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Fighting words (update)

As most of you know, I also blog over at under the name “McQ”. It’s my “military outlet” and I love both the opportunity and the access to the milblog community it affords me. One of the things most encouraging about that particular blog venue is the community it entails. People with skin in the game – through service or being related to someone who has or is serving or members of support groups (Soldier’s Angels or the USO) who serve the troops.

Compared to the political game that I keep mostly at home here, it’s a pretty mellow place. There are a few times when authors pop off about things which rankle them, but mostly it’s about our warriors, our veterans and what we can do as a group – a community – to make life better for them. Many excellent organizations have spun out of the BlackFive effort. The Warrior Legacy Foundation for one. Cooking for the Troops for another. This is all evident to anyone who knows the site and actually reads it regularly and knows its founder, Matt Burden.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when BlackFive came under what I can only call an unfounded and scurrilous attack by two blogging nobodies who couldn’t shine Matt Burden’s boots, much less fill them. One of the yahoos called, of all things, for an “intervention”.

What the hell is that? Obviously something the one author, a Harvard PhD with no skin in the military game, learned in those pussified but hallowed halls – or from watching too much Oprah.

Well, I ‘m ready for an intervention, right now. And yes, I will be going ad hominem in this post because when a group with whom I’m proud to be associated is characterized as “[t]hese erstwhile mullahs of the American Taliban”, I consider that ban to be by the boards and those to be fighting words. And they deserve every bit of what I plan on saying.

The impetus for this “intervention” was a post by one of the BF authors, Crush. He was obviously a bit miffed that day. The supposed offending part is as follows:

The IMF suggests our national debt will surpass 100% of our gross domestic product in 2015.

Also states that our debt began sharply increasing in 2006. Wasn’t that when our beloved Democrats took over both houses of Congress?

At some point we must begin to ask ourselves – what is treason? The federal government has done more damage to this country than if the Soviet Union had invaded during the Cold War. Now if we captured members of the Red Army, there would be military tribunals and they would be shot. I am NOT advocating such treatment for our elected officials. However, we should realize the gravity of the situation our nation finds itself thanks to their lust for power.

Is the destruction of our republic somehow more palatable if it is perpetrated by domestic enemies rather than foreign ones?

Anyone ready to go out and kill cops and blow up federal buildings? Yeah, me neither. That’s pretty normal fare in the political blogosphere. But this nancy-boy “Havad” grad shown standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier (obviously in port as other civilians are seen on deck as well) decides it is one of many calls to violence that have emanated from BF and is sure that BF is in some way is responsible for the violence that recently happened in Arkansas.  Seriously:

This weekend, as the nation mourns the loss of two dedicated law enforcement officers–shot at the hands of anti-government extremists (one suspect served in the Army Reserves), I want to take a minute to address certain milblogs and anti-government rhetoric.

We milbloggers have a responsibility to be good stewards of civic behavior. Anti-government rhetoric, “wink-wink” anti-government incitement and calls for violence must not find a place in America’s milblog community.

Please join me in calling out those milbloggers who traffic in anti-American rhetoric.

A) who the hell is “we”, assclown? The fact that this yahoo writes about the military doesn’t make him a milblogger anymore than Obama’s ability to read from a teleprompter makes him a great orator. It makes him precisely what he is – someone with no skin in the game who writes about the military, not a milblogger. But more importantly …

B) show me the “incitement to violence” in Crush’s post. Hint: A capitalized “NOT” is a key clue.

C) since when is dissent “anti-American”?

D) how dare he try to tie the death of two law enforcement officers to BlackFive by implication and then talk about “being good stewards of civic behavior”?

E) demonstrate, with examples, a pattern of “anti-government” rhetoric that any fair observer would consider to be an “incitement to violence” against said government from BlackFive.

Of course I expect no response to those challenges and will most likely get none.

But that’s not the half of it. He calls Burden out and calls him a coward (as he does Crush) because Matt doesn’t censor his authors (how “anti-American”). He makes claims that have no basis in fact (most of us call those “lies”) and he tars the whole of the authors there with inflammatory rhetoric like this:

And now, two law enforcement officers are dead. Egged on by the violent anti-government rhetoric sites like Blackfive spew every single day.

