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Lord help us if he runs for governor

This is a commercial for Alabama Agricultural commissioner.  Ag commissioner.  You heard me, right – Ag commissioner. One of those high profile jobs.

This is a nuanced beauty of a commercial Think T-Rex in a sheep herd nuanced. See if you pick up on all the subtle signals he’s sending. Frankly, I enjoyed the hell out of given the gales of laughter it caused. Ah the state of politics today. Monitoring it you will never find yourself bored. And, I bet he wins the election as well:


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10 Responses to Lord help us if he runs for governor

  • You know, I prefer this kind of talk over the weasel worded, mealy mouthed pablum we normally get. I’ve been seeing it a bit more now that I’m watching more politician’s videos on YouTube rather than TV and I think a lot of people are starting to do that.
    Granted, I cringed watching him walk around with his finger in the trigger guard, but I’m overly sensitive about that stuff.

  • WOW….okay, so was he taken old “Trigger” out to give him his final rest?  Or does he walk around with that Winchester all day as a prop to show us he means business?   And Robb, it troubles me he’s that casual about where his finger is on that weapon, makes me cringe too, so it’s not just you.
    Still, it was entertaining and sticks in my mind.

  • Hell, he should run for Vice President. Nice compliment to Sarah.

  • He lost me when he said “Listen up”. I don’t take orders from politicians.  Even armed ones.

  • Wow.  First I felt the unexpected urge to move to NJ, now an even stronger impulse to move to Alabama.  What’s next?  Arkansas???  Louisiana?  Mississippi???  What is the world coming to???

    I appreciated his remark about the viewer not knowing how much money the Ag Commissioner controls [paraphrase]: “Betcha you didn’t know that.  You know why?  Because of crooks who want to keep you in the dark so they can do whatever they want with that money, that’s why!” I’m kind of guessing that this is what Imeme is crying about when he laments about the harmful effects of “too much information”.

    As for comments about his trigger finger… Only on a conservative blog will one find that!  However, I offer another explanation: one is supposed to put his finger on the trigger only when he’s ready to shoot, right?  While, from Peterson’s tone, I’m guessing that’s exactly the message he’s trying to convey.

    • Doc, nice thought – yeah, he’s ready for a fight, that’s for sure.

  • Future Alabama U.S Senator or “Postal” Commissioner!—–CONEY

  • In general, it was well done.  I think he hit just about every checkmark for a conservative focus group.  Except maybe a dog, he could have had a dog in shot somewhere.

  • I lost it and burst out laughing when he magically produced a rifle out of thin air.
    Alabama Ag must be one cutthroat job.  Personally, I would telegram Shane if my farmers got into any trouble…or poke him on Facebook…

    • I re- ran to watch that, he more or less appears to pull it from the scabbard while they’re focusing on Dobbin.  His choice I guess, but I would have thought off side for a scabbard since he looks like a rightie.  Then again, not like there’s a government rule, yet.