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What’s with all the demonization: The charges against the Tea Party in DC seem to be unsubstantiated and the Democrats now seem to have actually tried to provoke what they claimed happened. What do Democrats hope to earn with this continued attempt to smear the Tea Partiers and is it possible that continuing on this path of insulting their constituents might have very bad consequences for them electorally in November. Do they even care anymore?

Employment numbers and the economy: Some positive numbers in the employment numbers but are they really a positive sign that the bleak unemployment situation is turning around?

About those poll numbers: Polls continue to be taken and they show a steady erosion of support for the recently signed health care reform law. Polls also show a steady decline of support for Democrats from independents, eroding job approval numbers for the president and expanding numbers of people who think the country is on the wrong track. However, a recent poll shows that the people aren’t all that thrilled with the GOP either. Does this portend trouble for Republicans in November as well?

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