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Honduras: An update

Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten any better. The Obama administration continues to let relations worsen in order to demand reinstatement for a man the country clearly doesn’t want and it is become quite vindictive in its action.  Mary Anastasia O’Grady, who has been following the situation from the first provides the update:

Four months after a presidential election, reports from Honduras suggest the Obama administration remains obsessed with repairing its foreign-policy image by regaining the upper hand. The display of raw colonialist hubris is so pronounced that locals now refer to U.S. ambassador Hugo Llorens as “the proconsul.”

Washington’s bullying is two-pronged. First is a maniacal determination to punish those involved in removing Mr. Zelaya. Second is an attempt to force Honduras to allow Mr. Zelaya, who now lives in the Dominican Republic, to return without facing any repercussions for the illegal actions that provoked his removal. Both goals are damaging the bilateral relationship, polarizing the nation and raising the risk of a resurgence of political violence.

The U.S., as represented by Mr. Llorens, has been at the center of the Zelaya crisis all along. People familiar with events leading up to Mr. Zelaya’s arrest on June 28 say that had the U.S. ambassador not worked behind the scenes to block a congressional vote to remove the president a few days earlier, the dramatic deportation would never have happened.
The State Department denies this allegation. But numerous sources maintain that Mr. Llorens’ interference allowed Mr. Zelaya to push ahead with an unconstitutional referendum. Fearing he would use violence—as he had before—to trample the rule of law, the Supreme Court took action. Mr. Zelaya was arrested, shipped off to San José, and removed from power by a vote of Congress the same day.

Honduras had defied Uncle Sam and the U.S., led by Mr. Llorens, decided that it had to be taught a lesson. It took out the brass knuckles and tried hard to unseat interim president Roberto Micheletti in the interest of restoring Mr. Zelaya to the office.

Honduras wouldn’t budge. That’s when Mr. Restrepo traveled to the capital with a U.S. delegation. The agreement reached included U.S. recognition of the November election. For a time it seemed things might return to normal.

But the Americans had scores to settle. The U.S had already yanked dozens of visas from officials and the business community as punishment for noncompliance with its pro-Zelaya policy. Then, just days before President Porfirio Lobo’s inauguration in January, Hondurans estimate it pulled at least 50 more from Micheletti supporters. The visas have not been returned, and locals say Mr. Llorens continues to foster a climate of intimidation with his visa-pulling power.

He hasn’t stopped there. In early March he organized a meeting of Liberal Party Zelaya supporters and the party’s former presidential candidate, Elvin Santos, at the U.S. Embassy. Some 48 hours later the party’s zelayistas and its Santos faction voted to remove Mr. Micheletti as party head. Rigoberto Espinal Irías, a legal adviser to the independent public prosecutor’s office, complained that the “meeting generated much bad feeling in Honduran civil society” because it was “perceived to have the purpose of intervening in Honduran national politics.”

Now more trouble is brewing: Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, according to press reports, has said that Mr. Lobo made a promise, in front of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mr. Funes, that Mr. Zelaya could return “without fear of political persecution.” Mr. Lobo subsequently announced that Mr. Zelaya is free to enter the country. In exchange, it is expected that foreign aid flows to Honduras will resume. But the minister of security maintains that if Mr. Zelaya returns he will be arrested.

What ever happened to self-determination? What ever happened to “the will of the people”. No one argues that the recent elections were fraudulent or don’t reflect that will. And, as any number have pointed out, Zelaya violated the Honduran constitution with his actions and other than the exile, Zelaya’s removal was perfectly legal under their law. Now we have an activist US ambassador trying to influence internal Honduran politics and going so far as to host opposition party meetings? One wonders if Mr. Obama’s State Department would try that in Venezuela and, if so, how Hugo Chavez would characterize it.

Honduras is an ally. It is a democracy. It actually had a good relationship, until recently. And it was a bulwark against the Bolivarian socialism that Hugo Chavez is trying to spread. Instead of undermining its present government, we should be working hand in hand to strengthen it. Instead, it seems, our new foreign policy is to try and antagonize and alienate as many allies as we can.



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  • It’s really unfortunate that you dense righties can’t recognize a coup d’etat when you see one. See, I have an advanced degree in foreign relations, so I know all about such things, and my godlike powers of post-modern political science allow me to specify definitions for anything in the political sphere which you untrained grunt engineer types have to accept.

    So, when a leftist is removed from office for any reason, it’s a coup. You can bleat about a country’s supreme court and congress and their constitution and all that, but none of that matters. Removing a leftist is a coup, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Suck on it.

    To cement that understanding in minds of the proles common citizens, we have various people in the media and government who have writen long reports assuring us that it’s a coup. How can you argue against wise leftists and their 100,000 word reports? Or totally reliable pages on wikipedia, written by random leftists? They are completely definitive and dispositive and canonical and other words that you probably don’t understand. And it not either true that I’m pretty fuzzy about some of them, so stop saying that. You’re just out of your league here, and you ought to admit it. It was a coup, and justice will never be done until the leftist is restored to power.

    So just stop going on about all the fair and just actions taken by our leader with the Christlike visage, Obama (PBUH). Listen instead to analysis from people like me. Analysis, analysis, analysis, that’s what we give you. Not just opinion, oh no. There’s a critical difference. What we do is informed by advanced degrees and years of amiable discussion in the faculty lounge, and that transforms our thoughts from opinion to analysis. I decree it. If you disagree, you doth protest too much.

  • Self determination and the will of the people are for free countries. We’re only mostly free, and heading downhill fast (under both parties, though admittedly faster under one than the other), so why would our government care about what free people do?

