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BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) tonight – UPDATED

Call in number: (718) 664-9614

Yes, friends, it is a call-in show, so do call in.


The new health care law: Unintended consequences already popping up? And, as Chuck Schumer predicts, will this be a winner in November for the Democrats?

US credit: Moody’s is warning of a downgrade in our country’s credit rating if we don’t commit to some pretty drastic changes. Treasury bonds didn’t sell well this week. Meanwhile we’ve enacted a massive new entitlement and Social Security is now officially in the red. What does it all mean?

Fear and anger: Is it real? Is it as real as the Democrats would have you believe?

UPDATE [Dale]: The podcast is available at BlogTalkRadio

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4 Responses to BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST) tonight – UPDATED

  • Not sure if I’ll be around at 8pm tonight. Question/comment: what if the Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party would get ideas going beyond just repealing Obamacare and putting forward a better plan? Not sure if anything has been said about this, at least I didn’t see it, but even more, such a proposal should be shared with those Democrats that voted against it, in an effort to create bipartisan support for a new option.
    I also think Republicans should have seen this coming, especially with the super-majority of the Democrats, I mean, just betting in their incompetence to come up with a plan was too risky, and indeed they managed to do something…and by now we all know how useless and dangerous this can be.

  • The economy is getting worse. Yes, you heard me say that: the economy is getting worse. Layoffs continue, unabated. Spending is down (go into a Costco and see how many fewer people are spending like they did even a year ago), and hiring has not picked up. In fact, there seems to be a hesitancy to do anything by anyone that could imperil their own future. In the meantime, housing is deader than a door nail; a friend, a real estate man, told me that the American West is a basket case (especially Nevada and Arizona), and another friend in Florida tells me that things there are really, truly bad, with unemployment hitting 12.2% this past week.

    Yet if you listen to the delusional left and the Demmies, they seem to believe that somehow, someway, everything will brighten. This is why I believe that liberalism is a mental disease, because only someone who was mentally ill could look at the way things are out there and say that they are anything but horrible.