Free Markets, Free People

Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-20

WW1 started when Gavrilo Prinzep shot Franz Ferdinand. Germany's ban on naked short selling yesterday may be the financial equivalent. #

Richard Blumenthal says he "misspoke" and had a few misplaced words". Yeah. The words were "I" and "Vietnam". #

Dow closes -376.51. 10-year Treasury Yield drops 95 basis points. There's no way to come up with a positive spin on today. # The Democrat-controlled House Armed Services Committee has dealt a potential deathblow to plans to close Guantanamo Bay #

Ask yourself a question: if the economy is recovering so nicely, then why has the Dow dropped 800 points in the last month? #

Both the Dow and NASDAQ are essentially where they were during the "flash crash" low last week. Dow 4000 doesn't seem as silly as it did. # Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything, You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year. #

The Times of London asks "Can the Euro survive?" I suspect the Euro will, though the Euro-zone may be a LOT smaller. #

The good news: Treasury prices rise, sending interest rates down. Bad news: weekly claims jump, leading indicators decline, Dow -200. #

Hawaii 5-0 is coming back. The old show had the best credits: With Zulu as Kono…and Kam Fong as Chin Ho. #

You only live once. Might as well enjoy it. My new Hobie Revolution Mirage Drive Kayak. #