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Rebellious Province?

So, I’m watching “60 Minutes” last night, as they reported about Chinese espionage against the US.  Then out of the blue, I hear Taiwan described by Scott Pelley as, “the rebellious Chinese island that mainland China wants to reclaim.”

Wow.  Except for the bit about Taiwan being an island, there is almost nothing in that sentence that is factually correct.  It is almost the complete reversal of the truth.

Taiwan is, in fact, the last vestige of the Republic of China–the government that was pushed off the mainland by the communist rebels in 1949.  The communist government in Peking–that’s right, I wrote “Peking”–never occupied it or owned it, so they can’t “reclaim” it.  It isn’t a “rebellious” province.  It is the last outpost of the legitimate–and I use that word very advisedly, considering the Kuomintang’s shaky claim to legitimacy–ROC government that the Chicoms drove out of the mainland.

That really irked me.

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5 Responses to Rebellious Province?

  • This is neither stupidity nor cupidity: it’s pure self-interest, much as CNN’s infamous collaboration with Saddam. They want to report on and in the PRC, so they suck up to the Mainland government with “little white lies” like this.
    Greed explains all.

  • Dale, it makes the Chinese happy when we refer to it that way.  Almost as happy as they are when Imeme bows to them.

  • Technically, we recognize China, and thus Taiwan as part of China. According to international law, and Kerry’s Global Test, Taiwan should not be defended if China were to “re-take” the island.

  • That’s nothing, I assume you didn’t read the Time article asserting that China was good for Tibet.