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Style Evolves

It was time for a change, I thought.  The Statue of Liberty is a bit overused, so I thought I’d give the theme a bit of a wash and brush-up, as Group Captain Mandrake would say.  Switch the old columns around, change the typography a bit.  You know, the whole works.

A question about typography, by the way.  Is anyone working on any screen fonts other than Georgia or Verdana that look as good as far as readability at all different sizes goes?  I really don’t like the new ClearType fonts–Calibri, Candara, etc.–because their readibility sucks at anything under 10 points.  As does Arial or Helvetica, for that matter.  They really are best suited as header fonts, not body text.

We really need to find some way of getting out font preferences over the web to the readers in some way.  Right now, Verdana and Georgia really are the only two fonts that have 98%+ penetration for both PC and Mac Users, and look really good on screen for pretty much everybody.  What we really need is a way to embed whatever fonts we want to use into the site in some sort of lightweight fashion that can be transmitted to the users, in much the same way that the CSS styles are, and provide nice readability.

Somebody needs to be working on this.  I’d love to Book Antiqua this mother.


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18 Responses to Style Evolves

  • The Liberty Bell, the full Questions and Observations… I like it.
    And yes, Georgia is definitely a superior font for the body text.

  • Can’t help with the fonts but I like the new look.

    • Actually the only suggestion I would have is a link to the next and previous topics at the bottom of the comments.  A little thing but I hate having to scroll all the way to the top to go to the next topic.  I know, that is really lazy of me.

  • As always…..looks real good

  • My view is that serif faces do not work very well on the web. They’re the only way to go in print, but for online it’s the reverse. Other than that, the new look looks good, and the serif face has never stopped me from reading in the past.

  • New style is nice but I gotta ask, if Verdana and Georgia really have 98%+ penetration for both PC and Mac Users, and look really good on screen for pretty much everybody then why do you want to find a new font?  If it ain’t broke …

  • I like the new style.

  • Many props on the new style.

  • Don’t look at me for coding stuff.  I like the new style, but I’m still trying to figure out what rtl is.

  • Isn’t Times New Roman ubiquitous?  I think it’s better than Georgia.

    • Not for Mac or Linux Users it isn’t.  Mac  uses a similar font called “Times”.

      And I think Georgia is a much more pleasing font, in terms of readability, than TNR.

  • I am certainly not a techie on or about html code (as a matter of fact, I know just enough to be dangerous) but in the world of Blogger, the code contains multiple font choices because the font displayed is dependent upon the fonts loaded on each computer reading it.
    I like Verdana for subject lines and Georgia is by far the best serif font.  Among sans-serif fonts, I like Arial Narrow and Helvetica Neue.  However if you are looking for something different that is very readable, try  Trebuchet MS.

    • Yes, I’m a web developer, so I know all about font stacks.   The problem isn’t that I can’t specify a lot of of different fonts in the font stack, the problem is that I have no way of knowing which font any given user is displaying.  I want the user to darn well see the specific font I want him to see.

  • Wow, don’t show up for a while and you change it… It looks good! 😀