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Next! Is immigration next on the table?

Like health care, no one is going to argue that immigration doesn’t need reforming.  It’s the amount and type of reform that’s going to engender the argument.

That said, is immigration next on the Obama agenda?  As I said on the podcast last night, I expect the Democrats to push for whatever they think they can get through the Congress by November.  I think they recognize that their window for the radical side of the agenda will slam shut then.  And I think they see some potential – in the form of electoral support, even if it ends up being future electoral support – in tackling the immigration issue.  Let’s face it – after November, they’re going to need all the help they can get at the voting booth, illegal or otherwise.

Given all the focus on health care yesterday, you may have missed the news about an immigration rally in DC.

Mr. Obama addressed the crowd via a videotaped message displayed on huge screens, promising to keep working on the issue but avoiding a specific time frame.

“I have always pledged to be your partner as we work to fix our broken immigration system, and that’s a commitment that I reaffirm today,” Mr. Obama said.

He expressed his support for the outline of an immigration bill presented last week by Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, and Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York. While pledging to help build bipartisan support, Mr. Obama warned, “You know as well as I do that this won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight.”

What’s been clear is Obama has promised a lot of people a lot of things and has delivered on few of those promises. The speakers pretty much laid out the “benefit” a beleaguered Democratic party should focus on:

“Every day without reform is a day when 12 million hard-working immigrants must live in the shadow of fear,” said Representative Nydia M. Velázquez, a Democrat from New York who is the chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

“Don’t forget that in the last presidential election 10 million Hispanics came out to vote,” she said. She told the crowd to tell lawmakers “that you will not forget which side of this debate they stood on.”

Wow – 22 million potential Democratic votes. Now there is incentive.

Don’t forget the bill Obama says he supports, the Graham/Schumer bill, requires a national ID. That is a new Social Security card (which, you were promised, would never be used for identification purposes) with your biometric info stored on it and on government data bases.

That’s a non-starter. Again, I am not the problem here. The 12 million here illegally are. I am not at all prepared to surrender even more of my privacy on the vague promises of politicians and bureaucrats.

Yes, immigration has to be fixed. So does border security – fix it first. Then, streamline the immigration process, make it easier to apply and emigrate. Figure out how to bring seasonal workers in efficiently and have them return home after the season is over. Offer a path to citizenship to illegals from the back of the line that requires fines, back taxes, an application process and a requirement to learn english. Address the anchor baby scam.

But, no national ID. Any bill that contains that is unacceptable.



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  • But, no national ID. Any bill that contains that is unacceptable.

    Bruce, please. Unacceptable to who? You? Me? Unacceptable like Health Control? We now live in a new time where acceptance by the masses is irrelevant.

    • The only thing that matters in our new world is what is acceptable to Pelosi, Obama et al.

      The rest of us? Mere peons.

  • I would offer a path to citizenship to every man, woman, child, and pet that respected our borders first before I’d start even offering temporary visas to those that violated our border.   Immigration to here is a privilege.  Those boats never left Ellis Island empty, ever.  We screened immigrants heavily except in a few very small windows were settling territory in the West was imperative because someone else might claim it. 

  • Ten million illegals, several million bought voters, and mentally crippled “yutes” and the Dem’s will rule right up to the point Civil War II breaks out.

  • “Every day without reform is a day when 12 million hard-working immigrants must live in the shadow of fear,”

    Well, it’s nice to know that someone out there isn’t affected by the high unemployment rate.

    A uniform national ID would at least be simpler than what is now required. For instance, to properly fill out your form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) you need one ID from column A or one from column B AND one from column C.

    On the other hand, perhaps a little enforcement of existing laws would go a long way towards solving the problem without having to pass ‘reform’ legislation. I get the impression from listening to the reformers that the only problem is the difficulties faced by those who wish to come here, in which case why don’t we just open the borders completely. Problem sol-ved.

