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Jobs, jobs, jobs … uh, climate change?

Yes the Democrats have apparently decided that they should focus like a laser beam on … climate change legislation?  Given the post below, I’m sure Pat Cauddell and Doug Schoen are soaking their heads right about now.

According to Reuters the Kerry/Lieberman/Graham bill aimed at reducing carbon output is to be introduced April 26th.

President Barack Obama has made climate change one of his top priorities and took steps recently to show Republicans he was serious, including expanding federal aid for building nuclear power facilities and allowing more domestic offshore oil drilling — initiatives to be included in the Senate compromise.

So there are the payoffs for GOP support.  How far any of the work necessary to hasten the building of nuke plants or drilling offshore actually comes to fruition is most likely not a priority with the administration.  It’s a payoff for support.  Whether the GOP will be as gullible as much of the voting public was in 2008 remains to be seen, but my gut says “yes”.

Kerry, Lieberman and Graham have been working for months on a global warming compromise significantly different from a measure passed last year by the House of Representatives and a bill approved by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. It also takes many elements from those bills. Like the House-passed bill and Obama administration policy, it would set a target of 17 percent reductions in smokestack emissions of carbon dioxide by 2020, from 2005 levels. Point Carbon, an energy markets consulting service, estimated the anticipated Senate bill would result in U.S. gasoline prices rising an average of 27 cents a gallon from 2013 to 2020. The bill is expected to contain a fee on motor fuels.

Got it – tax increase of an average 27 cents per gallon.  Don’t you love how they tapdance around saying “tax”?  It’s a freakin’ tax, not a “fee”. And a very nonprogressive tax to boot that will hit those that can afford it least the hardest.  But its called a “fee” so Obama can continue to claim you taxes won’t go up ” one dime”.

Also note that the Senate bill is radically different from the House bill, even though Reuters tries to minimize the differences.  You have to wonder how much of an impediment that will be to passage (hopefully a large one).  And then, of course, there are all the legislators from coal and oil producing states to contend with.

Moving on, and in my best Billy Mays voice – but wait there’s more:

It would also end state and regional carbon-trading programs, such as the one several Northeastern states participate in, to be replaced by a national carbon reduction policy.  The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, with 10 participating states from Vermont to Maryland, has raised over $582 million for state efficiency and climate programs, said Environment Northeast, a Boston research group. Peter Shattuck, a carbon markets policy analyst there, said shutting the program could create concerns among the states over lost revenues. A group of nine senators, mostly from Midwestern manufacturing states, urged Kerry, Graham and Lieberman in a letter on Thursday to take into account jobs in their states.

OK, lost jobs.  Wow – what a surprise.  I’m not here to defend carbon-trading programs but it seems ironic that a climate bill aimed at reducing carbon will put carbon trading programs out of business and cost jobs.  In a recession.  Wait – aren’t those “green jobs?”  Heh …

And if you read the article, they’re very nebulous about how they’re going to enforce this “17% reduction in carbon”.   We see the “fee” on motor fuel.  But they continue to skirt the issue of how one manages this 17% reduction and what it will cost.  But reading other sources prior to this, I’ve seen a carbon tax on utilities discussed as the main source of enforcement – a “cap-and-trade” light was how one referred to it.  Obviously if it is a tax on utilities, you can up the cost of just about everything you buy since they all require the power generated by utilities.  And you can add that to the motor fuel “fee” you’ll be paying if this is passed as well.

The closest Reuters gets to saying this is:

Like the House-passed bill and Obama administration policy, it would set a target of 17 percent reductions in smokestack emissions of carbon dioxide by 2020, from 2005 levels.

“Smokestack emissions”.  You can figure it out from there I imagine.

So is there anything – anything at all good in the bill?  Well yes:

On Wednesday, a Senate source told Reuters the legislation would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide emissions.

But you don’t need the rest of this bill to do that.

Last, but not least, Reuters throws this in to justify the heavy focus on this vs. jobs, the economy or the deficit:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Thursday the world’s combined land and ocean surface temperatures in March were the hottest on record.

I apparently missed all the heat (well, except that generated by my heating system) as did most of Europe.  But hey, the science is settled, we all know NOAA’s numbers are perfect and irrefutable and so it is damn the facts, full speed ahead.



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47 Responses to Jobs, jobs, jobs … uh, climate change?

