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The Religion of Peace II

The US Army has disinvited a Christian evangelist from attending a National Day of Prayer event, because in a recent interview, he referred to Islam as a violent religion.

Clearly, he was unaware of the official designation “Religion of Peace”.

I guess he got all confused by all the beheadings, honor killings, and flying airliners into buildings and whatnot, to properly understand that these acts have no relevance to Islam at all.

And, clearly, he fails to understand how revealing the actions of Eric Rudolph are, vis a vis the fundamentally violent underpinnings of the Religious Right.

One must, after all, learn the approved lessons, and mouth the accepted pieties. And by “one”, of course, I mean “certain people”. I mean, we can hardly expect the same rules to apply to everyone.

9 Responses to The Religion of Peace II

  • … in a recent interview, he referred to Islam as a violent religion.

    It is not.  There are Muslims who are violent.  There are passages in the Koran that can only be interpretted as calling for violence.  But there are also millions (hundreds of millions) of Muslims around the world who pray, go to mosque, and are otherwise devout who are NOT violent.

    Between the two extremes we often hear about – Islam never, ever has anything at all to do with “violent extremists” on the one hand; and on the other that Islam is every bit as violent and bloodthirsty as naziism – there is the truth.  I suggest that the minister in this case strayed away from it (though I must say that I understand why).

  • Christianity and Islam have been abused by those with violent and hateful agendas.   Islam does have violent passages, in part because it was written when Muhammad and his followers were fighting the Meccans.   Passages that say “kill the polytheists” were directly related to that conflict (the Meccans worshiped many Gods), but have been falsely interpreted by Islamic extremists and people in the West to make it seem like it’s a general call for Muslims to murder all who disbelieve.
    I think it’s important to recognize that is it wrong to use violence done by people in the name of Christianity or Islam as a reason to launch a blanket condemnation of either religion.  Honor the religions, but attack the extremist views that lead people to fly airplanes into buildings or use violence against those who would publish caricatures of Muhammad.   Right now, because of politics, a lot of Arabs especially use Islam to justify violence.  They are the problem, not the faith they are abusing.

    • Your moral equivalency may have been more pertinent 500 years or so ago.
      And Muhammad wasn’t in some arbitrary conflict with the Meccans or just the Meccans for that matter.  “That conflict” was grounded in Muhammad bringing the Meccans under his sphere or exterminating them like he did many other city states at the time.
      So when he said “kill the polytheists” he didn’t mean, “kill those guys we’re in conflict with who just happen to be polytheists”.  He meant “kill the those who oppose adopting our religion”.

    • Christianity and Islam have been abused by those with violent and hateful agendas……..

      >>> And here goes the trained seal again, doing his equivilance trick!  Watch as he conflates 2 things together to hide the one that he feels the need to protect!  Get that seal a nice juicy fish someone! 

  • Reality check:

    Because of this action the US Army’s leadership has plunged to an unfathomable depth of disrespect in my book. What they have done by this declaration is analogous to accepting Nazism as non-violent because not all Nazi’s agreed with Hitler. The idiots, the Army hierarchy, which made this decision, are cockroaches of the lowest order. These people, the Islamists, have declared war on us and one of their minions has committed a slaughter of our finest in the midst of our own dwelling.  And these cockroaches make excuses for them by throwing America’s heritage under the bus. Their message is one of defeat and compliance to our enemies wishes. F**k em…F**k em to hell.

  • When The Crusades are mentioned in todays dialogue, more often than not it is described as Chriatianity trying to impse its will on Palestine and the Middle East.  But when discussing todays conflict, we cannot mention Islam’s place in it?  Once again a double standard raises its ugly head.

    You may counter this by stating Christianity supported the Crusades from the highest levels of the churches heirarchy, the Pope.  OK, then how do you explain Isalm’s Mullahs and Imams around the world celebrating and calling for the jihad against the west?  No answer to that one?

    The one thing that identifies the terror, the one common thread among the jihadists, the one thing that binds them all together is Islam.  You take Islam out of the equation and you have no jihad – you virtually eliminate terrorism as we know of it today (note I said today – don’t get hung up on Beider-Mainhoff, Red Brigade, Weathermen and assorted such anarchists from the past) and that is true world-wide.  You can quote chapter and verse from the Quoran all day long about it speaking for and demanding peace of its followers and, just like the Bible, you can also bring similar quotes that call for the utter destruction of their opponents.

    The sooner we recognize this is a cultural war, with Islam being the heart and soul of the terror, the sooner we can recognize and deal with it.

  • Christianity on the top of the mainstream structures recognizes killing people in God’s name is wrong, if not totally passe.   They’ve accepted God can do a decent job of punishing those that offend without any help at all.  It’s generally accepted by common society in the West that people who kill other people “in the name of God”, or “because God told me to!” are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and if they can convince the jury they are sincere in their belief they generally go to psychiatric institutions when their trials are complete rather than the graveyard.
    Many mainstream Islamic hierarchies on the other hand advocate killing people in the name of God for doing things that “offend God’ or offend them on God’s behalf.  Honor killings in Islam (for which God gets the blame of course), etc, are still normal, in fact de’rigueur, in much of  Islamic common society, and people who DO that sort of thing have in many cases earned their way back into the loving arms of their brethren in the local community assuming there IS any trial.
    Until 99.9% of Islam starts letting God render religious judgments and punishments, instead of doing it themselves on His or Her behalf,  this will continue.  So, don’t look for it to stop any time soon.  It took the west many a hundred year to stop killing people for offending God.  A fundamental difference – the Christian God has closed up the E&H KillStamps redemption centers for Eternal & Heavenly rewards, the God of Islam is still taking them, and offers 72 for 1 bonus specials for killing the right people.