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Incompetence is color-blind

I am so sick of this.

Embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said he won’t resign despite calls for him to step down amid reports of the group’s excessive spending, adding that he and other African-American leaders such as President Obama have a slimmer margin of error because of their race.

You know, I thought (hoped?) Michael Steele was a promising pick for the GOP’s National Committee Chair. But since he’s been in charge, in a position in which his primary job is to quietly raise money for the party, he’s been anything but quiet or effective. He’s been outspoken and gaffe prone. And indications are (bondage club expenses? Clothing purchases by staffers written off as “meals” and ‘tips”?) his administration hasn’t been the greatest either.

In anyone else it’s a sign of incompetence. Michael Steele chooses to make it a matter of race.

“My view on politics is much more grassroots oriented, it’s not old boy network oriented, so I tend to, you know, come at it a little bit stronger, a little bit more street-wise, if you will. That’s rubbed some feathers the wrong way,” Steele told “GMA’s” George Stephanopoulos.

Yeah, see, that’s not the point, Mr. Steele – you’re a party fund raiser. Your job isn’t to sound off and rub feathers the wrong way. Who is the chair of the DNC and why don’t we hear him sounding off as you do?

And, btw, perhaps it isn’t just the fact that Steele is, at times, intemperate in his speech (he blurts before he thinks and then spends days backing off his blurts) but is ruining the reputation of the organization just at the time it needs strong leadership focused on fund raising for the upcoming midterm elections. Instead the GOP gets this:

Steele is under fire by his own party members for what some people consider lavish spending — $17,000 for private jet travel, $13,000 for limousines and car services and $9,000 for a trip to the Beverly Hills hotel. But the most controversial revelation was that RNC staffers spent nearly $2,000 at Voyeur West Hollywood, a sex-themed nightclub in Los Angeles. The employee who authorized the expense was fired, but then the RNC shot itself in the foot again later, sending a fundraising letter that mistakenly directed donors to call a phone-sex number.

Steele said the spending issue is being blown up “larger than it needs to be.”

“The reality of it is, when I first heard about this behavior going on, I was very angry, and we dealt with it. We got to the bottom of it,” Steele said. “We have been putting great controls in place for the last few months, as a matter of fact, on some of our financing.”

Leaders set the tone. If a leader is austere and requires the organization to be austere in its spending, then that’s normally what is done. If the example is otherwise, staffers usually reflect that as well. The fact that he claims he’s been surprised by this says he’s not monitored what is going on in his own organization.  Organizations do what leaders monitor. Most who’ve ever been in charge of any type of organization would deem the present situation to be an indication of incompetence.

And, as I said in the title, incompetence is color-blind. Steele was entrusted with a job and he’s failed to live up to the expectations of that job. That has nothing to do with skin color or “margins of error”.



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14 Responses to Incompetence is color-blind

  • Wonderful. He’s basically also calling his detractors racists.

    What a coward. Talks a good game but then pulls the race card.

  • Who is the chair of the DNC and why don’t we hear him sounding off as you do?

    The Democrats have the presidency.  As such, the DNC chair is not really significant.  Who was the DNC chair during the Clinton administration?  The only one I can think of was Ed Rendell and that’s just because I live near Philly and he used to be Mayor.   Compare that to Terry MacAuliffe and Howard Dean when Bush was in office.

  • He was a panic “we can do diversity too” pick from the Republicans.  It could have turned out worse.
    Regardless its a sign of a greater incompetence in the entire party leadership.

  • Some (most?) politicians do run for the easy cover when things get just a bit uncomfortable, don’t they?  Which just makes them seem even less capable for the job.

  • cause ya know, it would have been okay to use that money for jets, bondage and clothing if he’d a been a white guy….uh huh..yep yep yep, no one would have said anything….(s’cuse me there’s a call coming in…..Paging Governor Spitzer, Governor Eliot Spitzer, please pick up the white folks courtesy phone).

  • First Powell, then Watts, now Steele… just proves darkies are all “incompetent”.

  • So, we find that Steele, in addition to being a poor manager, gaffe-prone, a lousy leader who refuses to take any responsibility, and totally self-aggrandizing, is also a coward who hides behind the color of his skin when criticized?  Man, how did the people of Maryland miss putting this clown in the Senate where he so clearly belongs???

    / sarc

    He needs to go.  MiniTru will have a field day with it, of course, but He.  Needs.  To.  Go.  Now.

  • Steele’s job is only really important right now because there are no serious leaders of the Republican Party.

    But he should be eased out. On the surface he’s a nice enough guy, and I find myself wanting to like him, but bottom line is he’s a piker.

    And if he wants to take that race card and play it, now’s the time to give him the boot and let him have his 15 minutes. Frankly, I could care less about any of that, and refuse to be dictated to by everpresent political correctness. The GOP needs to get over that too. There are honest appeals to be made to black voters, and it’s certainly not the fault of the Republicans that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, which is the very first building block for a rotten life. That’s the result of all the “help” they’ve gotten from white liberals and their own black leaders for the last 45 years.

    Nor was it Republicans who destroyed the public schools or who refuse to let black parents voucher their kids out of them.

    If there is any group in the United States that should utterly detest Democrats, it is American blacks.