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Reconciliation Dead For Good?

Yesterday it was reported that the House and Senate parliamentarians were asked to rule on what exactly the process needed to be for a reconciliation bill to get passed regarding ObamaCare. As I stated, also yesterday, if the answers to the questions, does the House have to pass the Senate bill and does Pres. Obama have to sign it before the reconciliation bill can be considered, are “Yes, Yes” then ObamaCare is officially dead:

In this scenario, the House would have to trust the Senate to agree to its fixes, that such fixes get through the reconciliation process, and that Obama signs them into law. Meanwhile, a perfectly functional health care law will be on the books which achieves what the Senate Democrats wanted, and what Obama has staked his entire presidency upon. That would require a great deal of faith.

I don’t think the progressive caucus, the Stupak group, or many other Representatives have anywhere near that much faith in the Senate and/or Obama. And if this reporting by Roll Call is accurate, they’re going to need a whole mess of it:

The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that President Barack Obama must sign Congress’ original health care reform bill before the Senate can act on a companion reconciliation package, senior GOP sources said Thursday.

The Senate Parliamentarian’s Office was responding to questions posed by the Republican leadership. The answers were provided verbally, sources said.

House Democratic leaders have been searching for a way to ensure that any move they make to approve the Senate-passed $871 billion health care reform bill is followed by Senate action on a reconciliation package of adjustments to the original bill. One idea is to have the House and Senate act on reconciliation prior to House action on the Senate’s original health care bill.

Information Republicans say they have received from the Senate Parliamentarian’s Office eliminates that option.

Yes, Yes We Can’t!

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  • “Self-inflicted wedge issue”


  • Information Republicans say …

    AHA!  It’s those damned GOP obstructionists again!!!  I knew it!!!  This is why we need filibuster reform!!!

    / sarc

    This thing isn’t dead.  I don’t know that it ever will be.  Given that Slaughter has been musing openly about coming up with a way to pass the Senate bill in the House without voting at all, and given all the other shenanigans the dems have pulled to get this horrible bill this far along, NOTHING they will try will surprise me.  Will they attach it to a defense authorization bill in the dead of night while nobody’s looking?  Slip it in as an amendment somewhere?  Who knows?

    It ain’t dead until there isn’t a member of Congress left who wants it.  And, right now, there are PLENTY of them who will do anything to get it.  Our only defense is electing politicians who we can trust to do NOTHING regarding health care other than get Uncle Sugar the hell out of it.

  • You folks should know that I believe…truly, truly believe, that the Democrats will not have enough votes in the House to pass this thing, so reconciliation really is a dead matter. The Demmies got 220 votes last time, and with four lost votes, they are down to 216 – the minimum. Now take the 7 pro-lifers who have already said publicly that they will vote no, and add in Kucinich, who is voting no because there is no public option in there, and you are down to 208. Where is Botox Nancy going to get 8 Demmies to make up for these formerly 8 yes votes? No where, that’s where.
    If I was a betting man, I would bet tonight that Botox Nancy and her Gang of Doofi will not have enough votes come vote time, and that this thing will go down to defeat. Thus, no need for reconciliation!

    • Hope you’re right. This thing seems to be harder to kill than a zombie cat.

      {See, a cat has nine lives, so a zombie cat should be undead nine times… ah, forget it, it’s a stupid metaphor.}

  • I don’t doubt them going for broke.  And I mean throwing the Constitution to the wind and daring you to do something about it.

  • In Washington, no bad idea is ever dead for good.

  • Barack Obama together with the remainder of his liberal cronies should be embarrassed with themselves. Furthermore this is a total outrage. I’d been under the impression that when the chief executive takes office he must swear an oath that will support and also protect the constitution of the us. Nowhere in the Constitution did it give the federal government the power to be able to enact as well as impose legislation such as the medical reform bill. There’s no doubt that these power mongers will be in for a proper shock come November. Great job relating to the demise of your political careers.