    • {eyes rolling} More over-the-top rhetoric from you dense righties. LOL. How can you possibly say we are “only mostly free, and heading downhill fast”? All that’s happening is that wise leftists continue to take control over aspects of people’s lives that they certainly can’t do themselves. Like healthcare. And education. And energy. And we’ll get around to housing and food as soon as we take care of the others.

      Why, left to yourselves, you would probably just go on breathing out that horrible pollutant, carbunn dyoxeyd, as it’s called scientifically. Instead of being forced to stop that sort of stuff when the Democrats pass their cap-and-trade bill, which is absolutely necessary because climate change is settled science and this bill will fix it. And if you disagree, you are a Nazi-like, thuggish climate denier who wants to hurt my kids.

      And no, I don’t have to furnish any links supporting my analysis (analysis, analysis, analysis) that climate change is real and horrible. All the best people in faculty lounges say so, and I don’t understand why you grunt engineer types keep on with your charts and graphs. I don’t have to explain how the cap-and-trade law will have any effect on climate either. It just will. I’ve worked in DC, and I understand how laws magically change reality.

      Of course, we might have to lean on the grunt engineer types a little to make the details come out right. But that just makes them more free, as anyone with a post-modernist training in multiple truths and variable definitions will tell you.

      • {bending over}  Yo meathead Ott…see this right here…why don’t you pucker up and plant a big one right in the crack!  {smiling}  {along with a one finger salute just for you} !!! 
        One serious question…are you for real or did the abortion clinic doctor your mother retained screw things up up and stuck the wrong end, thus allowing your sorry a** to be hatched and forever curse this world with your continued dull presense? 

  • Obama plans on adding a few million people so that the island will tip over and capsize.  Then we wont have to worry about it anymore.

  • One can only hope that Honduras can hang on until the USA elects a President that won’t treat it so shabbily.  This is a disgrace, IMO.

  • God this petty thug in the White House is beginning to make me ill.  I’m done thinking it’s his inexperience, it’s deliberate, no one could consistently be this stupid.  God help us, we’ve elected a 14 year old.

    • I used to say here, “wait until the presidential steroids kick in.” Well that’s done.

      If you watch him lately, you can see the full power that ultimate human power has on the fully powered narcissist. He lies about everything because the truth is so time consuming and tedious. And what is truth, anyway? Isn’t it really anything you want it to be? Feel the comfort of Obama’s parallel universe.

      He makes Bill Clinton on presidential steroids seem almost normal, but never forget that Bill Clinton was the predicate for Obama.

      • Martin,

        Carter is much more like Obama. Clinton had his faults, but at least on core economic issues he tacked to the center; I don’t see Obama doing this.

        One thing all three Democrat presidents: Carter, Clinton, Obama have in common is a lack of maturity. They all act like spoiled children.

        • Clinton tacked, as you say, once he was clobbered in ’94. But he also tried to take over the medical industry (it’s the Left’s holy grail), with Hillary’s Stalinist bureaucratic infrastructure, which led to the clobbering.

          With Obama, his lesson was to cheat more and ignore popular opposition.

          Clinton’s main concern was Clinton. Hillary was his ideology officer and she got shoved aside after the ’94 smackdown. Obama is his own ideology officer, and he is a revolutionary narcissist. Clinton was just your plain corner store malignant narcissist who only had a Left reset point, but didn’t have Obama’s true commitment.

          When I say that Clinton was predicate to Obama, I’m talking about the degenerate disrespect for the presidency and the country.

          Carter? His context was that ’70s catastrophe that followed Watergate and Vietnam, when the Left took over the Democratic Party. He was more a sui generis sort of personality, a revolting fellow, to be sure, but more of an unconscious musty technocrat.

          • The Clinton’s had 16 years of the Presidency to think about when pondering how badly they might piss of the general public.  Even Bill couldn’t afford to screw it up in the first 3 years because that would jeopardize not only his 2nd term, but Hillary’s eventual 1st and 2nd.
            Obama, 8 at best no matter what, and I don’t think he cares because he’s convinced he craps ice cream.  He doesn’t question his entitlement to his 8 years in office, even if he occasionally pretends he might be a 1 term wonder.

          • The one thing that distinguished Bill Clinton, and Hillary too, as a secondary sociopath on the scene, was how utterly reckless he was personally. Lewinski was just a minor surfacing of one area of his recklessness.

            But as I noted when Eliot Spitzer went down, some people think they are above the law and some people, like Bill Clinton, can prove it.

            Obama, by contrast, is so far reckless only with the country and our lives.

  • The Honduras model is independent verification of everything else.

    The Obama people will lay off and shut it down if too much attention is paid to it. But this is them, across the board.

    And watch for the sublime rationalizations that are due — let me check my watch — any minute now.

    • Not going to happen on this one Martin, the odds are this post will receive a pass from our resident expert on nearly all things.
      This is indefensible, all in all.  Whether Zelaya was or was not removed improperly (uh, NOT), his term was up, no if’s ands or buts in November.  This isn’t some grade school where Zelayaito gets to come back and play President to make up for the time he was ‘gone by extending his term.  One way or another, constitutionally, his term of office ended in November, and he was ineligible to serve any further.  Proposing he come back to power to serve, for how long exactly, to make up for his missing school last year is merely further American Presidential temper tantrum in action.
      Little Honduras stuck to their gun, fired grape and bloodied the deck on the Presidential ship of state and by thunder they shall be made to pay for thwarting the wants of ‘the one’.
      The only way we could possibly meddle at a more fundamental level is to pull a Haiti on them and send the Marines in to ‘stabilize’ their government.