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The Religion of Peace

It seems that once again, an insufficiently servile attitude towards Mohammed requires death threats as a response.

This time, it’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, whose “South Park” cartoon aired an episode that revolved around Mohammed. The prophet didn’t directly appear in the episode, as he was disguised in a bear suit, but that was enough for the Islamists to warn that Messrs. Stone and Parker might end up like murdered Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh.

Apparently, that’s what Allah, the Merciful, the Ever-Loving, requires.

Jebus Cripes, I’m so sick of this crap.

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17 Responses to The Religion of Peace

  • I say it again- you see which behaviors are rewarded here.  Jews and Christians should act the same way in the name of equal treatment

  • Well, when we saw Gen. George Casey, Army chief of staff, bending over after Major Hasan’s death rampage at Ft. Hood, I think it was pretty clear how far this sickness had spread into the bones of the West. Submission begets more of the same.

    The President bows to the leader of political Islam. “Much ado about nothing.” Yeah.

    South Park is small beer, but the Theo Van Gogh threat gets tossed around the way Democrats toss around the racism charge.

    Who learned from whom?

  • Jebus Cripes, I’m so sick of this crap.

    Better get used to it. Even more, better get used to them actually following through.
    Even worse, better get used to the current admin (who by benefit of a $$$ loaded up populace, WILL be re-elected) tap-dancing around it and its consequences.

  • Obviously, these threats “did come from” (wink wink) Tea Partiers … right (wink wink).

  • Even better, not only was Mohammed not depicted directly… he wasn’t even in the suit, evidently. (I say “evidently” because I didn’t watch it, and because of the “controversy” CN isn’t streaming it so I can’t check directly, but those who did say so…)
    Santa Claus was in the suit all along, it turns out. Mohammed wasn’t even depicted indirectly, as wearing a bear suit; people merely <I>thought it was him</i>.
    So the complainers are protesting a depiction of people who think someone in a bear suit is Mohammed, when it isn’t even Mohammed in the narrative reality.

  • It will be interesting to see how tolerant we remain won’t it.
    Europe is proving more interesting:  First they came for the burqa’s and veils, then the minarets…

    • a few people in Europe are finally waking up and figuring out that they don’t want to be colonized by a zenophobic dark age culture.  But it is too little, too late, there is no hope for Europe.  The best thing that might happen is that we might get a wave of migration of Europeans who are fed up with their governments and do not want to be assimilated into the new caliphate.

  • What do we learn?

    1.  That, if you want respect and to make others bend to your will, making credible threats to hurt them (for example, sawing their heads off on video) will generally do the trick;

    2.  One cannot count on people to be even remotely resolute in the face of such threats (in fairness, I can’t say that I would do better, though I certainly hope that I would);

    3.  One cannot count on “the authorities” to provide protection from such threats, or indeed even go so far as to make it clear that they will be prosecuted;

    4.  Being a priviledged minority absolutely rocks.  You can even get away with threatening to murder people.

    #1 is especially bothersome.  Is this how far civilization has advanced?  That bloody violence (or even the mere threat of violence) is still the ultima ratio?  Silly me: I thought we had government and laws and courts and police to see to it that people settled their differences in a more peaceful manner.  Guess not…

    One wonders what “the authorities” would do if Stone and Parker announced that they have armed themselves and will shoot to kill anybody they perceive to be threatening them, ESPECIALLY if they appear to be Muslim.  I’m guessing they’d wind up UNDER a prison.  If my speculation is correct, then add to the list:

    5.  Threatening to kill people for religious reasons is a right.  Self-defense is NOT.

  • The beauty of Islamic threats – it’s not a state issued threat , it’s not a specific threat carried out by a group, you can pay no protection money to counteract it.
    It comes as an observation.  Much like Henry the 2nd – “who will rid me of this turbulent priest!” , interpreted by the faithful as a command, oh,  but maybe not,  eh?
    Behold.  A vast number of essentially autonomous cells, each answering to their own views.  No actual enforcement arm to show up to punish you for making a mistake, no oversight committee to direct a job be done or not done.  No particular reason to listen to the voice of any cleric who will tell you NOT to execute Parker and Stone.  Better than that, any true member of the faithful is safe in the knowledge there is a cleric out there who will bless him. No specific cell is charged with the execution of Stone and Parker, just a general understanding that any one of them can receive a reward for undertaking to put an end to the lives of these blasphemer’s. A generic “Wanted Dead” notice posted at the Islamic city gate by anyone at all, reward to be received in heaven when you appear to collect. 
    Like some sort of world wide Rube Goldberg assassinate Parker and Stone machine, the switch is throne,  the eggs fall into the fry pan and cause a fire which sets off the smoke alarm, which wakes the fireman who slides down the poll causing the bell to ring to cause the dog to eat, which lightens the bowl and causes the counterweight to drop which, etc….eventually someone may show up and kill Parker and Stone and the initiator can say in all truth and with a wry knowing smile,  “all I did was fry some eggs”.     Or maybe the dog won’t be hungry, now.
    The while knowing that once he pulled the lever to start the process, somewhere, some-when, some-one can show up and complete the act.  Or not! Meanwhile Parker and Stone can learn to have the proper respect (success!), or one day have their lives end violently(success!) 
    Effective, and damn near perfect.   The only way I can think to deal with it, is un-pleasant, Un-American, but frankly fits in with their code very nicely. 
    Who will rid us of this turbulent religion?

  • Ya just have to love the internet, the delicious ironies abound – Ad-link from the top of this page as I read this post…..

  • “We have to warn muslims that what they are doing is stupid, and they will probably wind up like Al-Zarkawi for being terroist scu*bags. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them”

    It cuts both ways, if we have the guts to make it stick

  • I saw the episode. The entire Mohammed plot line revolves around the fact that you can’t show his image, thus when Tom Cruise demands to meet with Mohammed, the town has to negotiate with the other religions on how to do that without violating the Muslim’s sensitivities…first they have Mohmammed in a Uhaul trailers without windows, but then have to go to the Bear mascot suit because Tom Cruise wants Mohammed to get into his limo.
    Why does Tom Cruise want Mohammed? Because you can’t make fun of Mohammed, he wants to steal his essence so no one can make fun of Tom Cruise…
    Essentially, South Park was baiting this reaction…awesome.

    • The follow-up episode revealed that it was not Mohammed in the Bear suit, but in fact Santa.  So Mohammed only showed up in the first part of this two part in redrawn clips of an episode from 2001 where he was not censored out… and no one had a problem with it.

  • To Quote from Team America:
    Garry: Bak. Derk-derk-Allah. Derka derka, Mohammed Jihad. Haka sherpa-sherpa. Abaka-la.
    Terrorist: Ahhh! Derka derka derka!
    Or, Robin Williams: “Joke ’em if they can’t take a f*ck!”