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Anger, fear, whining and inflaming

Apparently “death threats” have picked up since Democrats in the House passed the Senate health care reform bill (however, the death threats against Jim Bunning for trying to make sure the Democrats used PAYGO for the jobs bill seemingly weren’t worthy of news coverage).  I don’t condone them, but I can certainly understand the anger that might drive an increase in such threats.  The left has been trying to wave off the anger their meddling in health care has brought on by describing those who’ve protested their health care takeover as everything from thugs to racists to brownshirts.  The opposition has been insulted and ignored at every turn.  And now those that have done that are apparently surprised at the level of vitriol they’re receiving?

Here’s a clue as to why they continue to receive it:

Where was this goof when the left was engaged in protests every bit as pointed against George Bush? Why wasn’t he pontificating then? Why wasn’t he applying this standard to those protesters? Was he “aiding and abetting” them? You bet he was. When he says he’s seen this before it’s much more recently than he’d like you to believe – and, according to his own standard, he’s as much a “terrorist” as are the health care protesters.

This is the left in full flower. Anyone who believes that the Clyburns of the world have any respect at all for the common man’s preferences or a difference of opinion just haven’t been watching them at work for as long as I have. Demonize and divide is their mantra and they’re quite good at deploying it.

Dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism, folks – it’s “terrorism”. Please excuse the use of insulting language, but idiots like James Clyburn are the reason the anger in this country remains high and is still building. Loud mouth hacks like this jerk trade in fear and lies and then have the temerity to suggest that it is “terrorism” to react to their abuses by protesting. In fact, there’s nothing more American than to protest.

If ignorance and arrogance were nickles and dimes, Clyburn and those like him would be rich. As it is, the country is terribly ill served by them. We all know there are those who go too far on both sides. Adults take that into consideration when they consider a protest movement. They usually focus on the reason for the protests – that is if they’re actually interested in why the protests exist – and try to assess the credibility of their arguments. They attempt to cool the rhetoric and the situation. Political hacks use such incidents to try to falsely tar the entire movement so they can ignore and dismiss it. That’s what the Democratic leadership has tried to do from the first townhall meeting that dissenters attended. Discredit, demonize, insult and ignore. Political hacks also inflame such situations.

If there’s anything that is clear in the video above, Clyburn is using purposefully inflammatory language to characterize all protesters. He should be ashamed of calling other Americans terrorists for protesting his abuse of power. He’d probably tell you he was angry. Well what in the hell does he suppose those he’s now demonized were if they were motivated enough to show up and protest as he and 218 others voted to strip them of even more of their freedom?

Politics ain’t bean bag, Mr. Clyburn and dissent is as American as apple pie. As someone who benefited from mass protests of Americans in the ’60s, you’d think he’d know it better than anyone, wouldn’t you? And who was it then, Mr. Clyburn, that used inflammatory language to describe the protesters?



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  • Fanning the flames like that could have a very big political price.  If the Tea Parties are just an astroturf construct created and managed by FOX News and a handful of Republican operatives, then trashing and defaming them may not have much impact on elections in November.  But if they really are being driven by anger and discontent among the population as a whole, then adding insult to injury in this manner could make things even worse for Democrats in the midterms.  Someone should explain to yahoos like Clyburn that they’re not doing their party any favors when they fling that net so wide.

  • My, you’re on a tear today!

    I don’t blame you, of course.  The left was so self-righteous about the right to protest (with which I agree) during the Bush years, when they accused him of a slew of crimes ranging from trying to get Valerie Plame killed to faking up the Iraq war to the granddaddy of them all, staging 9-11.  They made a movie about his assassination, fer cryin’ out loud.  Vile racist terms and images were used against his advisors.  Algore shrieked that “he betrayed this country”, and the Hilldabeast screamed that Americans have the right to disagree with ANY administration.

    Where’s all that now?

    Oh, sorry… The GOOD people are in charge again.  No need to protest when good, decent, caring, compassionate people are in charge and doing everything for your own good.

    They had just finished singing [‘Beasts of England’] for the third time when Squealer, attended by two dogs, approached them with the air of having something important to say. He announced that, by a special decree of Comrade Napoleon, ‘Beasts of England’ had been abolished. From now onwards it was forbidden to sing it.

    The animals were taken aback.  “Why?” cried Muriel.

