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Orwell only missed it by a couple of decades

A “tax amnesty” ad from Pennsylvania:

Big Brother has nothing on these folks.



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22 Responses to Orwell only missed it by a couple of decades

  • The political class has lost all fear. They are conditioned by a lifetime of obedience from the proles, which is only occasionally punctuated by sullenness.

    Either they are wrong, or I am, because I don’t think the sullen stability is going to last for too many more years. When it ends, these guys are going to be rudely surprised, I’m afraid.

    • Quite so, Billy.
      Unfortunately, that mindset is not one that can be reasoned with. That leaves only one other solution, and that solution is almost as dangerous.

  • So what’s the beef here exactly? That the state is going to try enforcing a law using your last known address?  The hyperbolic aerial view is advertising effect.  It’s not like they need Google Earth to find you.  If you want to disagree with the law, do that, don’t carp about a 2nd rate ad threatening lawbreakers with enforcement.

    • Ironic how much resources they’ll but into enforcing THOSE laws, isn’t it?

    • Government trumpeting its ability to spy on its own citizens is troubling to me. It suggests that they don’t see anything wrong with heavyhanded behavior on their part. It looks like they see nothing wrong in governing by fear instead of persuasion.

      Government holds a monopoly on the legal use of force. The suggestion that government does not respect that monopoly, and is just fine with intimidating their citizens, possibly in the face of mistakes by semi-literate bureaucrats, does not sit well with me.

      • If this was an ad directed at child molesters or serial killers would you think the same?

        • Yes, because mistakes are always possible. Tthere are people on child molester lists that never molested children – see the Massachusettes cases where they relied on testimony from children that involved “recovered memories”.

          Tax codes are so complex that probably 90% of us are criminals. That’s not our fault. It’s the fault of the legislators and bureaucrats. But if they are heavy handed in enforcing their obscure and fuzzy laws, we’re the ones who pay the price.

          • Mistakes are always possible no matter what method is used to track down law breakers, as per your own citation. We could all cite examples that go back a century or more.  Is the possibility of mistakes higher because law enforcement uses GPS or aerial photography?  I doubt it.
            Is this spying?  They already have your damn address (last known) – so they plug it into Google. Whoopdedoo.
            Seriously, raise a flag when they actually abuse their power (which of course they do) and then you have a point.

          • It has nothing to do with any of that, Grimshaw – it has to do with some creepy imagery and the implications thereof. And not necessarily about taxes.

          • That’s right. This is a declaration of ownership…and we are the property.

          • But that’s not new.  If you live in Almost Anytown, USA and don’t pay the taxes due on YOUR property you find out very swiftly who the actual owner of the property is.
            I’d rather see this add than smarmy adds of smarmy (people who’s parents weren’t married when they were born) who owe  the tax authority back taxes, sitting in front of their pools in the add and boasting about how they lowered their tax bill thanks to the efforts of Sarah Slicklawyer.   Most of us pay what’s owed, and when deadbeats don’t, the bill goes UP for the rest of us in one way or another.

    • “So what’s the beef here exactly?”

      It’s not as if they suddenly started enforcing tax laws. They just started advertising it.
      They are even offering an amnesty if you pay your taxes. That’s the kind of amnesty I can get behind.

  • It’s time for REAL change!

  • I can’t see the video – China blocks it, but I heard that in California, they fly over areas and take photos to see if any new construction has been done that does not have a permit. a bit creepy.

  • The narrator of that video, regardless of the voice, is the warden. If that doesn’t put a chill in your spine, you’re already dead.

  • “it has to do with some creepy imagery”

    Ah, I see. It’s the style, not the substance. It can’t be the substance because governments have been enforcing tax laws for quite a number of years. Nothing new there. 

  • The creepy part for me was the implication they were going to brand you via the media.

  • All of this reminds me of my mother.  She has been dead now for almost 7 years, but I still get mail for her at least twice a week.
    One solicitation came in with the title …

    “We know where you are”

    … fat chance …  if they did they would have either sent it to the cemetery or not sent it at all.
    But the best one goes to Newsweek, it came with the big label of …

    “Welcome Back”

  • This commercial scares me far less than the Kelo decision and other recent eminent domain cases.

  • Hmm, seems to me this is not what the founding fathers had in mind.