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Precarious Guam

This is a congressman grilling the CNO about future plans for stationing military personnel on the Island of Guam.  The Congressman is deeply concerned with consequences of putting too many people on the island, because…well…you have to see for yourself.  The money quote starts at 1:16 into the clip.

And there you go.  These are our “leaders”.  No doubt this is the same intellectual heft and clarity of thought they brought to health care reform.  And will bring to Cap & Trade, Immigration Reform, etc.

Think about that for a while.

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19 Responses to Precarious Guam

  • Wow… I had to verify this video. Go to the Armed Services Committee and select the web-cast for Thursday, March 25, 2010 – 10:00am – 2118 Rayburn – Open. At 1 hour 31 minutes Rep Johnson starts the questioning. At 1 hour 36 minutes he ask if the island will tip over.
    Rep. Hank (D-who wants him) Johnson, super genius.

  • He needs to share whatever drug he was taking with everyone else in the room. It seems like he wanted to fill up some amount of time and decided to riff…who the hell cares how big Guam is? Does he think the Marines will arrive and find out its not big enough. Then the island tipping question….dude, put down the bong.

  • I knew democrats were stupid, but this takes the cake!

    Who’ll give me odds:

    1.  He gets relected in the midterms

    2.  He runs unopposed

    3.  He cries “raaaaacism!” if anybody criticizes him for these (ahem) remarks

  • I don’t know.  He probably could get a teaching position at the University of Maine

  • The CNO did a great job just by not laughing in this guys face.  Right up there with Rep. Jackson-Lee asking NASA to send the Mars rover over to take a picture of the Apollo 11 Flag. 

  • Wow.

    This truly is the land of opportunity, where even a certifiable moron can grow up and be a congressman.
    But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

    It must be true–God looks out for fools and the US.

  • He has a point.  We should immediately mobile a group to check the balance levels on our other islands!  Japan should also get concerned.  I know they are bigger, but they could probably capsize as well.  Damn, people are stupid!

  • Hank Johnson replaced Cynthia McKinney. That should tell you all you need to know.

    Island capsizing – good lord.

    • This is why it’s so important to carefully manage the climate.  If it gets too cold, atmospheric pressure may increase enough to crush us all.  If it gets too warm, atmospheric pressure may decrease so much that we float right off of the planet.  What a responsibility we bear!

    • What’s really scary to me is that he is probably more intelligent and more knowledgeable than his average constituent.  At least he knew enough to talk t othe Navy about floating islands, like Guam, instead of grilling the Air Force or Army.

  • {chuckle} I don’t understand why you dense righties are making such a big deal of this. {eyes rolling} My analysis shows that Guam is like really really small, based on the fact that its just a dot on the map. So it’s what, about the size of a football field? Therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that this Congressman, who had the wisdom and foresight to vote for Obama’s magnificent healthcare bill, might wonder about it tipping over.

    Especially with climate change and all that. Which is settled science, and you Nazi-like deniers are just awful. You’re so nasty that make fun of compassionate, wise men like Hank Johnson. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But then Nazis never are.

    Why not make amends by taking my online course? You can get more info at my blog, which I’m not either pimping for.

  • I was worried there for a second until the Admiral said they don’t anticipate the island will capsize.  I mean, he’s a Navy guy, who better to know about things capsizing.  Wow….major sigh of relief when he said they don’t anticipate it happening.
    Wasn’t that the reason it took more than 6 days for us to invade Europe in the 1940’s?  Wasn’t it because the load balancing facilities in England weren’t very modern and we had to be sure when we moved all those troops and cannons and tanks and planes and such over there that we weren’t creating a catastrophic failure situation that would destroy the last free foot hold in Europe just because of a capsizing issue?  Think how stupid we would have looked if we’d gotten all that stuff and men over there and all of a sudden  a couple days before the invasion is to go off some idiot drove his jeep to the southwest corner of that Whales place and caused the whole thing to roll!

  • The CNO should have politely refused to participate in a conversation involving logic with the mentally ill. The congressman should have been immediately released of any and all duties and arrested on site for public intoxication.

  • Why is the main emphasis is the fact that he is a Democrat? I wonder, it is no Republicans ever said or did something  stupid.

  • Sorry about the errors in the previous response. I did not proof  read.

    I am an Independent, however, why is it that the main emphasis seems to be on the fact that representative is a Democrat? I wonder, has any Republican ever said or did something stupid? 

  • Oh yea, I’m sure a Republican has said something stupid.  But today this is Hank Johnson’s day to shine.  Tell me which Republican or “Independent” and show me your video and I’ll put him on the list to get rid of too.
    To further the problem are the other congressmen that were sitting there (especially the Chairperson) that just sat there and accepted this as a NORMAL interview.