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So is there a desire to pin the carbombing attempt on domestic terrorism?

That’s kind of the message I’m getting concerning the attempt Saturday to detonate a VBIED near Times Square in NYC.

Now, I’ve watched the video of the alleged suspect.  I’m having a tough time with a description of “furtive” to describe his activities.  Yes, he pulled a sweatshirt off and went with the T-shirt below, but he didn’t seem hurried, or “furtive”.  He could have been hot though.

And I don’t get this:

Mayor Bloomberg said the planned mayhem did not appear to be the work of al Qaeda or any other large terror network.

Really? Why’s that? Because the alleged perpetrator was a balding white guy? The mayor really ought to consider the term “outsourcing” and its implications.

The bomb certainly was crude. Bags of fertilizer, propane tanks, fireworks and gasoline. I know enough about fertilizer bombs to know that leaving it in the bag isn’t the way to make a bomb. However, had the propane gone off, it would have definitely had the potential to create a mass casualty situation.

Add to that the Taliban leader’s claim – in a video made before the attempt on Times Square – that he was responsible (that is to say he “commissioned” the job) and it is hard for me, at this early date to rule out “al Qaeda or any other large terror network”.

But authorities sure do seem intent on trying to do exactly that. Unless they know alot more than they’re saying, it isn’t clear to me at all that you can rule anyone or any organization out.

In fact, even more evidence turned up today suggesting that the Taliban are, in fact, involved in targeting US cities:

Two tapes were sent today to The Long War Journal by a group identifying itself as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, or the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. The same group sent a link earlier today to The Long War Journal to a YouTube video of Qari Hussain Mehsud claiming that the Taliban carried out the failed May 1 car bomb attack in New York City’s Times Square.

The two Hakeemullah tapes consist of a videotape of Hakeemullah flanked by two masked fighters, and an audiotape with images of Hakeemullah superimposed over a map of the US with explosions in the background. In both tapes, Hakeemullah claimed that the Taliban have infiltrated the US and that their operatives would launch attacks in American cities.

The videotape was produced on April 4, while the audiotape was produced on April 19, according to Hakeemullah.

While I think it is entirely possible that the man seen leaving the SUV on Saturday is indeed a “middle aged, balding white man”, I also think it is entirely possible that the Taliban claims of responsibility are real.

If so, watch for other attempts in other cities soon. As for the ostriches out there – pretend this isn’t a larger plot by international terrorist organizations at your own peril. Such thinking can blow up in your face fairly quickly – no pun intended.


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50 Responses to So is there a desire to pin the carbombing attempt on domestic terrorism?

  • Now, I’ve watched the video of the alleged suspect. I’m having a tough time with a description of “furtive” to describe his activities.  Yes, he pulled a sweatshirt off and went with the T-shirt below, but he didn’t seem hurried, or “furtive”.  He could have been hot though.

    The Post calls that guy a suspect, but several other news agencies have simply called him a Person of Interest.  I don’t think they know if he got out of the truck.  They do know he did something and appeared to look in it’s general direction like he might have seen something.  As such I believe he’s wanted more for questioning than anything.

  • Why oh why are our political leaders incapable of saying, “We don’t know.”

  • Possible, but given the crude nature of the bomb, the lack of simultaneous events, and the vague nature of the tapes, I would suspect domestic terrorism over al qaeda.  I think Bloomberg is clearly right that this does not appear to be al qaeda.  But nobody claimed it wasn’t possible that al qaeda was involved.   At this point, the evidence tilts a bit more towards domestic than international terrorism — but we don’t yet know for sure.

    • There are many white, balding muslims in the world. Bosnia is one place to find them.

    • Separately, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs also characterized the incident for the first time as an attempted act of terrorism. “I would say that was intended to terrorize, and I would say that whomever did that would be categorized as a terrorist,” Gibbs said, sharpening the administration’s tone.
      Another U.S. official, recounting a conversation with intelligence officials, said, “Don’t be surprised if you find a foreign nexus. . . . They’re looking at some tell-tale signs and they’re saying it’s pointing in that direction.”
      Officials cautioned that even if the investigation points toward an international link, rather than domestic or anti-government groups, that does not mean al-Qaeda or another terrorist organization is necessarily involved.

