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Car Bomb Attempt in Times Square

The details are still a bit sketchy, but NYPD has evacuated Times Square after discovering a car bomb.

Police said a Nissan Pathfinder at West 45th Street and Seventh Avenue was loaded with a bomb made of electrical components, three propane gas tanks and two additional gas canisters. They received the call about the suspicious vehicle around 6:30 p.m. and blocked the area from West 43rd to 47th streets along Broadway and Seventh Avenue with metal railings. Parts of 48th Street were also closed.

A press conference from NYPD is scheduled momentarily.

UPDATE (22:24 PST): Apparently, the bomb had been activated.  The vehicle was smoking, and an NYPD mounted officer kicked off the evacuation.  No injuries, and NYPD cleared Times Square in record time.  I suspect NYPD will have some questions for the vehicle’s owners, but it seems the license plate on the vehicle didn’t match the one originally issued.

According to MSNBC, cameras captured the car being parked at approx. 6:30PM ET and smoke coming out a few minutes later.

UPDATE (23:19 EST): Press Conference:

An T-Shirt vendor, who is a Viet Vet, called the cops.  Cops arrived, saw smoke, and evacuated the area, then called the bomb squad.

Bomb materials and such were found in the car.

It seems like the materials, though, are evidence of an amateur job.  Gas cans, propane tanks, consumer fireworks, etc.  In other words, it wasn’t stuffed to the gills with nitrates.

Mayor Bloomberg says the set-up was “amateurish”.  So, it seems like more of a whack-job doing something nutty, than some sort of al-Qaeda deal.

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13 Responses to Car Bomb Attempt in Times Square

  • This is starting to feel like the late 1990’s all over again.  I suspect the worst is yet to come.

  • Islamists, Tea baggers, or disgruntled teachers from NJ?

    • I know the order of investigation with this administration.  In fact they’ll arrest someone even if it won’t go anywhere to reinforce who they want you to believe who was behind it.

  • Maybe they just hated Planet Hollywood .. 45th and Broadway .. where I ate lunch yesterday .. the hamburger was a bit dry.
    Went to NYC to see the “Billy Elliot” matinee yesterday.  I was up at 51st & Broadway, finishing dinner, when this went down.

  • Dollars to donuts  it will be blamed on tea partiers by the chattering classes

  • I’m not so sure of the claims of amateurish malfunction.  I’d be more inclined to believe something went wrong with the raw materials or setup.  I mean its a lot of material and they went through the trouble of disguising the origin of the car, why scrimp on the mechanism?
    Anyway, there’s something not right there.

  • Besides the some supposed Pakistani Taliban laying claim to the bombing attempt, the device seems similar to one used in a London bombing attempt.

  • I would’nt be surprised if this whole car bomb thing was a ploy to obtain funds for anti-terrorism. What gave it away for me was the firecrackers being used as a fuse.  The intention was never to get anybody hurt-just make some smoke and noise.  McGruber from SNL could have disarmed that so called  bomb. And the guy taking off his shirt a possible suspect? That doesn’t prove a thing. Besides, you got cops beating the crap out of some guy on video and they all get away scot free. I wouldn’t waste my time looking for this guy. The mayor gets his anti-terrorism funds for his professional police department and everyone is happy.

  • When I first heard about the license plates on the Path Finder, it belonged to a Ford F-150 that was taken to a junkyard. Now it’s being said the truck was in a repair shop. So, what is the true story? The misinformation begins…starting with smallest details.