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Majority still support off-shore drilling

Some polls out today.  Even with the on-going oil spill in the gulf, a majority polled said off-shore drilling is something they support:

Even after the recent — and highly publicized — oil spill in the Gulf Coast, that’s the overwhelming sentiment from the public, with six in 10 Americans supporting more offshore drilling, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.In addition, a majority believes that the potential economic benefits of offshore drilling outweigh its potential harm to the environment.

“Highly publicized” doesn’t even begin to describe how the spill has been covered, yet Americans know that a) it will eventually be capped and b) drilling off-shore is vital to our economy and national interest (security).  Now that’s all said with the understanding that to this point the containment of the spill has been mostly successful and mother nature has cooperated weather-wise in keeping the spill off-shore.  My guess is those numbers might come down a bit if that changes.

Item 2 is the Arizona immigration law.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans back Arizona’s new controversial immigration law;

This is something that defies the claims of racism, bigotry and everything that the left tries to heap on Arizona. It signals a country dead tired of the status quo in immigration and if further signals an idea of how they want it handled. The left, as usual, is over reaching in their reaction and a backlash is most likely due and will come as the usual “complete surprise” to them.

Item 3 is the Times Square bombing attempt. 58% say they’re “worried this country will experience another terrorist attack”. Well duh. Of course it will – the only questions are when and how. Most likely what’s really bothering Americans is the fact that the last two attempts weren’t stopped by our designated protectors, but instead failed.

Here’s what bothered me about this part of the poll:

What’s more, a majority of Americans (52 percent) say they are willing to give up personal freedoms and civil liberties to prevent another terrorist attack.

You can’t live scared and you certainly don’t want to give up what you may not get back just to feel more secure. Again, as the last two attempts demonstrate, giving up more personal freedom and more civil liberties guarantees nothing.  And if you do the numbers, a lightning strike is probably more likely to get you than a terrorist bomb.

Last item on this particular poll? Successful demonization of Wall Street has led to a belief among the majority that financial regulation won’t go far enough to “rein in Wall Street’s excesses”.

Additionally 80% of those polled are dissatisfied with the economy, Obama’s job performance numbers are up slightly and Republicans still enjoy an “enthusiasm advantage” heading into the midterms.



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6 Responses to Majority still support off-shore drilling

  • What’s more, a majority of Americans (52 percent) say they are willing to give up personal freedoms and civil liberties to prevent another terrorist attack.

    In response, the White House immediately announced an expansion of their plans to control what you can eat and how to properly advertise “Happy Meals.”

  • “rein in Wall Street’s excesses”.

    Isnt Wall Street excess also known as investment capital?

  • What’s more, a majority of Americans (52 percent) say they are willing to give up personal freedoms and civil liberties to prevent another terrorist attack.

    This is mildly frightening.  I suspect, however, that the poll results might be much different if SPECIFIC liberties were addressed.  For example:

    — Are you willing to submit to being required to present a passport or other ID to cross state lines?

    — Are you willing to submit to random surveillance of your telephone, internet, or mail?

    — Are you willing to submit to random police searches of your home, business, car or person?

    — Are you willing to submit to detention of terrorist suspects without trial or a lawyer for brief periods?

    Etc, etc.

    O’ course, as we’ve been seeing, lefties are willing to give up ALL their liberties in the name of security.  After all, they seem to find life too confusing, information too distracting, choice too hard to make, and are happiest with somebody telling them what to do.

    • But they’re not refuse to give up any freedoms for illegal immigrants who wander across borders….go figure….rational adults would think this was contradictory, but it all makes sense to them somehow.  Course then again, their answer is just to make all illegals citizens to ‘solve the problem’.    After we do that I guess the unicorns and happy moon ponies will prevent any further incursions by the logically following next waves of illegals.

  • Instead of running around in fear over BP’s spill, marvel at all the other wells that have not had any leaks at all. Everything we do to provide a modern lifestyle which includes an average 80 year lifespan has a risk. It is true that we didn’t have man-made offshore oil spills 10000 years ago but we were dead after 30-40 years so it didn’t really matter.

  • Modern drilling operations are some of the safest, most careful things that people do in the world of mineral extraction.  Over the last several decades, the drilling industry has compiled a really enviable record, and they are working…and spending…hard to make it even better.
    Angola, Vietnam and Cuba will drill up what American companies don’t, and they won’t be a patch on our company’s concern or technology.