  • Well, after all, it is settled science, and you guys are inbred and sterile and remind of Nazis because you disagree. All the best people in faculty lounge know intuitively that climate change is simultaneously the biggest threat facing humanity and the biggest opportunity of our generation to influence the proles common citizens to give more power and control to wise leftists.

    So it’s just like healthcare. obama and his allies will get it done. And you dense righties will just have to bend over and take it accept that. It’s for the greater good.

    Don’t be surprised if this makes the Democrats more popular this fall. Don’t be surprised if Obama also does something to generate a lot more jobs. Don’t be surprised if Obama cuts spending. Oooo, I just love saying “don’t be surprised” because I can follow it with any outlandish thing I want and you guys can’t ding me if I’m wrong. Because I’m never wrong. The holy writ of post-modernism allows me to define multiple truths, so one of them is always there when I need it to be right.

  • Well, considering they can promptly use the EPA to halt any real construction on wells or nuke plants until all the permits and studies have been completed…, what 70 months from ground breaking to operational testing for the nukes if we’re lucky?  Halted of course by the sudden discoveries of microbes that are unique and must be preserved in THIS area suited to building or drilling.    Or the discovery by ‘native’ Americans that the cooling towers of the plant will block their view of the sacred bay on St. Swithins day when they must witness the rising of the sun over the ocean which will cause a court challenge, or the Kennedy’s will feel that building a nuke plant within 3000 nautical miles of their compound on Martha’s Vineyard will destroy the pristine nature of their environment.
    Ah yes I’m sure they’re sincere, they have always been in the past, the last year has provided ample examples of their sincerity in keeping their promises.

  • to show Republicans he was serious, including expanding federal aid for building nuclear power facilities and allowing more domestic offshore oil drilling

    As said previously… “You want ketchup and relish on this shit sandwich?”

    • Sen. Inhofe said the other day that there aren’t 30 votes out there for “Cap and Tax”

  • Well, gee, if one’s individual subjective experience is to be used as evidence, we had a very warm March and warm winter here in Maine.   But hey, if you won’t believe any of the data, then you’ve got faith, not science.

    • Yeah, keep that settled science right out on a limb, there Erb.  You wouldn’t know it by looking but we are currently in year 3 of Gore’s prediction the Artic will have melted away in 5!  But don’t let me put any negative vibes to your Liberal Narrative.

      Small Steps, there Erb!

    • Speaking of which, is the science still settled?


      If anything, YOU’RE the one with the “faith”

      Pathetic scaremonger

      • Just because the science is unfinished and uncertain doesn’t in any way suggest that climate change is a hoax.  The whole REST of the developed world is taking it seriously, just not the selfish capitalists who want to pretend it doesn’t exist because it will cost MONEY.  Denial is a funny thing– seems to crop up whenever the truth is either something we can’t handle or something we don’t like.  There are AIDS deniers too, ya know.
        The East Central Park Secondary School (a charter school in NY) teaches five habits of mind:  evidence, viewpoint, alternatives, connectedness, and relevance… now why would deniers want to convince you that man-made climate change doesn’t exist?  Think about it; you’re a grown-up.
        Tired of getting your facts through filters that act like you can’t understand what they mean?  Kinda reminds you of a good Baptist preacher, huh.  If I wanna know what the Bible says about something, I’ll read it.  I don’t have to have someone else explain it to me.  Wonder if the history regarding Socrates is correct, or if it only reflects what Plato thought of Socrates?  Where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

        • “Where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.”

          Nobody told me to think this but I think you are full of shit!  Feel better now?

    • won’t believe ???

      Science based on statistics is not science.

      • math that is based on statistics is, by its very definition, science.  Rhetoric based on statistics and bad logic, though, isn’t.  That the numbers point to something doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot of made-up extrapolations that use bad logic to suggest that the data indicate something they have nothing to do with.  Keep lying to yourself, but please don’t mislead others.
        Tired of spin and manipulation cluttering up your data?  Head over to, where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

    • Coldest weather in 30 years marks the start of a series of extreme winters

      After enduring the coldest winter for 30 years, you might have been hoping for some respite from the cold weather.
      However, scientists are now warning that Britain can expect to endure a series of extreme winters – the like of which have not seen for more than 300 years.
      Researchers have found that low solar activity – marked by a decrease in the sun’s magnetic field – influences the weather conditions across northern Europe.
      The last time the sun showed similar behaviour, between 1650 and 1700, temperatures dropped so low that Londoners were able to skate and hold fairs on the iced-over River Thames.