    “It’s no longer needed, comrade,” said Squealer stiffly. “‘Beasts of England’ was the song of the Rebellion. But the Rebellion is now completed. The execution of the traitors this afternoon was the final act.   The enemy both external and internal has been defeated. In ‘Beasts of England’ we expressed our longing for a better society in days to come.   But that society has now been established. Clearly this song has no longer any purpose.”

    George Orwell
    Animal Farm

    Kind of like the Constitution.

  • Don’t be stupid McQ.  You and I both know that politically-based violence is reprehensible- unless it’s the SEIU union goons doing it.  Just ask Kenneth Gladney about that.

    For all the disinformation and hysteria about the tea partiers being angry racist thugs, they’ve managed to hold some pretty big rallies without it degenerating to a riot. Can the left say the same about any of their protests?

    Here’s my bottom line- if there really is any violence against the Dems, I don’t care.  I’m not saying I condone it. Far from it. But the fact is that I can’t be bothered to care a whit about them at this point, if something happens to them it’s not on my radar.

    But they don’t have to worry…..they’re lying about this too.

  • Crazy right wingers!  Don’t they know that only Muslim’s are allowed to issue Fatwa and threaten you this way?!  Why, if this keeps up some of these people may go ont to become College Professors in Chicago and associate with Future Presidents of the United States!
    But as you can see by the following quote, there’s hope for even these threatening Right Wing Radicals if they’ll just avoid getting convicted “Whatever his past, Ayers is now a respected member of the Chicago intelligentsia, and still a member of the Woods Fund Board. The president of the Woods Fund, Deborah Harrington, said he had been selected for the board because of his solid academic credentials and “passion for social justice.”
    Reminds me of that famous left wing loved child sodomizing film producer who’s also become respectable again…
    They maybe  shouldn’t be surprised,  they were claiming the that the right wing radicals were dangerous.  Proving they didn’t really believe it themselves if this is their reaction to something they claimed was a fact all along.
    Still, not a happy turn of events, and something I’d prefer was avoided.  No good can come of acting like Obama family friend Bill Ayers and his pals in the Weather Underground Organization.

  • Wow, you don’t see the difference between death threats, threats of violence, and protest?   Stupak is really smart though, he’s giving recordings  of the threats to CNN, and it makes that wing of the GOP look absolutely nuts.   This is what will cause the Republicans to fail — extremism that turns Americans off.   Democrats would be stupid not to capitalize on it.

    • Ah, “wing of the GOP” – but of course, like the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building, and like the guy who attacked the Pentagon – of course you have proof that these people making the threats are members of the GOP.
      “Wow, you don’t see the difference between death threats, threats of violence, and protest?  ”
      Yes, we do, up until now though, YOU did not -To steal a phrase out of your book Scott –  everyone does it.  Right?
      Personally, I think Stupak’s recording of the threats to CNN are making the Poly Sci professors who are behind these threats look absolutely nuts.

      • Stupaks “threats” probably come from Mobys.  Go ahead Erb, prove it’s a real “tea partier” doing it? I say it’s members of the SEIU doing it under a false flag.

    • You mean the same way the extremism of the left made the Democrats fail?  Hell there were attacks on republicans, there were tires slashed and campaign headquarters shot at. Not to mention all the hateful rhetoric. There was even a play about assasinating Bush.
      It amazes me how one sided your memory is.

    • Here ya go – happiness in Everybody Does it land.  GOP  Congress critter shot at.  Must be the GOP SCOTT!

    • I guess we should all fess up.  Anyone who has objected to this travesty of a bill made a death threat.  All the tea party members, all the blog commenters, all the republicans, and anyone who object all flooded the phone lines with death threats.


    • I feel ill stating this, but I have to partially agree with Erb.  While populism is a dangerous beast to ride, I think The Clown is going to try to push his agenda partially BECAUSE it is driving the republicans and small government folks crazy.   If he can stoke that fervor long enough, he might be able to cast his reelection bid as the choice between calm rational guy (him) and the Lunatic Right.   I could be wrong (see that Erb, that is a trait that takes introspection and humility. You might look in to it.), but when I heard Obama  is going to beat the drum on immigration next, I had to wonder if he isn’t purposefully trying to drive people in violent rages.

