Free Markets, Free People

BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) Tonight

Call in number: (718) 664-9614

Yes, friends, it is a call-in show, so do call in.


What else? The health care reform vote, what it means, speculation on the future, and dire warnings about the consequences.

Or we might talk about puppies.

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One Response to BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) Tonight

  • I’m going to be out, or I’d call in.  Some food for thought: the most unpopular parts of the bill are also the parts needed to make it work: e.g., the Medicare cuts, the individual mandate.  If Republicans repeal those parts, then the rest of the health care package becomes not merely unpopular but ridiculously unworkable: costs spiral out of control, the number of people covered plummets, and the special interest groups jump ship.
    By that time, the truth about the abortion coverage in the bill will be clearer.  Maybe lose even more of those pro-life Dems.
    In other words, there may yet be a way to make this such an obvious trainwreck that repeal is possible.  Thoughts?