      Now tell me it’s localized to Europe.

      • See the the link in the post (at the bottom) for the obligatory “localized to Europe” claim.

      • wonder if the harsh winter weather in western Europe has anything to do with the tons of volcanic ash blocking the UV rays from the sun?  That’s what folks hypothesize might have caused the last Ice Age, ya know.  And continued damage to glaciers will just cause MORE volcanic activity.  *shudder*  Please don’t be disingenuous and suggest that the volcano in Iceland is releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than human activity.  It’s not.  Human activity emits several times more carbon into the atmosphere than all the volcanoes on earth combined.  I’d suggest you look it up in your public library, but then, public libraries are socialist institutions (as are churches and schools, incidentally)
        Tired of people blubbering about things they know little about, repeating disingenuous myths they’ve heard, and acting as if YOU are lying? Go to, where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

        • Really? You wonder that? You do know that it erupted on April 14th right? Winter is over on April 14th. See March 20th, aka the Vernal Equinox. That means spring begins.

          Meanwhile, back in ’48, ’70, ’80, ’91, 2000 and now 2010, the Hekla volcano, the one now spewing ash, has erupted in Iceland. Yup, pretty much every 10 years. Can’t imagine why – oh, yeah, active volcanoes do that occasionally – that’s why they’re called “active”.

          And continued damage to glaciers will just cause MORE volcanic activity.

          Right. And earthquakes too.

          Pitiful — and no one needs a “library” to know that.

    • If anyone can address subjectivity it’s you, Scott.

  • Yes the Democrats have apparently decided that they should focus like a laser beam on … climate change legislation?  Given the post below, I’m sure Pat Cauddell and Doug Schoen are soaking their heads right about now.

    >>> It’s BECAUSE of the details of the post below that they’re doing this. Gotta cram as much of the agenda in as possible before they lose power.

    • Gotta cram as much of the agenda in as possible before they lose power.
      Not so much.  The truth is that the Obama 2011 budget depends on this revenue stream.  Without it there is a big hole.
      Notice the crickets from the media when the Congress missed the April 15 deadline for passing the budget.

    • I suggest a 50% tax on the gross revenues on book sales of titles written by former government officials and media who covered government officials.

  • “…the hottest on record..”
    “Well, you see, we never kept these particular records before now, so these temperatures are definitely the hottest on record .[my emphasis] Of course, they are the coldest too, but that hardly seems relevant right now, does it?”
    Just sayin’

  • Death by a thousand fees. For supposedly smart people, who learn from history, they sure seem like they’re following the FDR raise taxes in a depression playbook for more trouble.
    Do you think they can pull off a trade war with China to make it a trifecta? Only problem is that China is not an ally, and Obama prefers to keep the rough stuff for allies only.

  • The irony of ironies is that the volcano in Iceland will do more to cool the Earth than all the efforts in “Cap and Tax”.
    Sometimes you get the feeling that this politicians are afraid that the Earth will cool without them, more than they are afraid of the Earth’s future.

  • Can we all at least admit this legislation really has nothing to do with carbon emissions? Like Cap & Trade, the entire game plan here is to create a new stream of tax revenue to spend on more entitlements and social programs. Obama really DID mean it when he said he would fundamentally change america; his definition of change is massive redistribution of wealth and the defacto creation of a european style socialist state. Cap & Trade and the senate bill are a perfect vehicle for this; fear-monger the public into accepting jammed-through legislation, raise huge amounts of tax revenue, and throw a green bone to your environmentalist base.

    • I think a lot of us admitted that long ago. As the satire in the first post said, it’s “…the biggest opportunity of our generation to influence the proles common citizens to give more power and control to wise leftists.”

      When I was younger, I thought the dynamic on such issues driven by the left was primarily motivated by good intentions on their part, and the increased power to the political class was just a side effect. I don’t think that any more. Except for imbecilic professors and a few room temperature politicians taken in by the gag, it’s now abundantly clear that it’s really about the power and privilege of the political class, and the rest is mostly window dressing.

      That is, they may think something like cap and trade would do some good for the environment, but that’s a minor consideration compared to the clear benefits to the political class. That’s why they don’t want to look at the evidence too closely. They really, really don’t want to endanger the facade that justifies their power grab, either in their own minds or in ours.