      • ” he might be able to cast his reelection bid as the choice between calm rational guy (him) and the Lunatic Right”

        Dem.’s have been running against the Lunatic Right for a number of years now. Goldwater (1964) for example, was a crazed right-wing war monger who would start a nuclear war.

    • Hey, idiot…were you paying attention the past ten years? Get the thing out of your mouth so you can count higher than ONE.

    • What was the political party of the guy who put bullets into Cantor office.
      And what kind of mutant can throw a rock 30 stories straight up into the office of a democrat.  Oh right, they reported something that wasn’t true.
      Here is your chance Erby, Breitbart is paying 10 grand for just one racial comment.
      I bullshit on the dems and you

  • These idiots in congress (and you too Scott Erb) don’t get it.  This isn’t about politics.  There  are rights that free people had that were signed away with a pen on Tuesday.  The Dems expect people to say “Oh, shoot, well they beat us I guess thats it.” And be done with it. These idiots just think this is another law.
    This is for lots of people something worth fighting a Civil War over.
    I don’t know how to make it anymore plan.   They, the dems (and republicans who talk about big gains for R’s in the next election) just don’t understand.  This isn’t about politics.  This is about peoples lives, and who gets to make decisions about those lives.
    The Window War that is now transpiring is a non-violent warning, believe me there are many in my camp who would rather being taking headshots instead of breaking windows.  The window war is quite literally the last gasp at anything civil.

    • Steady on – this was done with a pen, it can be fixed with a pen.  It took them over a year to pull this shit off, you can’t expect it will be undone in a day.

    • I agree with looker.

      There are three things that keep our liberties safe: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

      Let’s see what can be done with the first two before we move on to the ultima ratio.

  • I wonder how much of this is like the church burnings in the 1980’s and the swastikas on college campuses in the 1990’s which were all done by left wingers trying to make it look like the big bad conservatives.

    • No, Scott, first to arrive on this beach, has proclaimed it’s member of the GOP.  It seems they are leaving their names, phone numbers, and Republican voting records when they make the threats.

    • Whenever I’ve hear the charge of  “death threats” or vandalism from the Left,  I have the same reaction:  “That’s outrageous, that is reprehensible…..if its true.”  You have to always wonder about these folks.

  • There’s always a background noise of threats in politics. Ask Michelle Malkin, who as an Asian woman seems to inspire special hatreds. Or look at the mob that stopped Ann Coulter from speaking in Ottowa.

    Frankly, I’m impressed that there hasn’t been more actual violence. Other than rioting Leftist anarchists smashing windows at global economic summits and throwing rocks at cops. “But that’s not serious!”

    I urge the use of defensive measures only. At least until after the tribunals and the construction of the scaffolds.

  • Bruce,
    Two points:
    Given how prissy the Libs are do you think they recognize the difference between someone venting their frustration with a threat to ‘kick someone’s ass’ vs. a headshot in public. I kinda doubt it which makes tweaking them so much fun!
    Second thing (and I am looking directly at you Erb), what transpired in the darkness last Sunday was NOT how this country was designed to be governed. It was a tyrannical power grab that has been coveted by the Left for decades and was sounded defeated–each time it was attempted–using long agreed Congressional rules of order. What was used to justify the law was nothing short of breathtaking pretzel logic so morally corrupt it is beyond comprehension.
    The Rev. Don Sensing said it quite elegantly on his website:
    “The Constitution does begin by saying that the it’s purpose is (among others) to “promote the general welfare.” The signs have been evident for literally decades, but now it is blindingly clear that Democrat party believes that the preamble – which delegates no powers, that comes later in the document – gives them unlimited authority “to control the people,” in the words this week of Rep. John Dingell.

    The entire Founders’ insight that government has no rights, only powers delegated to it by the people, has now been tossed on the ash heap of history. With Sunday night’s vote and the self-triumphant signing of bill by President Obama, “we the people of the United States” has been struck through. The operating slogan now is, “You the subjects of the Sovereign Congress.

  • The power of the MSM – it still exists…I am banking on the country running out of money before people really wake up. Its the one thing that cannot be spun.

  • Hey, Leftists, talk is cheap.  Where are the actual bodies?  Americans don’t believe that these treats against democrats are real.  You’ll need to actually have your SEIU and ACORN thugs kill at least 40 dems in the house and 10 in the senate before you will be taken seriously.

  • I wonder how many of these threats are ‘false flags’.