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Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-24

Despite economists' previously noted optimism, is a double-dip recession now assured? #

10-year note yield approaches 3%, 2- to 10-year spread narrows on fears of slowing US growth. #

Economists predict solid US growth. Happy days are here again. Right? #

The Euro takes a hammering on news of Spain's central bank taking over Cajas, regulatory moves & new recession fears. #

The #Lost finale really worked for me. The sideways timeline is neither sideways nor a timeline. For the rest, whatever happened, happened. #

And, lo! The tomb was empty. #Lost #

So, the sideways world in #Lost clearly isn't sideways. It's something…else. #

Lapedus is a good pilot. #Lost #

Lapedus is going to "back" a 767 up? He must have the extra special #Lost 767, with the reverse gear. Unlike every other one in the world. #

Jack: Worst. Locke-Killer. Ever. #Lost #

So far, Jack sucks at Locke-killing. #Lost #

Don't go towards the light, Desmond! Even if it IS the entrance to #Lost heaven. #

It's good to see Jack and Locke together on #Lost again, isn't it? Just like it used to be in the old days. Good times. Good times… #

2 Responses to Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-24

  • I believe that you can actually back up a jet airliner by using the thrust reversers. I recall reading that this is a standard practice at some airports rather than using a tug to push the airplane back from the gate. I believe that  it was smaller jets like 737 or 727/DC9. Not sure if it works with a 767