      Reality check: If they were really interested in what’s best for mankind concerning the environment, they would be as angry at Phil Jones, et. al. as we are. They would want the very best information to guide us in coping with the issue. They would be completely open to skeptical interpretations of something that is horrendously complex.

      None of those things describe the left. They sit in their faculty lounges and government-paid offices and prattle about settled science that they don’t even understand because it’s outside their narrow specialty. When challenged, they retreat to insults: “inbred”, “sterile”, “Nazi-like”, as pointed out in our satire post above.

      (Lest anyone new think that’s just hyperbole, here’s the thread those words were taken from, written by the same idiot who constantly assures us how pragmatic and moderate he is. He also lied about how he was going to stop reading this blog. I tell you, when it comes to promoting their own agenda, leftists are shameless.)

    • I think it’s amazingly disingenuous to discuss “redistribution of wealth” as if it’s a new thing… we’ve been redistributing wealth from middle-class taxpayers to big business for years.  The L-curve (kinda like the normal curve, but shaped like a big backwards ‘L’) is not new, and is getting even bigger.  The idea that the top .01% of incomes in this country amount to more than the bottom 20% in TOTAL is wealth redistribution if I ever saw it.  So stop lying, and stop behaving like a Sodomite (you know, of course, that the actual sin for which God destroyed the city of Sodom had to do not with the gender of its long-term loving relationships, but with the inhospitality of its citizens and their refusal to care for the poor and afflicted, although they had perfectly adequate means to do so.  Genesis was written LONG before charismatics came into being.)  Where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

      • And where do you get this tidbit of exegetical information from the Book of Genesis?  Do you know Hebrew?  Did I miss a portion of the text that specified that “inhospitality” led to the destruction of the cities?  Please enlighten us.  Use actual references to the text.
        Genesis 19
        1Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening as Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground.
        2And he said, “Now behold, my lords, please turn aside into your servant’s house, and spend the night, and wash your feet; then you may rise early and go on your way.” They said however, “No, but we shall spend the night in the square.”
        3Yet he urged them strongly, so they turned aside to him and entered his house; and he prepared a feast for them, and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.
        4Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter;
        5and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have sexual relations with them.”
        6But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him,
        7and said, “Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly.
        8″Now behold, I have two daughters who have not had relations with man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like; only do nothing to these men, inasmuch as they have come under the shelter of my roof.”
        9But they said, “Stand aside.” Furthermore, they said, “This one came in as an alien, and already he is acting like a judge; now we will treat you worse than them.” So they pressed hard against Lot and came near to break the door.
        10But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them, and shut the door.
        11They struck the men who were at the doorway of the house with blindness, both small and great, so that they wearied themselves trying to find the doorway.
        12Then the two men said to Lot, “Whom else have you here? A son-in-law, and your sons, and your daughters, and whomever you have in the city, bring them out of the place;
        13for we are about to destroy this place, because their outcry has become so great before the LORD that the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”

      • You have no idea what wealth redistribution is, do you? It centers on the “re” part of the word.

      • Um…income is not distributed, it’s EARNED.
        Credibility – FAIL!

      • “The idea that the top .01% of incomes in this country amount to more than the bottom 20%”
        And yet, the bottom 20% has gone up as well. So has the intermediate 79.99.
        Meditate on this. When you understand WHY the rich getting richer in a free market economy is a good thing, then you will understand what wealth IS and be prepared to comment intelligently on topics economic.
        Governments big and small have been fixing incomes and prices to fix childish notions of unfairness for over a century. The only result, ever, has been evenly distributed poverty. You know, poverty – the actual societal ill, a condition that cried out for alleviation, before your confreres invented “inequality.”

      • Very strange idea of hospitality you have. I think I’ll pass on your invitiation to visit you, if you don’t mind. 

  • Um, why shouldn’t the President (and the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, which will surely be smaller come January) tackle climate change?  After all, it’s not like any MORE “urgent” action on the lagging indicator of unemployment will make any difference in the next ten minutes.  And although we saw this week how Mitch McConnell and his Party of No will do anything they can to vex this POTUS, no matter how harmful it is to the American people, fact is, it is harder to sell resistance to unemployment-related actions to the American public than climate change mitigation legislation obstruction.
    If you’d like to be treated like a grown-up human and not a blindly-following, incapable -of-forming-conclusions sheep, head over to, where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

    • Ironic – the blog that won’t tell you “what to think” essentially implies what you’re thinking is … wrong. And a quick visit to the blog (so others don’t have too) shows a blog committed to telling you what to think – especially concerning the “right-wing”.

