Free Markets, Free People

QandO TV: Episode 4

This episode was filmed at the Escondido, CA, Tax Day Tea Party on 15 April 2010.


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5 Responses to QandO TV: Episode 4

  • I know you said that the “I love my V.A. socialized medicine” guy didn’t bother you and everyone has a right to their opinion, I’m just wondering how then this man could be seen as a “Tea Party crasher”?
    This rally was about freedom and liberty, right?  The if he wasn’t obstructing others expression – and it seemed quite clear to me that he wasn’t – then he would be right at home among these freedom of speech loving people, even though he did not hold with the majority, right?
    I wasn’t there obviously, but this “I love socialized medicine” guy seemed no more a crasher than the guy holding the “One nation under our lord Jesus” sign.
    The funny bit was when you said that you were happy that they finally turned off the country and western music – and then later on you said that there were not as many people there this year as last.  Correlation, maybe?

  • hola amigos,   long time no see!
    I’m too tired to get into character today, so pardon the lack of pidgin Spanish.   The Tea Party Express is on the Foreign Country part of their tour and rolled into Boston yesterday.   The crowds there were also smaller than expected,  and  it was pretty sedate actually.
    I think this thing is losing momentum because it’s hard to stay ticked off all the time,  and more importantly there don’t seem to be any viable alternative candidates to get behind.   It seems like the alternative is another Republican led Congress, and that’s hardly an improvement.    They’re getting their funding from the same pool of financial and pharmaceutical interests as the Democrats.  It doesn’t help having a nitwit like Sarah Palin as the figurehead of this movement either.    In short, we’re all screwed.   It’s a good thing pedro lives a very modest lifestyle.
    Onward, to Cinco de Mayo!

    • I think this thing is losing momentum because it’s hard to stay ticked off all the time,

      Are you kidding? The left has been ticked off for 50 years!
      Envy will do that to you.