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Mainstream coverage of Nashville floods is minimal – and I’m fine with that

Longtime QandO readers know how cynical I have become about national media. They’re mostly biased, incompetent hacks and far more interested in pushing an agenda and a narrative than researching stories and actually telling us anything of importance.

Too often, that shows up in what they don’t cover just as much as what they do. I’m told their coverage of the Nashville floods was perfunctory. Even the Brits did a better job than some of the mainstream press in the US. This was a situation, perhaps the first one that affected me, where YouTube was the best bet for coverage.

Really, though, I’m glad we didn’t get much attention from those hacks during the last week. I’m sure a few are disappointed that we didn’t hand them any ready-made stories reinforcing their opinions that we’re just a bunch of rubes who need their enlightened guidance to take care of ourselves. But, hey, you guys have the oil slick to get hysterical over.

So, please, you mainstream hacks should just stay away from us. We’ve got work to do. We certainly don’t need your usual, lazy, formulaic, agenda-driven reporting on our work. It’s pointless – it all comes out looking like this:

**** Update 1:45 PM CST ****

I should also mention that I’m happy that Nashville isn’t so brain-damaged that bottled water is illegal here as it is in one of those Yankee cities. With one of our two water treatment plants out and water supplies disrupted in various places, a lot of of us lived on bottled water the last week. I’m still drinking it because I don’t completely trust the water supply yet.

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3 Responses to Mainstream coverage of Nashville floods is minimal – and I’m fine with that

  • Water!
    If you go to the various gov sites about what to if … this little bit of information would be a life saver because just 15 drops of bleach added to a gallon of water will kill anything that lives. It may taste bad but you can drink it and not have an instant case of Montezuma’s revenge or worse tetanus. Ahem, I suggest lemon scented Clorox.

  • I keep 35000 gallons of chlorinated water in my pool. Of course if a flood overruns the pool I am in bad shape but since I live at 2100′ above sea level and there are no rivers anywhere near me, I think I am safe.