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Planning to crash the party

I’ve been watching this for a while – groups that have plans to crash the Tea Parties planned for April 15.   Michelle Malkin gives a pretty good rundown of the one group in particular that has gotten my attention.  They call themselves the “Tea Party Crashers“.  You’ll love their action plan. Saying they plan on infiltrating the TP, they will then attempt to discredit, or as they say “dismantle and demolish” the TP by whatever “nonviolent means necessary”.  That leaves the field pretty wide open, but as you read on down, the plan is plainly stated.  First they define the TP as  a “loose affiliation of racists, homophobes and morons; who constitute a fake grass-roots movement”.  The left has attempted to lay those labels on the TP since its beginning and the Tea Party Crashers plan to try to make them finally stick:

Whenever possible we will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (mispelled protest signs, wild claims during TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them.  We will also use inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.

Tea Party Crashers claims it has already infiltrated TP meetings, thus the claim they’ll use “inside information” to accomplish their goals of disruption and derailing TP plans.

Malkin identifies the head of Tea Party Crashers as Jason Levin.  She also uses a personal example of how this sort of smear has been accomplished in the past:

I speak from direct experience about the underhandedness of Tea Party smear merchants. On Feb. 17, 2009, at one of the country’s first tax revolt rallies in Denver, a man approached me amid a throng of bona fide anti-stimulus protesters and thrust a camera in my face. I obliged cheerfully, as I usually do after such speaking events. I later learned from the character assassins at Progress Now, a left-wing outfit that just happened to be there and just happened to snap a close-up photo of the interaction, that the man pulled out a sign at the last minute (which I didn’t see until later) sporting Obama’s name with a swastika on it. He held the sign away from me, but in direct view of the Progress Now cameraperson.

That cameraperson just happened to be a former CNN producer, whose blog post on the photo just happened to be immediately disseminated by the local press and to the hit men at the radical-left Media Matters website. The narrative was set: A conservative supporter of the nascent Tea Party movement posed for a photo with a man holding up a swastika at a protest against out-of-control spending! Ergo, the anti-stimulus protesters and the entire Tea Party membership are all racist, fascist menaces to society!

The point of exposing this now is to make it clear that every single solitary unacceptable sign, vulgar or “racist” slur, etc. that is seen or heard at the TP rallies tomorrow should immediately be suspect and, quite frankly, blamed on these guys.  And, per Levin, since this has supposedly been going on for a while, it is just as likely that if there actually were racist and anti-gay slurs thrown around on the day of the health care reform bill’s passage, it is entirely possible that those too were hurled by the Tea Party Crashers.

As for the TP – get plenty of pictures and videos whenever you see something that casts your group in a bad light.   Then get them up on the ‘net.  Someone will recognize the person shouting the slur or holding the unacceptable sign.  And someone will also know their background.  TPers also need to visibly and loudly repudiate such people (as they did to the person who yelled an anti-gay slur at the HCR event) at the moment their utterance is made or their sign appears.

Polls now show a significant portion of the American public identify with the TP movement.  This obviously is a blatant attempt to wrongfully discredit an organization simply because politically it is at odds with the big government left.  Ironically, the publishing of the Tea Party Crasher’s agenda gives the TP plausible deniability, and the identification of people who attempt to carry out the Tea Party Crasher agenda with that group will inoculate the TP from many future assertions they’re anything other than small government, anti-tax and spending protesters.



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  • The target audience for this is MiniTru, which will be more than happy to run any photo, video, or “eyewitness testimony” that discredits the Tea Parties.  We cannot expect that they will stop to wonder (much less ask) if the source is a crasher.  We cannot expect that, if the source is exposed after the fact as a crasher, that this will be reported.  Even if the source ISN’T a crasher, the fact of the matter is that the Tea Parties represent a large segment of our population, and there are doubtless kooks and unsavory characters who may show up but do not represent the views of the majority of their fellows (it’s sort of like holding up Fred Phelps as a representative of Baptists or Christians generally).

