead their party in the House.  Denny Hastert wasn’t a bellringer, but he was a friggin’ legislative and political genius compared to this moron.

    • ” . . compared to this moron.”

      I apologize to all the morons of the world for docjim505.  It was just a figure of speech in his lumping the morons of this world with this “stupid, hateful b*tch”!

      • Yes, you’re right.  Thank you for pointing out how my comment might insult mentally low-functional people.

        Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived remark that I made regarding morons.  It was completely inappropriate, and I can understand why people were offended.  My implied statement that morons are in any way like Nancy Pelosi was thoughtless and stupid, and I am sorry.

  • Ow!  I tried to understand her statement and my brain kept blinking “fatal error” over and over again.

  • From the same woman who keeps having to explain Catholic dogma to the prelates of the Holy Catholic church.  You expected something else from this woman maybe?

  • She claims that the Dems wanted public option, but got exchanges which are a GOP idea.