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ObamaCare: An “entreprenurial bill?”

Only to Nancy Peolosi, who, if she had two brain cells to rub together still couldn’t think her way out of a wet paper sack.

Listen to this:

Ponder that.

One more time in case you don’t believe you really heard it right:

“We see it as an entrepreneurial bill,” Pelosi said, “a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.”

See, you didn’t misunderstand – quit your job, work on your talent, be irresponsible – the taxpayers will cover you.



26 Responses to ObamaCare: An “entreprenurial bill?”

  • I wish I could vote in California so I could help Nancy not be “Job locked” as a US Congressional Representative.
    What a clueless ass this woman is.

    • Pelosi is like Erb, you don’t want to lose anyone that valuable. (It’s like the heroic pig who saved the farmer from burning to death in a fire, who on successive visits by the farmer’s friend is first missing a leg, then a portion of his belly, the a big cut of his thigh, and the farmer’s explanation is that “you don’t want to eat a pig that valuable all at once.”)

      Nancy will never get the sort of explicit coverage in the MSM that she deserves, but she handles it pretty much on her own. You just couldn’t sit down and invent a more preposterous demeanor and presentation for your political opponents.

      I can’t believe that even most Democrats don’t know what she gives to the other side. It takes a district precisely like San Francisco to keep sending her back. The one thing I don’t understand is how she rose to the top of the leadership. But there are many mysteries, for me at least, in that regard in both parties.

      Harry Reid? By selecting him and and Pelosi that’s like saying “we dare you to believe we’re insane.” To try to balance that out I should complain about Mitch McConnell, but even if I would like to see much better, he’s simply not in the category of Reid and Pelosi.

      But maybe my disdain for those two is just my jaded eye, which I’ve had since I was about eight.

      • Martin McPhillipsHarry Reid? By selecting him and and Pelosi that’s like saying “we dare you to believe we’re insane.”

        I think that there’s really much in this.  Jokes about the dishonesty of politicians aside, we all grow up with the idea that members of Congress, senior civil servants, and especially the president are “the best and the brightest”.  Oh, there may be the occasional corrupt individual, but he always gets his comeuppance before the credits roll.

        What most of us have learned over the past decade or two is that this idea has little basis in reality.  Instead, our political class seems to be uniformly ignorant, pompous, corrupt, dishonest, out of touch, and even downright stupid.  Pelosi (for non-lefties) is merely the most glaring example of this.  O’ course, the left feels (I do not use the term “think” to describe what goes on between their ears) the same about various Republicans, notably George Bush and Sarah Palin.

  • Nancy, if I’m really going to excel, I need my food, clothing, shelter and incidentals covered too.  And probably a few vacations, to tweak the creativity.

    • And a little talent may also be useful, no?

    • I recall an interesting discussion I once had with an English professor relative of mine who specialized in William Shakespeare.  In talking about the plays he produced for his theater company we both agreed that he never set out from the beginning to write the next classic.  Rather, Billy S. sought to create plays so popular that the hoi polloi would buy lots of tickets and fork over lots of money so he could pay the mortgage on the theater building, cover actor and worker salaries and even have a bit of profit left over at the end of the day.
      Fancy that, Shakespeare was a businessman first and foremost!

  • This is awesome!!
    I can finally pursue my dream of becoming an international folk singing sensation.
    And my wife can open up her dream business of being a professional puppy masseuse.

  • Sometimes I think that a nation strike or “day off” where everybody just does their “own thing” for a day or week, with the subsequent loss of tax revenue might be the only way to talk to idiots like Nancy.  Maybe one day a month.

    • When they’re already borrowing $2 trillion a year, you think a day of no revenue will bother them?

  • There is a ton of entrepreneurial talent be wasted because good people can’t afford to leave their jobs.  We could uncouple insurance from employment relatively simply without involving ass clowns like Pelosi.  She truly is amazing.

    • I suppose that this decoupling will also put an end to bank robbery as well.

  • in addition to the stuff Grimshaw mentioned, I’ll also need an instrument and lessons…

    And then I can live the dream of being a pop hurdy-gurdy sensation.

  • How can I stroke thee, let me count the ways…

  • If I were an advisor to Pelosi, I’d say that she add a couple of real jobs in there to make it sound more reasonable.
    When you are listing off poet, artists, and musician, thow in deli owner, custom furniture maker, anything that sounds way more reasonable.
    p.s Don’t artists already get support from government grants? And musicians need to check out how many songs that have to sell on itunes to earn minimum wage…

  • [I]f you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.

    First, we have to be awed by our immigrant ancestors who came to this country to be farmers, factory workers, miners, entrepeneurs, and (yes) artists and musicians without the benefit of free health care.  We can only ponder in sadness how great our country MIGHT have been had people in the past been freed of the shackles of having to actually work to pay for their own health care.  / sarc

    I think we also might wonder about how two significant parts of the dems’ base – blue collar, union workers and welfare leaches – feel about Pelosi implying that people with any sense would be artists and musicians instead of pursuing dirty, common, plebian careers such as factory workers, truckers, machinists, teachers, drunkards or drug addicts.

    Is the country REALLY full of frustrated wanna-be painters, sculptors, and coffeehouse folk musicians???

    • Is the country REALLY full of frustrated wanna-be painters, sculptors, and coffeehouse folk musicians???

      You don’t watch MTV and VH1, do you? 🙂

  • The saddest part of all of this is that it is the most retarded thing that has been said in the last six months, and I can’t find it anywhere in the mainstream media.  I shouldn’t be shocked, but I didn’t think this could be ignored even by them.

  • Lady Nan of San Fran is on to something. When the owners of the means of production are the principal source of both wages and benefits, yoemen are often tied as tightly to their labor as the meanest serf is to his feudal lord. Imagine if you can a different way.
    A way where a man could choose the features and cost of his health benefit subject only to his needs and wants. A system something like when you go to the market and select one suckling pig over another. You reject choice A because it is too large and costly. You reject choice B because it does not smell fresh. Instead,  you choose pig C, because your free choice is informed  by what you need and can afford. A free choice in a free market.
    And let us further speculate that in this “free market” dozens, nay hundreds, of merchants compete for your coin. One merchant says, “It is not necessary for you to pay for a health benefit that provides free blue pills. You are a strapping young man with no need of blue pills.” Maybe others would say that they will insure you only against serious medical conditions such as plague or possession by a demon.
    I can even see a day when men (and even women) would be pandered to by thousands of merchants chanting “the customer is just as important as the king” for without customers there is no commerce. Maybe some day a man will become a millionaire simply by satisfying the demand for “Apples”.
    Shouldn’t we go forth into that bold new world of free markets and empowered customers. A world where the king and his men confine themselves solely to great issues of state such as war, peace and a sound currency. A future where  the very idea of a two thousand page proclamation regulating health benefits is laughable as the idea that the queen should tell our children what to eat.

  • A neurologist told me that Pelosi only has three brain cells.  However, one is infected, one is infarcted, and the other one is inhibitory.