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You can’t make this stuff up


A 45-year-old woman, charged with ending a domestic dispute by killing her 26-year-old husband of five days, is a registered lobbyist for a group fighting domestic violence.

I mean the questions abound – 45/26, 5 day old marriage, she pops him – but:

[R]ecords show she is a lobbyist for an organization called the National Declaration for Domestic Violence Order; its Web site says the group is pushing legislation to create a database of those convicted of sex crimes or domestic abuse.

Hey, in a sort of “silver lining” to all of this, she could be the first entry.

Witnesses told police that Bridges was wearing a nightgown and a shower cap as she argued with Rankins on the sidewalk on North Avenue near West Peachtree Street around 10:45 p.m. Monday.

And moments later, witnesses said, they heard shots. They said she then “calmly walked away.”

Nightgown and shower cap out on the street? Sounds more like an attempted escape than an argument.

Truth is surely stranger than fiction.



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