Free Markets, Free People

BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) Tonight

Call in number: (718) 664-9614

Yes, friends, it is a call-in show, so do call in.


Health Care Reform – where is it, what was the Obama proposal all about and will they deliver it to Obama’s desk by Easter as he’s requested.

Economy – Unemployment numbers (U-3, U-6) are contradictory. The Obama administration claims that it is a glimmer of hope.  Is it really getting better out there? Or are we having sunshine piped up our skirt?

Foreign Policy – Clinton’s tour of South America has Argentina claiming a diplomatic coup while the UK is mad as hell at us and Brazil refusing to play along on a Security Council vote for Iranian sanctions. Then today we learn that Syria is mocking the US’s “engagement” policy. Does this administration have a coherent foreign policy?


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One Response to BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) Tonight

  • That “Yes, friends, it is a call-in show, so do call in.” joke just never gets old!
    More seriously, as a “long time listener, never-time-caller” your guys’ podcast is always tremendous. Keep up the good work.