      Definitely fall into the “haven’t got a clue” category

  • I have found this interesting with the media.  If the guy had looked “Arab” the media would be chiding the public to not jump to a Islamic terrorist connection, but since the guy was white, they immediately exclude any Islamic terrorist connection.  One is racist, one is not, why?

  • The latest is that this was a coordinated effort involving several individuals with international links.

    • Aww come on Martin, we all know the ONLY place you can find balding white guys is in here in the United States.   They’re native ONLY to this part of the world.  If they were to catch this guy and question him it’s odds on 99.99% that he’d sound like he came from one of the red fly over states and that he has a pocket sized edition of the Bible in his pocket or in his es-cape ve-hic-le.
      /sarc off
      Case closed, domestic tea party racist terrorist who hates Obama because he’s black, just like DHS warned last year.  Now if there’d been three hot blonde chicks getting out of that vehicle, well, chances are you’d be answering some questions.

      • Well, there’s no question that the Obama regime would love to have an opportunity to pin a terrorism incident on some sort of domestic anti-government suspect, but not just because it fits the regime’s narrative, not to mention its opponents.

        There’s also the fact that the regime has gradually enabled international terrorists, first and foremost by doing away with the CIA interrogation program and then by reclining in an attitude of weakness, though the latter is not the immediate killer that the former is.

        There is only one primary way to fight terrorism. There can be any number of secondary approaches, some of them in the area of nicey-nice “public diplomacy.” But the primary approach is the maximum forward approach: get to them before they get to you. Stay ahead of the curve. Break them. Infiltrate them. Know them. Kill them. That’s dirty work that needs to go down without hesitation, brought by people who know what they are doing. The Obama regime has gone after those people. We don’t know enough to know the extent of the damage, but the signals I’ve seen suggest that it has been considerable.

        Obama and Holder, to take just those two, are known idiots in this regard. So, yes, it would be very gratifying for them to have themselves a domestic anti-government terrorist on their hands.

        • It might not be clear above that when I write “The Obama regime has gone after those people,” I mean our people, the aggressive forward counterterrorism operators who were key to keeping the U.S. safe after 9/11. It’s one of the first things the Obama regime did when it took office: warn those people off of their forward tactics.

          If there’s any group in the United States that knows how dangerous this regime is, it is the national security establishment. You saw that expressed most vividly by former DCI Michael Hayden’s op-ed in the WaPo a few months back. He wasn’t out there saying that on his own.

        • It certainly won’t give them any LESS reason to shake the home grown ‘patriot’ trees up while they’re trying to find an international connection.   Finding a ‘tea party’ link would be too provident a crisis to pass up, and would in one quick rush, savage the tea party movement, satisfying the left & disillusioning the independents and the reputable elements of the right.

          • Yes, and the national security people (and I’m not talking about dinks like Napolitano and Jones) know what the regime is about on that score, which is probablywhy there were early leaks today to the WaPo (the house organ of the national security outfits) that this was international in scope.

          • Yeah, saw the WaPo reference already – included here for those who haven’t.
            If there can be ‘good news’ in all this, this was some.  The sooner they can prove this is primarily an offshore operation, the better.

          • It’s a double-edged sword. It would almost be reassuring if it was some fumbling bunch of American crackpots. But it’s also clear just how much this regime is rubbing its hands together at the prospect of that. The immediate political implications of a domestic plot are far greater than the national security implications. On the other hand, a foreign plot has vastly greater national security implications. And the mainstream media will say nothing about how thoroughly compromised we are by actions taken by the Obama regime. The ending of the CIA interrogation program being the principal case in point. The effects of that could be just kicking in now.

