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Are you feeling safe from terrorism, Bunky?

If you believe that what was wrong with our intel community prior to 9/11 was fixed by Congress afterward, you’re dwelling in a false sense of security.

The Obama administration tried to sell the public that the Christmas day bomber’s attempt was nothing like 9/11 because it was a failure “to understand intelligence” not a failure to “collect and understand it”.

Wrongo, says the Senate Intelligence committee.  The National Counterterrorism Center, which was created by Congress and tasked with being the primary agency for the analysis of terrorism intelligence failed to do that job:

“NCTC personnel had the responsibility and the capability to connect the key reporting with the other relevant reporting,” the congressional summary said. “The NCTC was not adequately organized and did not have resources appropriately allocated to fulfill its missions.”

The NCTC is the government’s clearinghouse for terrorism information and is the only government agency that can access all intelligence and law enforcement information.

Lawmakers found that the NCTC was not organized to be the sole agency in charge or piecing together terrorism threats.

“Some of the systemic errors this review identified also were cited as failures prior to 9/11,” Republican Sens. Richard Burr and Saxby Chambliss wrote in an addendum to the report.

What do you do with a government that doesn’t follow its own recommendations for 8 years?  Where was the oversight?  Where was the leadership?  And this isn’t just the Obama administration’s failure either.

One thing you have to keep in mind when thinking about the Christmas day bomber and the Times Square bomber.

Neither plot was “foiled” by good intelligence work.

Both, instead, FAILED.



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  • can’t squash all the ants senor bruce, no matter how many gazillion dollars you spend.  the longest ‘watch list’ in the world won’t do either.   what you can do is approach it with alot more intelligence and honesty than we’ve been getting so far.    pedro would start by tightening up those ports,  that is criminal negligence right there.

    • I think the biggest problem, and this is a guess, are the walls of intraservice rivalry haven’t yet been successfully breached. That is just unacceptable. But it takes leadership and oversight to spot the problem and do something about it. As usual, Congress thinks passing a law solves all problems and hasn’t, until now apparently, even bothered to check to see if the changes implemented have taken root. And two administrations have apparently not bothered either.

      • And two administrations have apparently not bothered either.

        Probably because ANYTHING the previous administration did was fought ten times harder than the enemy, perhaps because it was held the previous administration was WORSE than the enemy.

  • Security based on the incompetence of our enemies .. even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    • Then we’ve used our ‘day’.
      It’s okay though, because whatever might happen, is Bush’s Fault.

      • … but if everything that goes wrong on Obama’s watch is Bush’s fault, why do we need Obama ?

        • Because he’s so eloquent and inspirational as he read from the teleprompter while blaming Bush.
          Not just anyone can do that.

  • McQThe Obama administration tried to sell the public that the Christmas day bomber’s attempt was nothing like 9/11 because it was a failure “to understand intelligence” not a failure to “collect and understand it”.

    So… We gathered tons of intelligence, but -darnit! – just didn’t quite manage to put the pieces together?  Hey, one out of two ain’t bad, right?  That makes me feel a whole lot better.

    / sarc

    But wait a minute!  Wasn’t it a refrain during the Bush years that we failed to “connect the dots” regarding 9/11 and this was complete proof of Bush’s incompetence?  So, can we safely say that (A) we’re STILL not connecting the dots and (B) this is proof of Imeme’s incompetence?

    And before anybody tells me that we collected intel but “failed to understand it”, I’d like to know just how much we DID know about Shazzam and his activities.  I’m guessing that, to the extent we knew much of anything, this is a discussion Imeme, JaNo, Bagman Holder and the rest don’t want to have, because it would expose them for hapless fools: “You mean you KNEW all of this about Shazzam, but he STILL got into Times Square with a bomb and then onto an AIRPLANE????”

  • I am feeling quite safe from terrorism. After all, I haven’t been attacked by any Tea Party folks 🙂

  • So this is all Bush’s fault, right?

  • “The NCTC is the government’s clearinghouse for terrorism information”

    Just like the CIA is the clearinghouse for foreign intelligence. I expect it will work just as well.

    What would really help is another reorganization. Every bureaucrat, government and private sector,  knows that the first thing you do when you have a problem is blame everything on a faulty structure and your predecessor. Then you solve the problem, at least during your watch, by reorganizing. This also has the added bonus of increasing head count at the top and thereby increasing your chances of promotion and/or higher salary.

  • I feel fairly safe from terrorism.  Hey look, the USA has never had to face the level of terror attacks other nations have had to face, and they have always found a way to get on with their lives.
    You have to put it into perspective.  I am more likely to get gunned down by the government in a botched drug raid than to be killed by terrorists.
    Many people do not realize that the western world faced a much worse wave of terror about 100 years ago.
    All of the following happened in a twenty year period:
    Attempted assassinations of the heads of state of Spain, Germany, the USA, and Belgium. And attempts against several British ministers and officials.
    Successful assassinations of the leaders of the USA(McKinley), France, Russia, Greece, Portugal, Spain twice, and Austria twice.
    As well as bombings with multiple deaths in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, and Barcelona.
    This was all caused by anarchists.  Terror is something that civilized nations just have to deal with. You do it by being smart, and strong willed, but not by giving up your rights or living in fear.

  • AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………….Obama is a racist.  Seems he’s also asking people to “show their papers”

  • I scariest thought after seeing this is that this is exactly what President Gore would have done.