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I love this guy

The more I see and hear of him, the more I read about what he’s doing, the more I think he’s the one who Republicans should be looking too as a future GOP nominee for President (or someone like him).  He represents exactly the type leader that most libertarians, conservatives and Tea Partiers could rally around.  Watch him in action here.  “Refreshing” works for me:

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his ‘confrontational tone’



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16 Responses to I love this guy

  • He’s talkin’ trash like an urban tough out of Newark.  Precious!

  • Beginning of the PC culture backlash maybe?  Long time coming if so.

  • I saw this earlier, haven’t felt this good about a politician since Reagan.

  • I loved that as well. Just gotta hope its the real deal, he seems pretty honest about it though. Yet somehow politics can get the better of even the best people.

  • He’s currently in bloodsport with the Teachers Union out there.  I hope he beats them.  And I hope he continues to walk the walk – he’s a fantastic contrast to our whiner in chief.

  • I…  I think I wanna move to New Jersey…
    I feel so conflicted…

  • If this guy IS the real deal, and he succeeds in lifting up his state’s economy and resists becoming a ‘typical’ politician on-the-take, look for him to become seriously ill about 2-3 years from now –  A Viktor Yushchenko-style illness…

  • What we need to do is to clone this guy x 49, then we can get to work on the Congress.

  • I hope this guy is for real but I don’t trust or respect any politicians until they’ve earned it.

  • I don’t know anything about this guy, so I guess I have some reading to do.
    But you know what that clip reminded me of?  Now don’t laugh, ’cause I’m not talking about a similarity in politics, policy, ideology, or anything else, but it’s the fearless speaking that reminded me of Jesse Ventura.
    Ventura may have been a bad governor and he may be a kook, but I also found his damn-the-consequences say anything he wanted approach to politics refreshing.

  • He’s a gun-control fan… that’s a major strike against him.
    Otherwise, his fiscal conservatism is refreshing… and rare as hen’s teeth.

    • You know what? I can live with that if we get smaller government and an end to public sector unions.

  • Holy sh*t!  I’m not sure what was more pleasing: his smack-down of the reporter; his proclamation that he is here to govern and NOT hunt for escape hatches; or his dig at the media for calling him “blunt and direct” while calling his opponents “honest and refreshing”.

    I’m with Scott Jacobs: I feel a sudden and VERY unexpected urge to move to NJ.

  • The media will be able to kill any aspirations outside of NJ based of his physical appearance and a few out of context edits and a couple of funny faces by John Stewart for good measure. 

    Not the way it should be, but I have no faith in the general electorate to not be that shallow and easy to manipulate. 

    • That won’t work in 2012 when people are sick of Obama and realized they got played by the media.

  • Oooooh. I think I felt a thrill running up my leg.