          • I’d rather they find themselves in another “Gitmo moment” where they realize yet another thing evil George W. Bush did was necessary and go back to doing it.  Course it’s hard to stuff the Cheeze Whiz BACK into the can after you’ve emptied it all out, but recognizing they need to, and starting on that path, is better than the hopey changey course they’ve currently got set.

      • Do you guys not understand the difference between saying it probably is domestic terror on the one hand, and eliminating the possibility that it is Islamic extremist on the other?  Saying the former does not mean the latter.  It could be Islamic extremist, but early evidence suggests it probably isn’t.  New evidence might change that.   It’s no grand conspiracy, just common sense.

        • Erb, you’ll just ignore any new evidence that doesn’t fit your agenda. If it’s found to be Islamic, your blather will be about how it’s our fault anyway.
          You see, we’re not your idiot students and we KNOW you and your methods.

          • On the contrary, I don’t have an agenda.  And it certainly could be an Islamic extremist terrorist, which would not be “our” fault.  You are in a fantasy world, sharpshooter.  You imagine me far different than I am.

          • It is possible that you actually believe that in the momentary way that you probably actually believe half the stuff you write (though I doubt it), much as you are like a dog being wagged by the tail of its agenda.

            You have two interests: Socialism and Anti-Americanism. These two isms rise from you like the stink of a body left two weeks in the trunk of a car in the parking lot at LAX.

            But as most people around here know, your lies are inexhaustible, such that you can actually get the words “I don’t have an agenda” out of your keyboard.

            You make people laugh, Scott, with derision, when you lie so obviously, even if you believe it the moment you write it.

  • This could have been a test run to see how difficult it was to get bomb materials that were loosely thrown together through a given point of entry to Manhattan and positioned in a vital location. Then it could have been an “if you make it through, blow it up” arrangement. The driver took some time arranging the stuff in the back of the SUV, so it’s possible that had he been stopped before he got there, the whole thing could have been deniable. He would have been popped on a stolen or fraudulently tagged motor vehicle charge, but not on a terrorism charge.

    So, this is not necessarily anything unsophisticated, but could be a complicated set of evasion methods. The important thing is, after all, that the vehicle made it to Times Square.

  • The person to pay attention to in this matter is Ray Kelly.

    Right now the predictable turf war is on between NYPD and the Feds. But Kelly is the guy to watch on anything that goes down in the City.

  • Having had eaten my lunch at the Planet Hollywood (45th & Broadway) on Saturday, I’m not sure what to make of this.
    There were a lot of folks out there Saturday afternoon with part of Broadway closed off above 45th for tables and chairs.
    This could have been easily in triple digit injuries.

    • This is a very serious matter, and not to make light of triple-digit casualties, but that’s small potatoes. I’m very uncomfortable with all of this. Maybe I’ll be less uncomfortable when it gets put together, but I doubt it. When the cat gets walked back on how that SUV got into Manhattan, I don’t think anyone is going to like it. And if this is hooked up with a coordinated international effort, then it is a warning of the kind that will be keeping a lot of people awake at night.

  • Mythbuster’s did a deal on exploding propane tanks.  First, the tanks automatic relief valves must be welded shut in order for the tanks to blow: without being shut the gas just vents but the tank doesn’t blow.

    Then, the tank on Mythbusters blew went the temp of the fire reached 800F. It took several minutes of buring for this to happen.  For these tanks to blow, that car would have had to be an unchecked flaming inferno for several minutes.

    • I’m not sure all of that is true if the intent is to puncture the tanks via explosion (detonation).

      • The “detonation,” for our purposes (I mean Americans), is how that SUV got into Manhattan and landed in Times Square. Forget about the bomb for a moment, and consider the tactics that got it into position. That’s the achievement here. Plots like that have been getting stopped before initiation. This one made it home. The fact that it was a dud is secondary.

        Next up: When they get hold of the guy who put it there, watch closely how they handle him. Who takes charge. What gets said about him. Watch that idiot spokesman at the White House for his equivocations.

        • ” how that SUV got into Manhattan and landed in Times Square”

          Unless they have changed the laws recently,  somebody drove it there, just like innumerable others do every day.

