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About that “increased moisture” due to global warming …

The latest “proof”offered by the alarmists such as Al Gore to explain how all the snow this year is a result of global warming is to claim global warming causes there to be moisture in the air. Thus, sayeth the Goracle, more rain and snow should be expected.

The first thing that struck me without looking at any science is, if it was warmer and there was more moisture in the air causing more precipitation, wouldn’t that precipitation be in the form of rain? I mean, if it’s really warmer and all. As it turns out though, Gore and the alarmists are flatly wrong. Apparently there’s actually less moisture in the air right now than in previous decades:

According to “State of the Climate” from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Global precipitation in 2009 was near the 1961-1990 average.” And there was certainly no pattern of increasing rain and snow on America’s East Coast during the post-1976 years, when NOAA says the globe began to heat up.

In fact:

In late January, Scientific American reported: “A mysterious drop in water vapor in the lower stratosphere might be slowing climate change,” and noted that “an apparent increase in water vapor in this region in the 1980s and 1990s exacerbated global warming.”

The new study came from a group of scientists, mainly from the NOAA lab in Boulder. The scientists found: “Stratospheric water-vapor concentrations decreased by about 10 percent after the year 2000 . . . This acted to slow the rate of increase in global surface temperature over 2000 to 2009 by about 25 percent.”

Specifically, the study found that water vapor rising from the tropics has been reduced, because it has gotten cooler there (another inconvenient truth). A Wall Street Journal headline summed it up: “Slowdown in Warming Linked to Water Vapor.”

Moisture in the lower stratosphere (about 8 miles above the earth’s surface) has been going down, not up.

So obviously the Gore/alarmist claim that all of this heavy snow fall can be explained by the global warming theory – er, assertion – is so much nonsense. Not that anyone should be surprised.

It appears now they’re reduced to just making unsubstantiated claims in an effort to salvage the momentum and credibility they’ve rapidly lost since the inception of climategate. This bit of deception is just another nail in the AGW alarmist coffin.



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15 Responses to About that “increased moisture” due to global warming …

  • McQIt appears now they’re reduced to just making unsubstantiated claims in an effort to salvage the momentum and credibility they’ve rapidly lost since the inception of climategate. This bit of deception is just another nail in the AGW alarmist coffin.

    That’s what you think.  The evidence has been piling up that AGW (or climate change or whatever they are calling it this week) is so much hooey, the result of willing collusion between unscrupulous “scientists” and money grubbing, power hungry politicians.  Yet, its adherents cotinue to insist that it’s as real as ham and eggs and nothing you say will convince them otherwise (though I admit that it’s quite satisfying to disprove their lies).

    You might as well cite facts to try to sway people away from their religion… or sway a con man away from the best swindle he’s ever run.

    • Pushback against these liars must be constant and ferocious

    • For the most visible and vocal global warming adherents, there is no way to save face.  As the AGW house of cards began to collapse, many of them stepped up their efforts and their claims and pretty much put their reputations at stake in a desperate attempt to force legislation through.  There is no going back for them.  Even some of the smaller fish who run blogs pushing the AGW narrative have little choice but to find any angle that can keep the con going, or they must disappear.
      There will be some amusement and satisfaction from watching them melt down over time, but they will continue to deceive people and peddle their fraud to a willing audience that has also invested itself too deeply and too personally.  The mainstream media in the USA is still trying its hardest to promote the AGW agenda, and to ignore the stories unmasking the whole mess.  The reckoning over this will be drawn out and ugly.

  • Al Gore is an azzhole who had been thoroughly discredited. He and the rest of the Climate Nazis have been discredited. Their Chicken Little movement has reached its end.

    Luckily for us, this entire fisking came whilst The Clown™ was in office.

    • Even more lucky, it came before cap and trade became law. Obama’s justification for environmental extremism died in his first year in office. Priceless.

  • AGW also causes failed health care insurance reform, loss of jobs, and unreasonable attitudes against muslim terrorists.

  • They put Madoff in jail. Why is Gore still allowed to roam free after his scam cost BILLIONS.

    • exactly, all these climate hucksters ought to see some jail time. And I wager that if we really investigated the old ozone hole scare and the mandated switch to more expensive refrigerants, we would find that we were duped back then too.

