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Observations Podcast for 04 Apr 10

In this podcast, Bruce, Bryan and Dale discuss the state of the economy and the Obama Administration’s foreign policy. The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


The intro and outro music is Vena Cava by 50 Foot Wave, and is available for free download here.

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6 Responses to Observations Podcast for 04 Apr 10

  • I should clarify and expand upon my remarks: I do think some of the Tea Party crowd certainly is made up of people who haven’t been active in politics before.  Certainly it’s the first time many of these people have become active in politics.  But I think much of the crowd is indeed people who leaned Republican (not necessarily the base) before, and were disgruntled with the party.  Based on how the Tea Parties have become diluted by people with other issues on their minds, I’d guess it’s a very substantial portion of the Tea Parties.

    I could be wrong.  I spend a lot of time looking at activists and the news, not talking with people who were previously not active in politics and now sympathize with the Tea Parties.

  • Actually, this was surprising to me:

    The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democratic, according to three national polls by the Winston Group, a Republican-leaning firm that conducted the surveys on behalf of an education advocacy group. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal.

    Wasn’t expecting that many Democrats.  Independents I usually chalk up mainly to “lean” voters, but I do wonder how many of them leaned Republican versus how many did not.

  • Glad to see you back on iTunes.  You went missing for about a month there.  Will enjoy listening to it later as I drive to work some morning.