          • The more interestinjg question is-‘ how did he find a parking space?’

          • Innumerable others don’t have the elements of a makeshift bomb in the back.

          • Furniture, luggage, household items, assorted junk, elements of a makeshift bomb,… How do you tell the difference, and who is checking each and every vehicle entering Manhattan every day?
            Or Boston, Washington, Chicago, etc. 

      • With non-explosive fertilizer?
        This job is entirely contrary to any mad bomber I’m familiar with.  It seems they always are meticulous and always make trial bombs.  This sounds more on par with a bunch of drunk teenagers.  It is the opposite to any serious bombing operation to the point I’ve entertained the idea it was staged.  Tea Party Crashers taken to the Nth degree.  Its not like a high school drop out redneck Tea Party bomb maker wouldn’t be an easy sell to the right crowd (read Erb’s post above).
        Perhaps its a dry run of some kind which is sound less absurd like Martin says.  Regardless, its like someone went out one afternoon to a Tractor Supply or something and guessed at making a bomb.  Its just contrary to any bombing attempt template I’m aware of barring the drunk teenagers with their little sister’s barbie collection.

        • That’s an interesting take. The fumbling around. The mix of explosives. It sounds almost haphazard. But it wound up in Times Square in prime time and the driver tried to set it off.

          That’s more than reckless teenagers or false flag party tricks, I think.

          It will be most interesting to see all the connections here. As far as goofiness goes, it wasn’t any less goofy than the underpants guy over Christmas.

          • Well, not to turn into an 9/11 truther here, but if I wanted to run a false flag that would get everyone excited and give me an excuse to roust the locals (and discredit a political movement), AND wouldn’t actually kill anyone……a  unlikely to explode cockamamy munition seems perfectly in order.
            Just sayin.

  • Fox is reporting that the guy in the video is a naturalized citizen who has recently returned from a trip to Pakistan. A familiar pattern seems to be taking shape.

  • The Arkansas shooter, the Ft. Hood shooter, the dozen other failed plots and Erb is still making excuses.

    The balding man on the right is a Saudi diplomat. From the video, I don’t see how people claim the guy in question is white – he looks like he could be white, Arab, Pakistani, etc.

  • Per Bloomberg, it probably was a Tea Bagger:

    “If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that. Homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything,” he said.”


    • And what if Bloomberg is right?  What if it is an anti-government type with ties to the tea party movement?  That’s possible.  And, of course, just as an Islamic extremist can’t be used to discredit all of Islam, an extremist terrorist anti-government type can’t be used to discredit all of the opposition to Obama.  You get crazies on all sides of the political spectrum, even yours.

      • Don’t whine, Scott. It will damage your reputation.

      • And what if Bloomberg is right?  What if it is an anti-government type with ties to the tea party movement?

        >>> Of course, someone like you sees nothing wrong with the Mayor of New York idly speculating on television that this is from someone who dislikes the healthcare bill. 

        It’s not as possible as you think Erb. Your side generally has more William Ayers than ours does.

      • “And what if Bloomberg is right?  What if it is an anti-government type with ties to the tea party movement?  That’s possible. ”
        For you it’s not just possible, it’s a desperate hopefulness, admit it.
        “And, of course, just as an Islamic extremist can’t be used to discredit all of Islam, an extremist terrorist anti-government type can’t be used to discredit all of the opposition to Obama. ”
        And you know, as well as anyone here, that of COURSE that one psycho with links to the Tea Party would be used to discredit every last other patriotic American in the bunch.  And you’d wring your hands in mock woe and sigh about how unjust it was – and high five your pals in the faculty lounge later on.

  • The driver of the SUV has been ID’d as a Pakistani-American who is recently back from a five-month trip to Pakistan.

  • From the New York Times;

    The fertilizer was
    ” inside a 55-inch-tall metal gun locker.”

    Conclusive proof that the perpetrators were krackpot right-wing extremist religiously fanatical gun nuts.