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Dropping two at a mile and a half

For those of you who understand and can appreciate this – two phenomenal sniper shots (from the same guy at the same target) from a British sniper in Afghanistan:

A BRITISH Army sniper has set a new sharpshooting distance record by killing two Taliban machinegunners in Afghanistan from more than 1 miles away.

Craig Harrison, a member of the Household Cavalry, killed the insurgents with consecutive shots — even though they were 3,000ft beyond the most effective range of his rifle.

“The first round hit a machinegunner in the stomach and killed him outright,” said Harrison, a Corporal of Horse. “He went straight down and didn’t move.

“The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too. They were both dead.”

The shooting — which took place while Harrison’s colleagues came under attack — was at such extreme range that the 8.59mm bullets took almost three seconds to reach their target after leaving the barrel of the rifle at almost three times the speed of sound.

The distance to Harrison’s two targets was measured by a GPS system at 8,120ft, or 1.54 miles. The previous record for a sniper kill is 7,972ft, set by a Canadian soldier who shot dead an Al-Qaeda gunman in March 2002.

Now I don’t care how good a shot you think you are, that’s incredible.  As someone said, with the drop at that distance, those bullets must have almost been at a 45 degree angle.  And I can only assume “Kentucky windage” as his method since these shots are so off the charts.


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5 Responses to Dropping two at a mile and a half

  • I believe it’s actually three phenomenal shots: Corporal Harrison also took out the gun with his third round.

    He added modestly after returning from his tour of duty: “A third shot clipped the weapon – as I was hoping to render it unserviceable.”

    Oh, and he also gets more points for this:

    “They were firing on the troop commander – I gave them the good news. They didn’t f****** like it.”

    Glad the British are on our side.

  • He was using a L115A3 so the trajectory might be a lot flatter than you expect. Still, magnificent shooting.

  • Also, at least one sniper rifle comes, as part of it’s kit, with a computer to figure angles and windage and such.  If you can accurately range the target and plug in the proper environmentals, I would assume it would give you the proper settings for the scope…  Still, no matter how he got happened up HOW to get the rounds on target, the fact remains he did it.  Very, very impressive.

    • If he did it on total skill and no comp. assistance…………….WOW

      Anyone read “Wanted”?  Meet the new “Killer”

  • Even with a balistic comp 8k+m is a pretty awesome shot.  The atmospherics, especially in the mountains, across 8ooom can vary drastically along with the intervening topography.  The drop for the .338 at 1000yards is 137 inches.  SO yeah the shots were almost parabolic.  Good shooting Mate.