Free Markets, Free People

Done Deal

Well, we all have our health care now.  The House approved it, with the Dems racking up 219 votes.  Now, Uncle Sugar will insure we all get to see a doctor.  What a wonderful feeling to know that I now have a claim on your income–for the rest of your life–if I come down with the sniffles.

Thanks, everybody!

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10 Responses to Done Deal

  • Gentlemen, start your lawyers.

  • The most transparent and ethical Congress and Administration in (Orwellian) history.

  • Oh well.  It was a nice country while it lasted.

    • Yep.  It just seems sort of strange that, after having defeated the British twice, survived a  bloody civil war, beaten the nazis and the Japanese, and having come out on top in the global Cold War, we’d be done in by a group of our fellow Americans.

  • The 1985 Comprehensive Omnibus Reconciliation Act gave you that, Dale. The difference is that now it’s no longer an unfunded mandate.

  • *champagne all around!* 🙂

  • It takes a special kind of stupid to pass a law that a majority of voters oppose and in an election year no less.

  • Considering that you would have 33% opposition to ANYTHING Democrats would have tried to do,  there was no way to have major reform and popular support. However, conseratives should not get too excited about their chances in November, since a full quarter of the opposition to this bill was because it was not liberal enough. Maybe they won’t show up for Democrats in November, but they definitely won’t show up for Republicans. Oh, and if they have a separate vote on a public option, this may bring a lot of those people back.

    Yesterday was the best polling Republicans will see, and it shows them gaining seats in both bodies, but gaining a majority in neither. It’s going to be all downhill for them from here.

    I know you disagree, but the good news is that we will find out.