      Huge surprise.

  • Um, unemployment is a problem, and so we should ignore climate change some more?
    Mitch McConnell and his Party of No don’t see unemployment as a very serious problem, nor do they behave as if it requires any immediate attention.  We’ll address it in May, anyway.
    If you actually pay attention to politics, and don’t seem to suffer from extreme memory loss, head over to, where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

    • Um, context. Um, the priorities that every poll out there has laid at the feet of the politicans are the economy, jobs and the deficit. Um, that’s the point of the post. Um, perhaps, now, given that context, why heading to a priority not among those three top priorities is dumb politics and will most likely see Democrats in Congress go down to massive defeat. Um, that’s if you’re actually paying attention and not just, um, pimping your rather ordinary lefty blog.

  • There’s a comment above that mentions the eruption of an Icelandic volcano (ironically, all you climate-change deniers, located under a glacier, which is “cooling the magma quickly” — that is, the magma is melting the glacier quickly) is releasing carbon into the atmosphere and so we should abandon efforts to reduce human-made carbon emissions.  This is clearly silly and disingenuous, when you consider that the amount of carbon released by human activity far exceeds the activity of all the volcanoes on earth, as easily verifiable.
    If you’re tired of lies and misleading rhetoric, and you’d like the facts at your disposal so that you can form your own, logical and grown-up conclusions, head over to, where we don’t tell you WHAT to think, just to think.

  • Billy,
    I too once thought like you, but Thomas Sowell set me straight.   Dr. Sowell explains it all in Vision of the Anointed and The Quest For Cosmic Justice.
    Here is the pattern of the anointed he identifies:
    1.  Assert that their is a great danger to all of society

    2.  Assert an urgent need to action to avert the impending catastrophe

    3.  Posit the need for government to curtail dangerous behavior of the many, in response to the prescient conclusions of the few.

    4.  Disdainfully dismiss arguments to the contrary as either uninformed, irresponsible, or motivated by unworthy purposes.
    Yes, if they just get enough pointy headed professors in a room they can solve anything!  Oh!  You also have to get the gun clinging, banjo playing redneck rightwingchristian klansmen out of the way.  Democracy is so messy, even in a republic…

  • This is a new low for even Mr. Obama …

    BARBREE: …I’m a little disturbed right now, Alex. I just found out some very disturbing news. The President came down here in his campaign and told these 15,000 workers here at the Space Center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs. 9,000 of them are about to lose their job. He is speaking before 200, extra hundred people here today only. It’s invitation only. He has not invited a single space worker from this space port to attend. It’s only academics and other high officials from outside of the country. Not one of them is invited to hear the President of the United States, on their own space port, speak today. Back to you Alex.

    … truly pathetic.

  • I went to NikFlorida’s blog (inquiring minds want to know) and clicked on “About Nik”.  Without further comment (yeah, I’m chicken) here is an (EDITED) excerpt:
    “”NikFlorida (Nik Bramblett) … has been a public High School English teacher …since 2005. Having worked at… an urban, inner-city minority school… he has formed a lot of opinions about American public education in the near-term… As a person with AIDS … having been diagnosed with PML in the Spring of 2009, and no longer able to work due to brain damage and other complications, he also has a number of opinions about the current fight to “reform” US health care. As a beneficiary of Social Security Disability income, he has some opinions regarding US tax policy as well, as one might imagine.”

  • According to NASA, man’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 is a whopping 4% of the total.  SO yes, jobs are vastly more important than grabbing control over the tiniest aspects of your life through carbon control.  And in your spare time you might want to bone up on your Alinsky: The issue (climate change) is never the issue, the issue is always power and control.

  • We’re moving forward, righties…if you don’t like it, there’s a coal mine in WV that just had 29 job openings.  Why don’t you go work down there?

    • Just like a LeftTard POS – celebrating the fact that 29 miners lost their lives trying to make a living.  Proud of yourself now that you used their deaths to try and prove a point?  And what exactly is the point are you trying to make with this kind of BS?

      That you are a PIECE OF SHIT Troll?

      Point Made!