Blackfive’s anti-government rhetoric speaks for itself.


A lot of good veterans serve in law enforcement and in other non-elected governmental roles. Today, two are dead, two are wounded. And with sites like helping, more and more law enforcement and government workers are going to die at the hands of guys misguided by net-based calls to anti-government violence.

I’m worried that guys who find community and strength in’s stock-and-trade of anti-government rhetoric will act upon what they read…

I’ve read some excruciatingly asinine and groundless commentary in my life, but this is the pinnacle. In fact, it is damn close to libel.

I wonder – when confronted with those questions above – if he’d be fine with me calling him a coward if he doesn’t respond or I don’t find his responses acceptable to me?

He concludes with:

We, as milbloggers and patriots, can’t afford to ignore this talk. We can’t continue dismissing this unpatriotic behavior as insignificant exuberance.

It is time for veterans, service members, interested law enforcement officers, milbloggers and others to express their concern when they see anti-government, pro-violence behavior on milblogs.

If we–the responsible people–don’t do anything now, how will we feel when a vet in government service (or one of us, even) is killed by a vet who consumed too much of the stuff produces? Intervene. Join me.

Cheerleaders for uncivic behavior must be called on the carpet now, today, before somebody translates this misguided rhetoric into action.

Irresponsible. Childish. Misinformed. Absurd. Full of lies and false implication. It is impossible to succinctly characterize this fool’s rant. Scholarly and dispassionate, however, wouldn’t be words I’d choose to describe it in any way.

Have you ever seen someone stretch so hard to try and make a point? In fact, his rhetoric is nothing more that the usual frothing of the extreme left trying to make a case for a “violent right” complete with pictures of the destroyed Murrah building in Oklahoma City. What’s hilarious is this pinhead doesn’t even understand the unintentional irony of his concluding statement – after attacking Burden and Crush, calling them cowards, tarring the whole BF crew with the phrase “American Taliban”, claims of incitement to violence and attempting to link us all to the death of the two law enforcement officers in Arkansas, this dipwad talks about “uncivic behavior” and “misguided rhetoric”.

How many have chosen to join you in your intervention, Skippy?

To quote the only PhD I respect, Bugs Bunny – “what a maroon”.

The other who attacked the blog is named David Axe. His post isn’t worth much more than this: I spent four days with David Axe aboard the USS Kearsarge. My experience with him boils down to this – if there are two versions to a certain event – always, always, ALWAYS go with the other guy’s version.

Nuff said.

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell takes a couple of swings as well.



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10 Responses to Fighting words (update)

  • The left in this country will lie, misrepresent, prevaricate and use any other means possible to get and keep power. Hooper and the other cretin are the latest in a long line of Scott Erb-style useful idiots. The best way to refute them is to do what you’ve done here, and set the record straight. Surely, however, you don’t expect them to be honest enough to admit bias or error?

  • Like I said on twitter (in far fewer words), I agree with his basic message of “Milbloggers need to call out people who incite or call for violence in any way”.  What I don’t agree with – and what I found my belief that he’s a massing freaking tool – is pretty much everything else.

    • Well, first there has to be an incitement to violence – care to point it out? If you’re talking about calling it out in general, we agree.

      • That is what I’m talking about.  While I don’t exactly agree with what Crush wrote, I also don’t think he crossed that line.
        And Craig is still a huge douchbag.

  • It is just SOOO tidy and convenient to lay the West Memphis mess on “anti-government” types.  But these guys share a lot more in common with ACORN than they do with Black-Five bloggers or TEA Party people.

    The pair…father and son…were traveling the country with a pay-for-admission tent show telling people they didn’t need to worry about paying their mortgages.  That doesn’t differ from the message that ACORN has been preaching…with press approval…telling people to “occupy” the homes up for foreclosure…AND advocating violence if authorities try to remove them.

    I’ve known “sovereign citizen” types for decades, and they are usually benign nuts who do themselves and their families immense harm.  Often, they get that way they are because they are warped by some tragedy or other.  That seems evident in the case of this cat, who lost his infant daughter.

