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Demonization FAIL

There is a growing sense that what happened in Washington DC on the day of the vote in the House on health care reform was an attempt to provoke an incident among Tea Partiers by members of the House Democratic caucus.  The Representatives in question usually take the underground tunnel between their office complex and the capital.  They certainly never march in lockstep through a hostile crowd to do so.   So why did they do it this time?

Well, you’ve all heard the claims and counter-claims.  Members of the caucus were called the “N” word and spat upon. The perpetrator of the spitting incident was arrested by Capital police.  Barney Frank was called “fag”.  Apparently out of all those claims, only the latter one was true and the person who shouted “fag” was rebuked by the Tea Party crowd.  However not a single instance of the “N” word is evident in all of the video – both private and network news – shot that day.  None.  And the spitting incident, which was caught on tape, appears to be a “say it don’t spray it” problem, and not someone intentionally spitting on someone else.  Most of the unsubstantiated and unproven allegations continue to be used as “the truth”, by some,  despite the lack of any evidence to support them.

So how did the rumors and allegations get spread so quickly?  Within 90 minutes, stories were up claiming the allegations were fact (how do you verify anything, edit it and post it on line if you’re a true news organization?).  The MSM ran with the story for the next few days and hasn’t yet backed off of it.  Yet to this day, not a single verifiable bit of proof – eye-witness, audio or video – has emerged that the “N” word was ever used by anyone during their little parade.  However Democrats and the MSM still cite it as proof of the racist roots of the Tea Party movement.  The latest attempt at this sort of demoniztion belongs to Steve Cohen (D-TN).  Listen to him talk about the Tea Partiers and tell me if this is appropriate for a US Representative to say about other Americans and probably some of his constituents.

The irony here is Cohen, who represents a mostly black district in Memphis, was once compared to a klansman by a Democratic opponent not too long ago. As you might imagine, he found such a comparison highly offensive and was outraged.

Then we’ve had some broken windows characterized as the equivalent of Nazi anti-Semitic pogrom “kristallnacht” in which it is estimated hundreds of Jews were killed. Meanwhile, a brick through a local GOP office with a note tied to it saying “stop the right-wing”? Not such a bid deal. And, speaking of trying too hard, today the NY Times implicitly compares the violent and murderous leftist Weather Underground with the Tea Party protesters by running comparative crowd shots of the WU during the “Days of Rage” protest and a Tea Party protest.

It is and has been an amazing performance. Since day one of the emergence of these Tea Parties, the Democrats have done everything within their power and with the help of much of the MSM to characterize concerned American citizens as anything but. They have invoked the lessons of identity politics with a vengeance and tried their damndest to brand this movement as a malevolent manifestation of racist right-wing America. They often talk about the right’s code words – what do you suppose “Nazi” or “brownshirt” or “kristallnact” really mean? Why note that a crowd is mostly “white” if not to imply “racist?”

Why do I use “FAIL” in the title? Because the people the Democrats are talking about are you and me. One of the reasons independents are deserting the Democrats in increasing numbers is they too identify with this movement calling for the scaling back of government and its cost. They also know they’re not any of these things Democrats accuse them of being. And, like you and me, they’re aghast that their attempts to bring their discontent to the attention of their political leaders – to petition their government – is characterized in such horrific ways and dismissed out of hand.

I often say the Tea Parties represent the tip of the iceberg. Think of talk radio where it is estimated that only 1% of any listening audience actually takes the time and makes the effort to call in. Think of those Tea Partiers as the 1%. While 99% may not call in to a talk show, the vast majority listening agree with what the host has to say. There are a great number of people in America who may not turn out for Tea Party protests for any number of mundane reasons, like the ability to afford to travel or because of their job and family, that agree with most, if not all of what the TP represents. Every time Democrats launch another hateful smear against the TPs, those that identify with the TP but don’t actually turn out for protests internalize the insult. They know what they are and aren’t, and don’t at all appreciate the false characterizations or those making them.

So each time the Steve Cohens of the world make statements like his above, or false (or at least unsubstantiated) smears are launched against these protesters, another bunch who identify with the goals of the TP movement turn away from the Dems.

And, as it is shaping up for November, the Democrats are making it easier and easier through this attempt to paint patriotic dissent as racism, for people to vote against them.



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14 Responses to Demonization FAIL

  • They’ll get a violent reaction from tea partiers, even if  (especially if) they have to create one themselves.