    • Well Tim Tim Tim, some of the ‘wrong people’ might show up, you know?  People who they think might not vote Democrat.  We have to get the right information in place for our erstwhile new citizens, to make it clear to them that Republicans are bad and evil and want to enslave them to work for corporate interests, and Democrats are good and kind and want to give them things.

  • As I said at my own place this morning, Bruce …

    Current estimates put the totals something on the order of fifteen to 30 million people.  The assumption that they would become immediate and lifelong Democrat voters is a logical one, and the kind of numbers being bandied about would suggest that any backlash against the Democrats over this (healthcare) monstrosity and others in the next few elections will be more than overwhelmed by the number of new Democrat voters brought in by way of “Amnesty”.

    As I point out in that article, it appears to me that this is the only logical explanation for why the democrats felt no need to listen to the wishes of the American people.  They are, rather, legislating for the dynamics of the new electorate, which would include those granted amnesty .

    • It’s already been done – see what they did in Britain.  Memos spelled out that EXACT thinking.

      If you don’t like the current electorate, go get yourself a new one.

      • Yes, absolutely, that annoying American demographic needs to die out. That’s been in the works for 30 years. It’s why you heard the word “multicultural” every five seconds for at least a decade.

  • Oh, don’t you think that immigration reform is a little modest. Next? Maybe is background music.

    I think the regime will come up with something more spectacular than that.

  • What are the battle lines in immigration reform? 

    It seems to me that the main points of contention are the “path to citizenship” proposals from the left, and the immediate deportation proposals from the right. Greater prosecution of illegals from the right, and greater prosecution of businesses that employ illegal from the left. Fences and border patrols from the right, and making employing illegals too painful on the left.

    This a gross simplification, but it’s a start.

    • So fix the border, punish the businesses, make employment too painful, deport.   We don’t have to prosecute illegals if we keep them out.  Deportation is punishment enough, unless they are multiple repeat offenders, even then I’m not sure if we should jail them as I don’t think that’s much of an answer (unless of course they broke some laws aside from sneaking in).

  • I’ve always believed that the advent of a national ID card would mark the end of the “American frontier”.
    That frontier that allowed many to get a fresh start.
    That said, if we are to have one …
    make it required to vote.
    make it a “capital crime” to forge .. life in prison to abet .. with the same 2 witness rule required for treason.

    • Jeeze this leaves me uncomfortable…oh, I’ll get over it….so let me help a little
      How about a little RFID tag in there, make it a requirement for us to carry them all the time – won’t that be swell, you won’t ever have to wonder where your kids are and we’ll put those subcutaneous chip companies right out of business.  Do you suppose we can develop readers to use from space, or will we just install them on the cell relay towers instead?
      They can check to see if we’re home, or if we’re at the doctors (oh, they’ll know that…never mind…) or if we’ve gone to the baseball game, or the library, or if we’ve just now walked into the Federal Building down town.
      It’ll be sweet won’t it?

      • Yeah yeah, I know can’t happen – and you can’t use your cellular phone network to find stealth aircraft either.

  • The national ID card will be very useful to employers. It will serve as good way to screen potential employees.
    If you have one, they don’t hire you, and if you don’t have one then they know you will work cheap.

  • Why wait for November? Why wait until Obama tries to force another socialist program down our throats? Now is not the time to shrivel away. Now is the time to stand up and fight back harder then ever before. Now is the time to take the fight to them. Will you join us on a campaign to DESTROY THE MOUTHPIECE OF OBAMA’S SOCIALIST AGENDA, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA? WE ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY, A FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE. Join the fight here,

  • Amnesty is going to multiply the disaster that is universal health care, but amnesty is not the problem. The welfare is the problem. If it weren’t for that, the only people immigrating would be Americans-at-heart–the people who just want to live freely–just like the people immigrating in the beginning.
    No one has any moral justification for closing the border to anyone. You own your own land, not the whole country. If your neighbor wants to hire someone, you shouldn’t have any say in the matter. And if we couldn’t win the health care debate on moral grounds we’re sure as hell not going to win this one that way. Although if morality was on their side, the Republicans would waste it anyway never having never stood on a principle anyway.

