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Once upon a time when dissent was the highest form of patriotism

A trip down memory lane for those who seem to forget when what is being condemned today as the actions of thugs and terrorists – in a different time and with a different cast – was once hailed as the highest form of patriotism. What it really points to is the fact that both sides have their share of whack jobs and their existence doesn’t mean the majority of those unhappy with a situation share their beliefs or politics:



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11 Responses to Once upon a time when dissent was the highest form of patriotism

  • Let’s also not forget the violence surrounding G8 summits. 

  • And means we can disagree, without being a core group who thinks the President is ‘illegal’ and or doesn’t like him because it appears he’s not a white guy.

  • Yeah, but Bush actually did suck as a President. 😉

  • You can say Carter is Satan for all I care, same with Bush, Obama, and anyone else you want.

    It reflects on everyone you are ideologically aligned with, but as Q shows, that’s deflectable.

    The individual morons that actually say these things, or carry these signs (on either side), are idiots and should be ostracized by their peers.

    I was at the Democratic National Convention and a bunch of 9/11 Truthers showed up. They were bashing Bush, which in general is what happens at the DNC, but the great thing was that when I started arguing with these loons, the crowd got behind me and shouted them down. Fortunately I was able to disappear into the crowd when the cops came and arrested them and a few people who didn’t think to walk away when the boys in blue showed up.

    Defend yourself against being included among these cretins, but please don’t defend them, they are not worth it.

    Bush wasn’t Hitler, neither is Obama.

  • Its true, there are whack-jobs on both sides but the ones that seem to be inciting violence this time around are the right wing media outlets.