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A new pleasure (Updated)

So, yesterday Verizon notified me that I was eligible for a new phone upgrade. I popped ’round to the phone store, and after much hemming and hawing, “settled” for a Motorola Droid.

Itbseems to have a nice application market, one of whose products is the app I’m using to write this post.

Yep. I’m phone-blogging.

It’s really amazing where the march of mobile technology is taking us. Yesterday, I came across an old news video from 1981, which talked about how some newspapers were starting to put out electronic versions–text only, of course–onto computers. Subscribers with computers could log on via modem and download the whole paper. It only took two hours to download, at a cost of $10 per download–the equivalent of $23 in 2010 dollars.

And today, I can instantly publish to the whole world via my phone, for free.

We’ve now advanced to the point where we have phones whose least valuable feature is the ability to make telephone calls.

UPDATE: Sorry about the multiple posts. I kept getting a bad gateway error, so I kept republishing…without looking to see if it published. My bad, not the phone’s.

So far the phone just rocks.

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18 Responses to A new pleasure (Updated)

  • Why the multiple copies of your post?
    BTW, I am pretty new to Andriod on the droid Eris. It’s great.

  • So, Stop Already!!!

  • 9 Times?  You must be really excited about this.

  • Dad blast it!  No good will come of it!  I’m telling ya.   If the good Lord had meant us to use telephones for taking pictures and surfing the internet, She wouldn’t have allowed us to invent desktops and digital SLR’s first.  No sir, no good gonna come of it at all.
    Dang kids!  Get off my lawn!

  • Heh, sensitive buttons on these newer models.

  • This just furthers my thesis that the Droid sucks (I own one).

  • “This” being the multiple postings.

  • Funniest thing I have seen in a while, those RSS posts….

  • We’ve now advanced to the point where we have phones whose least valuable feature is the ability to make telephone calls.

    I watched a Windows Phone 7 announcement event last month. In two hours of discussing the phone and its features, they never made a phone call.

  • seems it’s actually 1/9th of free

  • Need to figure out how to post just once…

  • bad timing dale. Should have waited for the droid incredible or the verizon  nexus one. both are due out by may and are big time better than the droid (which is itself a great phone from all accounts I’ve heard/read)

    • Meh. I’ve looked at the incredible, and the lack of a physical keyboard is a deal-breaker for me.

      I lke the idea of the faster processor, but all things being equal, the Incredible is really just an incremental improvement. I’ll wait for my next upgrade to get a next-gen phone.

      And, if I change my mind, I have 30 days to trade in my Droid for something different.

  • You have a computer that makes phone calls. You have a computer that takes pictures. You have a computer that you drive from point A to point B. You have a computer that shows you pictures and entertainment.
    The static terms for phone,camera,car and TV still mean the same thing.

  • the only app I have that is worth a damn is the one that creates virtual bubble wrap so you can pop it while you are waiting for something.

  • Dale,
    I’d HIGHLY recommened you take the motodroid back to the store, and wait five days for the HTC Incredible to come out from verizon.  It will DESTROY that phone in every way.  You can trade it back in within 30 days, and trade it in when the HTC hits the store.