    Trying to lay all his trials on the abuses of government is EXACTLY like trying to lay his actions at the feet of people who peacefully…and effectively…are protesting the apparent slipping of all norms of restraint by various levels of government.  It is either delusional or an intentional lie.

    But that lie or delusion is standard fare these days.  It is one way the collective defends itself from deliberate, careful criticism.  And one way it calls for censorship of free speech.

  • I love how these guys have no problem making tenuous connections that allow them to arrive at their predetermined conclusions, all the while howling when we point out that the acts of violence occur much more often by leftist activists.
    Anyone wonder why this Havad PhD saw fit not to include this tidbits when trying to lay blame at the tea Party Movement:

    [Shooter] Jerry Kane didn’t get “weird” until after his baby daughter died of SIDS some 15 years ago, former friend and South High School classmate Robin Black said Friday, May 21.
    “He went off the deep end,” Black said from her Trotwood home northwest of Dayton.

    Black said Kane’s wife, Hope Kane, died a few years ago. She was a nurse who suffered a debilitating back injury after a heavy patient fell on her during a transfer.

    In a 2004 letter to Springfield Police Division Chief Stephen Moody, Kelly wrote that Kane “appears fixed on Judge Moody, as she was the judge in his recent court case for expired license plates and no seat belts.”
    Kane said Judge Moody was “attempting to enslave him” by sentencing him to six days community service, according to Kelly’s letter to the chief.

    Of course it couldn’t be possible in the minds of folks like Craig Hooper that the Arkansas shooter was just plain nuts…

    I’m riven with anticipation for your Ivory Tower “milblogger” to jump on that with both self-righteous feet.
    Hedeges’ recent apocalyptic tear (which has resonance for at least some libertarians, not to mention Pagans) includes urging on sabotage two months ago, and calling corporations “little Eichmanns” last week. And this is no fringe character here–Hedges continues to receive respectful hearings in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Vancouver Sun, et al, and just last week he was named a finalist for the L.A. Press Club’s Online Journalist of the Year. You will search in vain for any mention of Hedges by the scores of journalistic commenters who have been warning for more than a year now (inaccurately, in my opinion) about impending political violence, inciteful right-wing rhetoric, and borderline sedition.

  • Duuuuude, didn’t you get the memo?
    Dissent WAS “patriotic”? That changed on or about January 20, 2009. Now, dissent is “seditious”.
    Joe Klein said so. Deval Patrick said so. QED.

  • McQ, I’m sorry that trolls are polluting a blog that you and many other people enjoy.  I imagine that the quandary for the blog owners is what action to take: ban or not ban?  On the one hand, people have a right to determine who gets to write on their blog, and booting people who bring nothing but scurillous insults to the table seems perfectly reasonable.  On the other hand, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    As for the wild accusation that the two killers in West Memphis were “[e]gged on by the violent anti-government rhetoric sites like Blackfive spew every single day”, I see that bains and Ragspierre have beaten me to the punch: what information is available indicates that these two were garden-variety loons.  But hasn’t it been SOP for the left these days to paint ANY attack on “government” perpetrated by white people (such as the IRS suicide-by-plane or the prick who shot up the Pentagon) as “evidence” of “right-wing hatred”?  I’d wager that the VAST majority of us nasty ol’ right-wingers are pretty much united in our feelings of sorrow and sympathy for the families of the police officers who were killed, best wishes for the speedy recovery of those who were wounded, gratitude that we have courageous and skillful men and women like them working to protect us against criminals, and a grim hope that the killers receive a fair trial followed by a first-class hanging.  “Pigs” is not a moniker that originated on the right, and it’s not likely that a leader of the right wing would reflexively say that the police act “stupidly” without pretty good evidence that they HAVE done so.

    I have to wonder where these clowns and their calls against “anti-government, pro-violence behavior” were when (for example) Ward Churchill was calling for troops to frag their officers, or movies were made about murdering George Bush, or lefty talk show hosts were playing sounds of gunfire when Bush’s name was mentioned, or a certain presidential candidate back in ’04 “joked” about taking a gun up to the White House.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that the silence then was deafening.

  • Reminds ome of the good old days when the good ole boys like Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, etc. were blaming  outside agitators and commies for rilin’ up the coloreds, who were really quite content with the status quo.