  • I have just about had it with the story about the unproven verbal attacks during the Democrats’ walk through the TEA Party throng two weeks ago.  My friend and I practice the non-violent physical and verbal tactics of MLK when I Stand for Freedom, me 4 nights a week and him 2 nights, and I have retained one X rated video I took that shows one verbal, public attack among many from, I suppose, Leftists/Progressives; somewhat similar to the one that Rep. Lewis CANNOT produce.  Our friends on the Left have a few times driven their cars at me and my friend and then turned away at the last second and I have received 2 veiled, threatening letters. 
    Unfortunately in MD I have no 2nd Amendment right that will allow me to protect my public 1st Amendment rights.  The before mentioned actions at intimidation are not considered criminal acts by the Sheriffs’s Dept nor the USPS and the Left probably knows that; in MD one criterion for a criminal threat is that the victim must show fear; continuing to Stand belays that.  Also since the local media will not cover our Standing, the actions against me and my friend receive no publicity like that given Rep. Lewis’ complaints. 
    I don’t dwell on it, but I suppose that if those that have targeted me in the past manage to kill me, accidentally or otherwise, that just might make the news.  At least then Jefferson’s statement, ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots . . . . “, will have some credence in modern America and show in which part of the ideological spectrum the violence lies.

    • I hate to say it, but if you’re 2 white guys, the press isn’t going to blink twice about it.
      Use their tactics against them.  Get some women and children standing beside you.  (Although how to do that without actually endangering their lives I’m not sure.)

  • Well of course lies and demonization are all they have.  How are they going to defend this horrible health rip off, the porkulus bill, screwing our relationships with our allies, and the other trash they have gotten involved with?

  • McQ [E]ach time the Steve Cohens of the world make statements like his above, or false (or at least unsubstantiated) smears are launched against these protesters, another bunch who identify with the goals of the TP movement turn away from the Dems.

    What the democrat trash is banking on is that this ploy will recruit converts to them faster than it will drive people to the Tea Parties.  They have ample reason from history to believe that this will happen.  I’m sure we can all think of examples of a ruling party demonizing some subset of the greater society, turning them into the hated / feared Other to not only fire up the base but also to attract converts: “Join us for protection against the (insert enemy here)!” Whether it will work now remains to be seen, but I suggest that most Americans continue to rely on MiniTru for their news, and hence have at best a hazy idea of what the Tea Parties are all about and more likely have some level of suspicion about them that the dems are working hard to fan into full-blown hatred.  In many ways, their job is easy.  For one thing, the politics of balkanization is well-established in our country.  For another, the dems don’t have to get people to actively HATE the Tea Parties; they merely have to get people to ignore them.  That’s not very hard.

  • If you go and read the comments at Newsweek or Time, you can see the message that the Democrats want spread, spreading.

    • Perhaps.  However, if my recollection is correct, the number of people who read Newsweek is small and dwindling, and I suspect that Time is in the same boat.  While MiniTru still has the biggest megaphone and hence tremendous power and influence, I don’t think their agitprop against the Tea Parties is working very well.  Cynic and pessimist that I am, I note with pleasant surprise a Rassmussen survey today that the Tea Party outpolls Imeme:

      On major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than President Barack Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% hold the opposite view and believe the president’s views are closer to their own.

    I am embarrassed that only now, with your post, did it occur to me that it was very unusual to see a group of Congresscritters passing through a crowd of demonstrators.  Duh!  Of course this was a set-up with all the usual parties notified that there was going to be a story and generally what it would be about.  Also of course, where are the reporters who know how unusual this walk was and who should therefore have been telling us about the strong possibility of a set-up way before now?  Perhaps they all fear losing access?
    Although I have been to only one Tea Party (one of the first ones in Oregon – I am proud of my sign: “16 Grandchildren Screwed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid!”) I remember being surprised by the ordinariness of those attending.  Most of them thought that I was a little radical, because of my sign.  Oh well.  Yelling or spitting at an official?  NFW  Things may be different now, with the additional outrages perpetrated by President Obama, et al, but this pumped up story smelled from the beginning.

    • What is so surprising is that they didn’t ensure that an incident happened.  How hard would it have been to plant a few union thugs (minus the purple shirts,) into the crowd with instructions to heckle and shout racial insults at the congressman as they arrived.
      Which tells me, they believe their own propaganda that’s been regurgitated back to them from main stream media.
      If the press had been honest, fair, and balanced, we’d have been seeing stories about how normal and average most tea party protesters were.  But they bought their own narrative, hook, line, and sinker.

  • Yeah, I defended Cohen on QandO back in 2007:

    Steve Cohen is pretty liberal, and thus not my cup of tea as a politician. But by all accounts I’ve heard of him over the years, he’s a good guy and and a sober, capable politician who tries hard to look after his constituents. He deserves better than to be accused, tried, and convicted of failure as a representative simply because of his race.

    I think I might have to take back the “sober, capable politician” part.

  • Contrast the number of people arrested at all the Tea Party rallies in the past 14 months, with, say, the World Trade protests in Seattle a couple years ago.