    • LukeM[W]elfare is the problem. If it weren’t for that, the only people immigrating would be Americans-at-heart–the people who just want to live freely–just like the people immigrating in the beginning.

      I agree.  I also think that ending welfare for immigrants, ESPECIALLY illegal immigrants, would do much to reduce anti-immigrant sentiment and make it easier to get truly bipartisan reform.  I don’t think that most Americans have a problem with people coming here; the more the merrier.  What people (including me) DO have a problem with it people coming here just to be freeloaders and people coming here and not obeying our laws.  I’m also sufficient old-fashioned that I think that immigrants should be required to learn English.

      LukeMNo one has any moral justification for closing the border to anyone. You own your own land, not the whole country. If your neighbor wants to hire someone, you shouldn’t have any say in the matter.

      Interesting points.  I argue that I and everybody else DO have justifications for controlling the border, including closing it to some people:

      1.  National security

      2.  National health

      3.  Rule of law

      4.  National identity

      I’m not so worried about #4, but the first three reasons seem very good arguments for controlling the borders.

      As for people not having a say in who their neighbor hires, I don’t disagree in principle, but I’m curious whether or not you’d extend this idea to child labor laws, allowing people with various diseases to work in certain areas (do you really want somebody with hepatitis-C to work in the McDonald’s where you get your morning coffee?).

      • “I’m not so worried about #4”

        I am. When government forms, including voting forms, are in multiple languages there is a problem. The Dem. mantra about diversity and multiculturism being a strength is just wrong. It is, to use a fovourite word of the left, divisive.

      • I think you inhibit all the values on your list by forcing people underground where they can’t call the police or own property.
        To answer your question: no, I would not want a person with an infectious disease serving my food. However, it’s between McDonald’s and their customers whether that’s going to be acceptable.  It ought to be McDonald’s reputation and business on the line when they make decisions that affect the health of their customers.

        • “I would not want a person with an infectious disease serving my food. However, it’s between McDonald’s and their customers whether that’s going to be acceptable.”

          I think you need to learn a little bit about that new-fangled germ theory of disease and how diseases spread. I know there isn’t much information available out there because it is so new, and schools don’t teach it in junior high school, but do try. For starters, you could Google ‘tuberculosis’, or ‘hepatitis’.

  • One of the reasons to tackle “Immigration Reform” (aka Amnesty) is that its the one issue that could breaks the momentum against Healthcare Reform.
    Especially when Many of the Republicans and their love of putting downward pressure on wages are all for it.  So it also breaks the unity against HCR.  And this will be the image that voters will having going into November.
    The timing is tactical.  Even if it doesn’t pass, the distraction will be worthwhile alone.

  • You know what they say in Washington…if you can’t convince “We the People”   redefine “We the People”

  • One thing I’m now convinced of, this is never going to be settled peaceably. The escalation has been steady and unrelenting. I’m of the opinion there is a coup happening right now, in real time, and as has happened throughout history people are standing around scratching their asses discussing what ifs. Obama has stated his intentions clearly, from his private army, all the way down to what temperature you will be allowed to keep your house at. It’s time to be prepared for the worst. I would like recommendations on the best and most available ammo for a wartime situation, opinions?  


  • No – Obama is going to try another fast one with Cap & Trade.  His failure at Copenhagen has left a bad taste in his mouth, especially after many European MSM outlets called him next to worthless.  He failed to get anything done and even the Chinese delegation gave him the finger and would not meet with him until late on the last day only to tell him to pound sand.

    So with C&T having passed in the house, all he has to do is get some kind of version through the Senate.  Once he has that he can, if necessary, turn to ‘Deem & Pass’ one more time to get it signed into law.