      • And I wager that if we really investigated the old ozone hole scare and the mandated switch to more expensive refrigerants, we would find that we were duped back then too.

        You’d win! A recent paper (year or two ago) showed that “ozone depletion” was overblown by a factor of something ten or eleven.

  • The decrease in water vapor in the lower stratosphere has an effect (less warming/more cooling) on global temperatures, but is not the best counter-argument to Gore’s and others silly claim about warming=more evaporation and moisture=more snow.   Stratospheric moisture content  at 50-60,000 feet has little relation to storm processes in the troposphere (surface to 30,000′).  However studies of global radiosonde derived humidity data for the period 1973-2007  found a decrease in absolute humidity above 5000′, a finding contrary to climate-model calculations.  But let’s assume Gore’s statement about increased moisture is true (it’s not of course).  If so, then regions with winter temperatures consistently below freezing (Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia) could experience additional winter snowfall since the attendent global warming still results in temperatures cold enough for snow.  Where the Gore statement falls on its face is exactly in the region that he is claiming validation for his idea, namely the east coast this winter.  The Washington DC area has an average annual snowfall around 18″, because it is on the cusp of the rain/snow line in winter due to proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.  Yes, they do experience big snows on occasion, but their winter temperature regime is such that most winter precipitation falls as rain.  Any supposed global warming that leads to supposed increases in atmospheric  moisture should move that rain/snow line farther north so that even less will fall as snow.  This winter’s snow records with major east coast cities experiencing 2 to 4 times more snowfall than average was due to an extremely negative Arctic Oscillation index, likely the lowest on record for the Dec-Feb period, very strong and persistent blocking at high latitudes (related to very warm stratospheric temperatures in the Arctic latitudes)  that funneled cold air far south of normal and a moderate El Nino that provided a constant stream of storm systems across the southern portion of the country and up the east coast.  A number of private long range forecasters predicted this winter’s pattern in  late summer 2009, while the U.S. and U.K. Met Offices were predicting one closer to normal.

  • The Gorical is exhibiting signs of “Moisture Behind the Ears”

  • “they’re reduced to just making unsubstantiated claims”
    Reduced to?  It seems to me that nothing has changed.  It’s not like any of Inconvienient Smoke Up Your Ar*e (to increase my profits) was what a reasonable scientist would call “substantiated”

  • It’s all about control. For all their talk about “Global Warming” and “carbon taxing,” you’ll notice something funny from the liberals. They’ve stopped talking about solar power! It’s not for shortcomings of the technology. Thanks to the brilliant work of Israeli researchers, that is getting closer than ever to the productivity of other fuel sources. It’s about control.

    Think about this: The government controls almost every single source of the power we rely on.

    Almost every drop of oil, coal, natural gas, and similar commodities that are used to generate power on a large scale, is under the constant authority and monitoring of the government. Nuclear power, now embraced by Obama, is even more tightly government-controlled. The government can (and does) at any moment cut off power to any household, neighborhood, or whole city or region, that it wants to. Whether it is over a payment dispute or for “roadwork.”

    A hundred years ago the government had no such power. But then, in the 1930’s, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Democrats directed the centralized, government controlled, electrification of most of the USA.

    And there’s more! The government can actually track you and monitor your activities through your energy use! OVer a decade ago, people growing marijuana in their own home could be tracked and arrested by the amount of electricity they used, and their patterns of use. This ability has only grown over time. With current power usage tracking technology, the government knows when you run your dishwasher, when you microwave some popcorn, and when you turn on a television or a computer.

    It doesn’t stop when you leave your house. Drive a car? The government knows when you gas up, and how much. And since the government knows what kind of car you drive, they know how far you’re driving it. Pay by cash? Gas stations have cameras, and they catch your license plate too. Why do you think it’s illegal to obscure your license plate, and many states now make you have them on both front and back?

    But there’s just one kind of power that the government can’t track, and that is because it’s everywhere. That’s solar. The left has shut up about solar power because it’s something they can’t tax, can’t monitor, can’t cut off. A populace dependent on a government for the electric power it requires is under the control of the government.

    And here’s another thing that the government, nor any government-controlled energy business, is not going to tell you. You can make your own solar panels, or your own solar array from off the shelf cells and panels. You can take yourself entirely out of the eye and out from under the heel of government-controlled power sources, without putting a penny in the pocket of the government.