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Massachusetts town bans bottled water

More nanny state fascism in the name of the environment, this time at a local level:

“We only have one planet and I just don’t want to see it spoiled,” said Jean Hill, who introduced the measure at Concord’s Town Meeting.

And with that Jean Hill managed to get the town of Concord MA to ban the sales of bottled drinking water in 2011.  Jean Hill and Concord’s town government have decided their concerns will take the decision out of your hands if you live in that town, after all:

“Water is something we can get from the faucet. You can’t turn your faucet on and get soda,” said Selectwoman Virginia McIntyre, explaining why other plastic bottles would not be banned.

Right – and you are now restricted to water from your faucet there.

As Lisa F., who sent the link in an email, asks:

What if my tap water smells like sulfur?

What about natural disasters when I’m told by the government to stock bottled water?

What about new moms who want to use filtered water for formula?

Well, Lisa, the government monopoly has spoken and it appears its just tough toenails for you and your rights.  A legal product has just been arbitrarily banned for use. Grab your reusable container if you want water other than that the government provides.

Of course Concord is a small town among many towns no banning bottled water so I don’t see avoidance of the law as a particularly onerous chore.  Instead Concord provides another example of the use of government and law to push a political agenda.  Their job should be the provision of essential services and protection while staying out of the business of dictating what citizens can or can’t own, use or do unless those activities violate the rights of others.

Oh, and a final note:

The ban on plastic water bottle sales may be largely symbolic. Town officials aren’t sure they have the power to enact the ban without approval from the state.

Unfortunately, the state is MA.


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18 Responses to Massachusetts town bans bottled water

  • Two words.
    Glass bottles.
    Next question?

  • As an avid consumer of bottled water (flavored water from Walmart no less), I’d dislike the ban here, but compared to, say, going to war, bombing other countries, and water boarding suspects, this act of government is pretty harmless.

  • Didn’t they just have a water main break in Boston that caused people to either have to go to bottled or boil their water for safety?

    Idiots. Absolute idiots.

    • I think Concord uses town wells rather than MWRA water piped in from the Quabbin Reservoir.  Still, things can and will go south with the local watershed and bottled water becomes a near necessity in that case.
      Anywhoo, Concord residents can easily go to supermarkets in Acton, Lincoln or Carlisle to stock up on Poland Springs.  This is a feel-good town ordinance only with little practical effect, aside from forcibly removing local merchants from the bottled water trade.

  • Concord?  As in, “The Shot Heard ’round the World” Concord?  Let’s be grateful that Hill was not around in 1775.

    Concord Colonial Gazette
    , Apr. 13, 1775

    Ye Towne Concil hath Today Enacted a RESOLUTION, proposed by Goody Jean Hill, which woulde make it unlawfull to discharge a Musket, Firelock, or other suche weapone within the Towne Limits.  “Muskets are loude and the Smoke therefrome is Noisome, and doth Afright the Little Birdies in the Fieldes,” saith Goody Hill.  “We hath but One Planete, and I Wont, that It not be Despoiled.”

    A Spokesman for General Gage In Boston Towne Tells us, that The General hath Expressed his great Approbation for this Measure.  “Withe suche a Mightey Force of His Britannic Majesty’s Troopes quarter’d in Boston Towne, it surpasseth Understandinge, why Citizens of This Colony require to possess Deadley Weapons, that hath no Lawfull Use, and Create such a Hazard to the Healthe of His Britannic Majesty’s Loyal Subjects.  I therefore Commende and Applaude the Resolution, but recently made in the Towne of Concord.”

  • This is precisely the level this sort of thing should occur at, where everyone knows everyone else (more or less) and people can react fairly easily.  It’s stupid, but at least it’s not Congress doing this or something similar like banning lightbulbs.

    • The measure passed by voice majority vote with 398 registered voters present [PDF] out of about 10,000 registered voters in town.  And this was a “petition” item, i.e. it was not in the published warrant distributed to town residents in the weeks before the meeting.  Rather, it was brought up surreptitiously in the waning hours of the meeting by which time many attendees had left, leaving behind a cadre of people with an agenda.  This was a tyranny of the minority in every respect.
      Meanwhile, I wonder how the town will square the new law with its rules and regulations for town meeting attendees.  In particular, this little gem:

      Food and drinks must be consumed in the Cafeteria or in the hallways. They may not be brought into the Auditorium, except for bottled water[emphasis mine].

      Unintended consequences, you just gotta love ’em…

  • Just another ignorant act of typical nannyfied leftist weirdo’s totally out of mainstream America and not having a clue what is right for them and their town.  How in the home sweet s*&t did they ever get elected?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I just put my mouth on the faucet and don’t even use a glass.  I mean who needs a glass?   I guess Nannyites like Ott Scerb relish their uppytiness, but most of us properly centered types don’t need any mollification or elected radicals telling God fearing folks we can’t drink out of a bottle.  WTF is up with that anyway?  I blame Obama for behavior like this, and their is no denying it.   His highness appeals to folks like that who buy baby carriages that have duel wheels, Sirius Radio, a flat screen, and a microwave on them.