    I’m not sure how much it matters, though.  The Tea Party appears to be growing because people are increasingly aware of MiniTru’s bias and tricks.  I think people are also becoming savvy enough to start asking questions about what MiniTru reports.  Finally, I think MiniTru is in a bit of a dilemma with regard to reporting about the Tea Parties.  On the one hand, they’ve downplayed them as a tiny fringe group, hardly worth noticing.  On the other, they’re supposed to be representative of a large number of nasty, racist Americans.  So, which is it?

    On a related note, Power Line has an alleged e-mail exchange with the WaPo’s ombundsman regarding the much-ballyhooed yet mysteriously unsubstantiated hurling of racial epithets during the health takeover vote.  I think you’ll agree that he looks like a fool by the end.

  • I am bowled over with disbelief that Levin and his fans (or anyone on the left) would do this.  Don’t they realize that this will cast doubt on EVERY negative report about the Tea Party in the future?  This plan, and the positive reaction to it on the left, would ultimately discredit any alleged sightings of swastikas or other reports of that nature.  It seems to me that a lot of the furor over sightings at Tea Party events is overblown, but this will make it completely unbelievable.

    • When they have no real, honest, effective argument against a group, other than they don’t like them, sabotage is their only alternative.  Great isn’t it?  Progressive Liberals, right or wrong,  you’re going to agree with their open minded, fair, honest views dammit you ignorant red neck racist Republican voting bastards!

    • In order for that doubt to occur, the general public would have to be informed of Tea Party Crashers. 

      They won’t be. 

    • That was the reaction of Allahpundit at Hotair.  Not that a radical group would attempt this strategy, but that they would publicize it so openly.  Perhaps there is an assumption that the press, as they have with other issues (global warming, for example) will ignore anything that doesn’t fit the leftist narrative and play their role in harming the tea party movement.  But… how well has that worked for them, so far?
      The press tried fighting back against the “non-mainstream media” during the Rathergate mess, and they learned that the cat was already out of the bag.  Perhaps this is the next stage, trying to act as if the new media doesn’t exist.  I suspect that it won’t work any better, and they’ll continue to appear to be out of touch, as they get scooped on a pretty easy story… again.

  • I have to ask.. if the disrupters are going to disrupt the tea party protesters by holding up racist signs in hopes of the media portraying the whole tea party movement as racist…. are they themselves not showing how racist they are?  and the people who support the disrupters… are they not supporting racists? 

    just asking….

    see ya
    cathy : )

  • And in general folks, these honest, fair minded, gentle, good hearted people who are working so hard to subvert free speech and discredit others through underhanded methods are the same ones who want to help you with Health Care, and making illegals into citizens and saving the planet with green tech and cap and trade and want everything to be warm and fuzzy and good.
    Think about it.

  • Be watchful for someone who looks like Ott Scerb!

  • The Progressive Liberals (including the MSM) don’t really care whether or not the crashers are authentic.  They need something to create confusion as part of their effort to blur the message from the Tea Party and therefore justify their already existing feelings about it.  ‘Real crashers, fake crashers – Oh, it‘s all so confusing…’.
    They need to have some reason to justify why they are not going to listen to what these people are saying  (which their deep feelings of empathy toward “demonstrators” are pushing them to “feel empathy” about).  They know that Tea Partiers are a threat to all that is holy to them and they must find a way to be against them and feel OK about it without listening to them.
    The Tea Partiers actions are similar to anti-war protesters, civil rights demonstrators, etc., and for so many years the Progressives have damned “those ignorant, uncaring folks who would not listen” to demonstrators and respond to their message.  Their knees are jerking in response to “protesters” which they have unthinkingly supported in the past, whatever the actual protest was about.  They are slapping their knees and saying:  “No, No, not these protesters!”  Get it?

  • April 6th Tea Party in IA that I attended had a pair of these yobs. Signs with deliberate spelling errors as well as quotes deriding conservative views were used. They were not harrassed by other attendees at all, but the speakers made sure to note that it was occuring everywhere they had stopped. The press naturally zero’d  in on them straight away, both TV and print reporters made sure to get quotes from them. Not so much the average mother who brought her 4 kids.