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Homes for our troops

I’m in DC finishing up the Milblog conference – which was very good by the way.  Blackfive won a Milbloggie and I got to meet a heck of a lot of good people.  One was John S. Gonsalves.  He’s president and founder of Homes for our troops (  He builds homes for our military members who’ve been severely disabled by war injuries.   They’re hi-tech (voice command activation, automatically opening doors, etc – when needed) that allow the injured solder to  have a much more normal life in a house built to specification that fit the requirements of his or her new needs.  He builds them all over the country and is always looking for volunteers in construction, plumbing, electricians, etc.  If you’re so inclined, get a hold of John and volunteer your services.  Hit his website and contact him or if you prefer, drop me a line and I’ll give you his contact info.  If you’re not much of a carpenter or electrician, but want to help, they are always in need of donations.   Last night, John’s organization was given a $3,500 at the Milblog Conference dinner.  Seriously, I’m very impressed with what they do and he and his organization fill a crying need.



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